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Human Capital Management Services, Solutions, Swift HCM

Human Capital Management Services, Solutions, Swift HCM

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What’s New in Articulate Storyline 360? – Swift eLearning Services The recently released Articulate 360 comes with a gamut of eLearning products that simplify and speedup custom and rapid eLearning development. Most eLearning developers awaited and expected the upgraded version of Storyline 2, Articulate’s core eLearning authoring tool. Contrary to this belief, Articulate introduced Storyline 360, an updated version Storyline 2 with enhanced features.

eLearning Tools for Designing Better Courses Listed in this article is an extensive list of eLearning tools and resources that help build eLearning courses better and faster. From authoring tools, to audio-video tools, to icon resources, these are all the eLearning tools that help instructional designers: Authoring Tools Authoring tools put together the basic blocks of an eLearning course. Elucidat VS Articulate Storyline The Elucidat is a simpler and faster cloud-based eLearning authoring tool that can help you deliver high quality responsive eLearning courses – 50% faster. Elucidat makes eLearning development incredibly easy for the developers with a little or no training required. Given the technical constraints, creating HTML5 multi-device / mobile learning has never been so easy. Elucidat cuts out unwanted steps in the eLearning development process and helps in creating highly engaging eLearning in shorter timelines. In this blog, we will discuss the key benefits of Elucidat while highlighting relevant interactions to create responsive eLearning.

Free Solid Waste Management eLearning Online Course - Swachh bharath online course Hyderabad Thank you for taking this course and please help us spread the word. Collective efforts will lead to better results and we hope this elearning course will make a small yet significant impact. This course was formally launched by Honorable Mayor of Hyderabad, Mr. B. Rammohan and GHMC Commissioner Mr B.Janardhan Reddy, IAS on 31-July-2018. This course is available for free for all citizens of any age group. Is Mobile Learning An Ideal Solution To Train Your Sales Team On The Field? Here’s the case study that explains how mobile learning or mLearning can be the right training strategy for on-the-go employees. Client Overview Our client, a leading product based company, was focused on building sales skills among sales professionals to improve their sales productivity and close more sales. The Challenge Most of the sales team were on the field and didn’t have time to attend classroom training due to their busy schedules.

Top 4 New Key Features of Articulate 360 – Elearning Development Articulate has always managed to create easy-to-use eLearning authoring tools. Since the release of Articulate 360, Articulate has been ensuring to make it an all-inclusive eLearning authoring package. Recently, it has introduced a couple of new features making it even easier for eLearning course development. As part of our ongoing series of blogs on Articulate 360, we’ll now take a sneak peek into its new features which will help you get most out of it. Using Custom Made GUI Design to Personalize E-Learning This eLearning templates library helps you develop state-of-the-art eLearning courses with minimum graphic expertise. Just three steps to unburden the big task – Download, Customize and Publish. eLearning GUI templates Custom designed eLearning course skin/shell has following sections, Course Banner – It is to display <branding logo> on top right and <course name> on top left and list of buttons such as Menu, Closed Caption(cc), Download, Home, Help, Resources on canvasTitle bar – It shows <slide title> and <slide number>Content display area – It is a canvas to present graphics and texts using custom designed or pre-designed layouts (eLearning Templates). It also includes Back and Next course-navigational buttons to the canvas.

E-Learning Course Design in Storytelling Method E-Learning Has Gained Momentum E-Learning is a reality in our time rather than a fleeting fad, because, human life has become pushy and fast. Virtually everybody is facing lack of time to attend the various chores of life and consequently, a good section has started to rely on online resources for solving their various requirements. This is all the more true in the educational and training domains; these days, many people go for online training courses, even for gaining technical knowledge. Apply Handy Authoring Tools to Make Online Training Courses Effectual

How Technology Integration is changing the way we learn Today, more than ever, technology is a crucial part of our daily ventures and this involvement is only going to become more intrinsic with the passage of time. With the introduction of technology into the educational system, there have been some forthcoming changes which will enhance the student’s learning capabilities and make studying easier at the same time. Let us look into a few of the key aspects of how the educational system can be improved upon with the help of technological integration. ● Makes learning and teaching easier: Teachers have been struggling for a long time trying to make students understand topics with theoretical explanations, but essentially end up losing face as not every student is able to understand the topics in the correct manner. Teachers have to leave what the student grasped out of the explanation to what the student has perceived and how the student visualizes what he has understood using his imagination. :

How to use JavaScript in Lectora Inspire for Elearning JavaScript is the widely used client-side scripting language on the web. It’s used for adding functionality to web pages, web form validation or manipulating objects on a webpage. This makes it a very useful tool in the skill set of any e-Learning developer or instructional designer especially while working with Lectora Inspire eLearning projects. Here’s the case study that explains how we used JavaScript to build a simulation-based eLearning as part of application training. Simplification of eLearning Design for Effective Course Content The main purpose of eLearning courses is to make the training material (or learning) as simple as possible for the students rather than giving all sorts of irrelevant information. You need to put in relevant information, and make sure it does not cross the human brain’s capacity to understand and be able to store all that. Improving the quality of the eLearning content is a major hurdle faced by all designers.