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9 ways to make your Computing classroom 'immersive' — ICT & Computing in Education This photo was taken in a history lesson in a computer lab. The students were doing research into the assassination of John F Kennedy. As you can see, the wall was covered in photos on the subject. Many of the pictures were stills from the Zapruder film. There were also papers, books, and facsimile newspapers. Java Cheat Sheet Create a new object instance StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer(128); Output a string to standard output System.out.println("Some string"); Create a new object using generic types (array list that holds strings) ArrayList<String> list = new ArrayList<String>();

C PUZZLES, Some interesting C problems Share this page : Dear visitor, Thanks for your interest in C programming. In this page, you will find a list of interesting C programming questions/puzzles, These programs listed are the ones which I have received as e-mail forwards from my friends, a few I read in some books, a few from the internet, and a few from my coding experiences in C. Most of the programs are meant to be compiled, run and to be explained for their behaviour.

Using Minecraft To Engage Students In Learning International Teaching Magazine A Descriptive Writing Prompt Descriptive writing of settings is one of my favourite areas to teach. I enjoy enthusing my students and trying to find ways to boost their creativity and imagination. I have used many different strategies and prompts in my lessons: school visits to beautiful settings, YouTube videos of amazing places, fascinating pictures and others. 15 Great Video Sites for Educators YouTube: The undisputed king of all video sites. Whilst all the others are great and offer you a little more safety in regards to content, pretty much all the great content from those sites can also be found here in most cases. TED-Ed: From a site that’s long been known for big ideas, you’ll find TED-Ed, videos specifically designed to act as highly engaging and fun lessons.

Python 2.4 Quick Reference Style chooser: Modern, Modern B&W, Classic, High contrast or Printing [Hint: Use styles Modern B&W or Printing to print. If you get problems, try printing the PDF versions instead] Contents Front matter Version 2.4 Check updates at Please report errors, inaccuracies and suggestions to Richard Gruet (pqr at Project Bloks - Research Algoblocks Algoblocks was one of the very first systems to allow children to program with blocks. Suzuki, H., & Kato, H. (1993, August). Braitenberg Creatures The Braitenberg Creatures introduced the idea of creatures that would have code embedded into them — sensors and actuators would be connected in sophisticated ways to generate complex behavior with the need to program using a computer. Hogg, D., Martin, F., Resnick, M. 1991

Tips on reducing teacher stress from the ‘happiest school on earth’ An extra week’s summer holiday, shutting the school at 5.30pm and cancelling revision sessions are just some of the ways more considerate headteachers are trying to ease the burden on teachers. A happy staff makes a happy school and it helps to have the right Twitter handle. Step forward Jeremy Hannay, deputy headteacher @happiestschoolonearth aka the Three Bridges primary school in Southall, west London. Tech For Teachers Course Description A hands-on, high-tech workshop for teachers of grades 6-12. High-energy sessions designed for all learning levels. Participate in a hands-on, high-tech exploration of digital tools and resources tailored for the secondary (grades 6-12) educator. Join in a discovery, discussion and demonstration of free web-based applications that work anytime, anywhere, on any device. Collaborate with colleagues as you learn how to use the latest in education technology to maximize parent-teacher-student communication, increase student engagement and enhance learning. Utilize the concept of app smashing to exponentially increase each application’s value to the learning environment.

Locations Rosalind is a platform for learning bioinformatics and programming through problem solving. Take a tour to get the hang of how Rosalind works. If you don't know anything about programming, you can start at the Python Village. For a collection of exercises to accompany Bioinformatics Algorithms book, go to the Textbook Track. Otherwise you can try to storm the Bioinformatics Stronghold right now. Expeditions - App Android su Google Play Google Expeditions is an immersive learning and teaching tool that lets you go on VR trips or explore AR objects. Explore historical landmarks, go down to the atomic level, get up close with sharks, even visit outer space! In the classroom or with groups, Google Expeditions allows a teacher acting as a “guide” to lead classroom-sized groups of “explorers” through VR tours or show them AR objects.

Stock Photo Search STOCK PHOTO SEARCH is a FREE bookmarklet that helps you search from more than 30 free stock photo sites. Install Drag the button below to your bookmarks bar to install: (If you want a preview, you can just click the button.) If you have trouble dropping it, just right click the icon, copy the link address and create a new bookmark you will call “Stock Photo Search” and paste the url. Where is my bookmarks/favorites bar? Ruby Cheat Sheet Little snippets of code to act as crib notes for Ruby. Convert Milliseconds into Hours, Minutes and Seconds String def convertMillisecondsIntoAHoursMinutesAndSecondsString( millis) seconds = millis % 60 minutes = (millis / 60 ) % 60 hours = (millis / 3600) % 24 ret = "" ret = ret + hours.to_s + "t " if hours >= 1 ret = ret + minutes.to_s + "m " if minutes >= 1 ret = ret + seconds.to_s + "s " if seconds > 0 return ret end

Computing At School Registration open for May 2nd start. Guided Route (Secondary) - next start 2nd May. Apply by 25th April to start on this date. Guided Route (Primary) - next start 2nd May. Apply by 25th April to start on this date. Independent route - next start 2nd May.