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Le dessous des cartes

Le dessous des cartes


Abundance of the chemical elements Estimated proportions of matter, dark matter and dark energy in the universe. Only the fraction of the mass and energy in the universe labeled "atoms" is composed of chemical elements. For example, the mass-fraction abundance of oxygen in water is about 89%, because that is the fraction of water's mass which is oxygen. However, the mole-fraction abundance of oxygen in water is only 33% because only 1 atom of 3 in water is an oxygen atom. In the universe as a whole, and in the atmospheres of gas-giant planets such as Jupiter, the mass-fraction abundances of hydrogen and helium are about 74% and 23–25% respectively, while the (atomic) mole-fractions of these elements are closer to 92% and 8%.

Meet the Newest (and Cutest) Mozillians On June 14, 2010, two female firefox (a.k.a red panda) cubs were born at the Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee, and as of today, they’ve officially joined the Mozilla community. To meet our newest (and cutest) Mozillians, visit For the next few months you’ll be able to watch these baby firefoxes play, live and grow via a 24 hour live video stream. Moody's Warns Of "Severe Greek Bank Cash Shortage" Due To Accelerating Deposit Flight We have long been warning that by fat the biggest risk to the Greek banking system is not whether or not its retains its access to the ECB funding window (it will, probably even in the case of a Greek bankruptcy through covert pathways), but domestic confidence in the financial institutions as expressed by deposits, or rather, the lack thereof. Today, as part of its Weekly Credit Outlook, Moody's issued for the first time a very stark warning that should the rate of attrition in domestic deposits (and to see where these are going merely look at the daily EURCHF chart) persist, or accelerate, the results would be disastrous. To wit: "a sustained decline of deposits by more than 35% (roughly equal to the consolidated banking system’s liquid assets and ECB funding availability) within a short period of time, would cause a severe shortage of cash among banks." From Moody's:

Five Manifestos for the Creative Life by Kirstin Butler How a numbered list can start a personal revolution. Some days everyone needs a little extra encouragement. The words or lines or colors don’t want to come, or worse, we don’t even want to sit down to create. That’s when we turn to these inspiring manifestos, any one of which is guaranteed to give our uncooperative creativity a sharp kick in the pants. Here are five of our favorite contemporary manifestos that nudge ideas out of your head and into the hands of the world.

Labour: UK should integrate key defence decisions with Europe Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy will say UK needs to integrate key defence decisions with Europe. Photograph: Andrew Milligan/PA The UK needs to integrate some key defence decisions with other European nations to cut costs and challenge "intellectually lazy" right-wing hawks, Labour will say today. Shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy will argue there has to be better coordination on defence spending across Europe because there are already "too many never to be used battle tanks, unusable fast jets and undeployable army conscripts."

Common-pool resource The use of many common-pool resources, if managed carefully, can be extended because the resource system forms a positive feedback loop, where the stock variable continually regenerates the fringe variable as long as the stock variable is not compromised, providing an optimum amount of consumption. However, consumption exceeding the fringe value reduces the stock variable, which in turn decreases the flow variable. If the stock variable is allowed to regenerate then the fringe and flow variables may also recover to initial levels, but in many cases the loss is irreparable. Faculty & Research - Research VALUE NEGOTIATION: HOW TO FINALLY GET THE WIN-WIN RIGHT examines the complicated world of negotiation and provides a simple and practical approach in helping negotiators learn how to consistently deliver the most possible value at the lowest possible risk in the widest range of situations. The textbook consists of three parts: In Become a Negotiator, challenge yourself to rethink your foundations and assumptions about negotiation.

Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds After about two hours I work up the nerve to ask him. To my surprise he takes me seriously. He points to a sign he has tacked up on one of his cabinets, and translates it from the Greek: the smart person accepts. the idiot insists. He got it, he says, on one of his business trips to the Ministry of Tourism. “This is the secret of success for anywhere in the world, not just the monastery,” he says, and then goes on to describe pretty much word for word the first rule of improvisational comedy, or for that matter any successful collaborative enterprise. Alan Turing's Reading List: What the Computing Pioneer Borrowed From His School Library by Maria Popova What Alice in Wonderland has to do with electromagnetic theory, relativity, and Pluto. “You are a mashup of what you let into your life,” it’s been said.

The euro crisis: Mr IMF says: More Europe, please SO IT takes an American to remind Europeans about the importance of economic integration, at a time when many of them are losing faith in the viability of the European project. That the American in question should be John Lipsky, the man who has been running the IMF since the downfall of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, somehow adds to the power of his words. Few people normally pay attention to the IMF's “article IV” mission to the euro area, a sort of annual health check. But coming at a time when the euro area is in fibrillation, the opinion of an external expert is bound to draw some attention. Mr Lipsky took the opportunity to deliver two strong messages. Firstly, the Europeans need to get a grip on the sovereign-debt crisis, which is threatening to “overwhelm” the euro area's recent economic gains and cause “large global spillovers”.

Tragedy of the commons The tragedy of the commons concept is often cited in connection with sustainable development, meshing economic growth and environmental protection, as well as in the debate over global warming. It has also been used in analyzing behavior in the fields of economics, evolutionary psychology, anthropology, game theory, politics, taxation, and sociology. However the concept, as originally developed, has also received criticism for not taking into account the many other factors operating to enforce or agree on regulation in this scenario. Lloyd's pamphlet[edit] In 1833, the English economist William Forster Lloyd published a pamphlet which included an example of herders sharing a common parcel of land on which they are each entitled to let their cows graze.

4chan Wages War on Tumblr: Whoever Wins, We All Lose @raincoaster: That looks jacked up my friend. Does someone/thing intervene during these instances? When does this end? It's been going on for about 4 hours now. Greece imposes property tax Greece's new property tax could 'produce results quickly', said finance minister Evangelos Venizelos. Photograph: Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images Greece took desperate measures last nighton Sunday to calm fears that it is on the brink of default – or might even leave the eurozone – by announcing a new property tax to plug budget shortfalls. With the debt-stricken country at serious risk of being denied an €8bn (£6.9bn) rescue loan from the EU and International Monetary Fund, Athens said that it would apply the levy immediately.

"Dream Good": Woody Guthrie's New Year's Resolution List, 1942 by Maria Popova How to keep the hope machine running, or what socks have to do with self-actualization and belonging. As a lover and maker of lists, I often agree with Umberto Eco that “the list is the origin of culture.”

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