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Vegetarian Recipes for Athletes If you like plant-based recipes you’ll love our plant-based fitness guide. Click here to get it free. Don’t worry, the link opens in a new window and you can continue browsing all our great recipes. Smoothies and Sports Drinks Granola, Energy Bars, and Running Food If You Learn This 10-20-30 Rule, Every Presentation You Give Will Be Excellent Very few of us enjoy creating presentations. It requires hours of uncertain work poring over slide after slide, hoping to get our message across. The greatest fear is watching our audience grow bored, frustrated, or occasionally even asleep. The same energy we had when we explained our great idea to our best friend last night never quite seems to make it across when we are presenting to a room of acquaintances or strangers. After everything is said and done, hours of preparation are wasted as our audience stands up and leaves after our presentation, presumably with no one having gained any special insight or motivation. However, there is a way to change all that.

Blog Posts The Difference Between Letting Go and Running Away “It’s about our ability to leave our death on the battlefield of life. Or having the strength and courage to give them our love and to bring them back.” ~Edward Frenkel It took me almost twenty years to realize that … 4 Things a Wise Man Taught Me About Making the Most of This Short Life 77 Creative Ways to Lighten Up In Tough Times 51 Email Share We’re living in a time where nearly everyone is feeling overwhelmed with the changes and problems in the world. Some of us feel stuck, uninspired and fearful. Others have suffered major losses and feel hopeless and helpless. Some people find ways to thrive even in bad times. They refuse to fall into “the sky is falling mode.”

Foil Packets, Dutch Oven & Gourmet S'mores Recipes Ever since our first camping trip when we threw foil packets of cubed steak with roasted rosemary potatoes, carrots and peas on the campfire, finding great camping recipes has been a top priority. That’s why we’ve created this section of the blog dedicated to our favorite camping recipes. Breakfast

Tips For Writing A Research Paper Students at every level of the education system are required to write the occasional research paper, and some might wonder where to begin. The Onion provides some tips for writing a stellar paper: Start broad by researching the origin of all life and matter, then gradually narrow it down until you’ve landed on the role of epistolary novels in the Age of Enlightenment. If you unearth information that undermines or refutes your thesis, either address it within the running text of the essay or use any means necessary to wipe it from the face of the earth. Keeping a thesaurus handy will make it much easier to mask inevitable plagiarism. Double-check that your sources are credible by tracking down the authors, accosting them at their homes, and making them promise they weren’t lying.

Activity To Boost Self Esteem Here are 25 helpful suggestions to boost self esteem. Some of these self help tips only ask you to think about them and write down your response. Others are suggested behaviors or new ways of thinking for you to integrate into your everyday life. You will find that daily self esteem activity will assist you in building new self empowering habits. 13 Ways Successful People Deal With Toxic Persons Among friends, family and co-workers, there are those whose attitudes can be demeaning and toxic. It is difficult relating to some of these people and thus it becomes a challenge. So how do we get out from the hole and be masters of our own fates? 13 Sites to Download Free eBooks eBooks have become very popular with devices such as the Kindle and the new iPad. You can get applications for your smart phone to read PDF files and eBooks from most popular book sites. There ia a large choice of eBooks and many are free. Amazon has a collection of free eBooks for their Kindle reader so be sure and check their site.

Don’t forget this: You, too, can acquire a super memory Elite memory athletes are not so different from their peers in any other sport: They face off in intense competitions where they execute seemingly superhuman feats such as memorizing a string of 500 digits in five minutes. Most memory athletes credit their success to hours of memorization technique practice. One lingering question, though, is whether memory champs succeed by practice alone or are somehow gifted. 101 of the Greatest Insights and Actions for Work and Life "To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone." — Reba McEntire This is a 101 list of some of the best insights and actions for work and life. This is the stuff you can use to change your frame, to change your game. I started with the simple goal to build and unleash the world’s greatest “ah-ha” collection. I really, REALLY want this to be the gems of insight that are the super insights in life that really do change your game.

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