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» Patrick Baudisch: 德國 UI 之神 我曾經為文撰寫過 “日本 UI 之神 – Takeo Igarashi“, 出自於我個人對於 Takeo 的研究的敬佩以及喜愛。如今,當我投入了 HCI (Human-Computer-Interaction) 研究之後,有一位超新星大師的研究讓我非常喜愛。如同 Takeo 也是一個非常帥氣的研究員,然而不同於 Takeo 的圖學以及 GUI 雙跨 (近年來 Takeo 更加神猛了, 變成了圖學, GUI, HRI 三跨了),Patrick 的研究自始自終都在 HCI 領域。 Joseph Campbell Foundation Psst. We're building a new site!Print | Hey there! If you are a regular visitor to this site - and you get here via bookmark - you may not have noticed that we're bulding a new Joseph Campbell Foundation website here. Navigation stress test The idea behind my navigation stress test is to ask some really hard questions about your web site navigation to see if it can "pass". It is called a "stress test" because most pages will not pass. The failures may be serious, or they may not matter at all, but at least by performing the test you will have discussed the navigation issues and made conscious design decisions. The questions are detailed ways to ask about 3 basic concerns users often have upon arriving at a page:

COSMOS Supercomputer - Home COSMOS IX arrives! On the 4th of July 2012 the brand new Altix UV2000 system from SGI arrived at DAMTP. The system, which is the largest shared-memory computer in Europe and the first SMP system in the world to be boosted by the Intel Xeon Phi co-processors later in the year, will be used to support research in cosmology, astrophysics and particle physics within the DiRAC distributed HPC Facility, funded by STFC and DBIS UK. COSMOS Mk IX features 1856 Intel Xeon E5 processor cores (SandyBridge-EP) with 14.5TB of globally shared memory. Jakob Nielsen on Usability and Web Design June 4, 2017 Typing a password takes twice as long on mobile than on desktop. Follow these 12 guidelines to make registration and login less painful on mobile devices. June 4, 2017 Modal ads, ads that reorganize content, and autoplaying video ads were among the most disliked. Ads that are annoying on desktop become intolerable on mobile. School of Education launches center to improve Brazilian education CONTACT: Amy Yuen, Stanford University School of Education/External Relations, (650) 724-9440, COMMENT: Paulo Blikstein, Assistant Professor of Education, Stanford University School of Education, (847) 571-4538, Denis Mizne, Executive Director, Lemann Foundation, 55-11-3897-9672,

Golkonda Golkonda, also known as Golconda or Golla konda ("shepherd's hill"), a ruined fort of Southern India and capital of medieval Golconda Sultanate (c.1518–1687), is situated 11 km west of Hyderabad. It is also a mandal of Hyderabad District. The region is universally famous for the mines that have produced the world's most famous and coveted gems, including The Hope Diamond, Idol's Eye, The Koh-i-Noor and Darya-i-Noor. Administrative divisions[edit]

Millenials Shopping Habits, Generation Z Spending Photographed by Molly DeCoudreaux. According to a new survey, people between the ages of 14 and 34 "engage in almost nonstop shopping," both online, in brick-and-mortar stores, and via social media. Should be music to marketers' ears, right? jQuery 學習心得筆記 (1) « ericsk.NET 想要為自己學習 jQuery 的歷程作個記錄,這篇文章就是一些前言跟我喜歡 jQuery 的原因。 為什麼要學 JavaScript? 有作過網頁的人都知道,目前所謂的網頁,是用一種標記式語言(也就是 HTML)來表示網頁的內容,然後再透過定義樣式表(CSS)來設計網頁內容的呈現面貌,基本上只要有這兩個東西,瀏覽器(IE, Firefox等)就可以把網頁繪製出來給使用者看,但這樣只能呈現給使用者一個靜態的頁面,如果希望使用者能在這個網頁上作些動作,然後動態地改變網頁的內容,那我們就需要一個工具來完成這件事。 frontline: the persuaders: neuromarketing But 30 years after the commercials debuted, neuroscientist Read Montague was still thinking about them. Something didn't make sense. If people preferred the taste of Pepsi, the drink should have dominated the market.

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