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Tilt Brush: Painting from a new perspective

Tilt Brush: Painting from a new perspective

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Pennsylvania Contact Information Department of Education Visit I use edWeb for PD?Yes, edWeb was just approved by the PA DOE as of September 2018. We’ll be posting more details here soon. How can Pennsylvania educators use Online learning activities, such as edWebinars, can be used toward earning the required yearly professional development hours with the approval from your LEA. Create Your Own Augmented Reality – Best AR Platform – Create Augmented Reality – Discover Examples ROAR Editor is the best-in-class tool to create your own high quality Augmented Reality experience just in a couple of clicks. It is designed for non-technical users. Whether you need it for personal use or for business, ROAR will provide you the full set of AR features that will help you test, play and deliver totally immersive user experience for your customers, partners and friends. The ROAR Editor contains all major Augmented Reality features, including video, audio, action buttons (CTA), images, text, 3D models and even additional facts for your CPG products. To explore an Augmented Reality experience, users need to scan the target image (marker) through iOS or Android app.

Walt Disney: Survival of the Most Innovative This case study of Disney kicks off what I hope becomes a regular series on business innovation that I'm calling "Survival of the Most Innovative." (an obvious reference to the Darwinian concept of the "Survival of the Fittest") Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal (free feature) described the launch of a brand new innovation strategy at Disney: "Ever since Walt Disney opened Disneyland in 1955, Walt Disney Co. has rarely strayed from his original vision of what a theme parkshould be. But at a top-secret development unit these days, the companyis plotting a new spurt of theme park expansion that goes well beyondits traditional model of luring people to Disney resorts in Florida orCalifornia. Disney is hatching plans to take its theme-park experience to the masses, rather than the other way around.

Collaborating with Teachers to Inspire Independent Learning The collaborative team from Scotts Ridge Middle School includes (L to R): Emily Shiller, library assistant; Janine Johnson, library media specialist; Charlsie Vanderrest, 7th-grade science teacher; Kim Moran, technology integrator; Kelly Hall, 7th-grade science teacher. Since arriving at Scotts Ridge Middle School five years ago, I have had the pleasure of working with many of the passionate and talented teachers in our building. What was once a quiet library has become a bustling center of creativity and innovation. We are encouraged by administrators who support risk taking and believe in our Library Learning Commons as a center of learning and creativity. In spring 2017, our team – seventh-grade science teachers Charlsie Vanderrest and Kelly Hall; my amazing assistant Emily Shiller; and tech integrator Kim Moran — worked for the better part of the fourth quarter on a truly collaborative, personalized unit.

Oculus Medium Free with Oculus Touch! Medium is an immersive VR experience that lets you sculpt, model, paint, and create tangible objects in a VR environment. With Medium, you can create expressive works of art, whether you're a total beginner, aspiring creative, or professional artist. Oculus Medium uses Touch controllers to enable authentic hand gestures and movement for a natural, tactile experience. With the power of VR and Medium’s versatile toolkit, the potential for artistic creation is boundless. Learn the basics and get started with our tutorial system. 11 Best AR Apps and Games For Android You Should Check Out In 2018 Augmented reality(AR) has gained a lot of attention in the last few years and developers are trying to get their hands on this highly useful tech. AR apps have been on the Play Store for quite some time now. Most of them are full of bugs, but the ones that work will amaze you. Although this technology is still in its early days, we have made a compilation of the best AR apps for Android available in the Play Store. What are AR apps and games? The word “augmented” means to make something greater or more intense, i.e., to increase something by adding something to it.

Mixed Reality Brings New Life to K–12 Classrooms Among the emerging technologies hitting the K–12 sphere, virtual, augmented and mixed reality tools have garnered a lot of interest. Mixed reality has remarkable potential for the K–12 classroom. Here is a tool that lets students explore the molten core of our planet or get deep in the anatomy of a frog without ever picking up a scalpel — all with the click of a button. Mixed reality is still relatively new, however, and while more research is coming out on its benefits, teachers want to make sure investing in virtual reality headsets will open new doors for their students and not just be another shiny toy collecting dust in the classroom. “I like to describe the space as embryonic. One of the interesting things I’ve seen in the K–12 space in particular as it relates to the technology is there is a lot of interest but also a lot of questions,” says Dan Ayoub, general manager of mixed reality education at Microsoft, in an interview.

The NEW Periodic Table of iOS Apps for AR and VR One of the most exciting arenas for innovation in education with technology is that of augmented reality and virtual reality. I’ve been a fan of exploring how these types of apps can be used to support and enhance learning for a long time now. One of my first books on iBooks was an exploration of how we can use AR in the classroom. Things have moved on a fair amount in the four years since I published it. Now with the right hardware (you’ll need something pretty pokey), you can buy a HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift and really get into virtual reality and do some great things.

HTC Vive on Steam About This Hardware VIVE is a first-of-its-kind virtual reality platform developed by HTC and Valve for total immersion in virtual worlds. Using a headset and wireless controllers in each hand, you can now explore and interact with VR experiences, apps and games that blur the line between imagination and reality. Breathtaking visual experiences are provided by a headset that features a 110° field of view and 32 sensors for precise tracking for total immersion.