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Does grammar matter? - Andreea S. Calude

Does grammar matter? - Andreea S. Calude

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Log In We have been seeing this change in popular culture and in higher education over the course of the last decades. Black and brown and Asian people sell you financial instruments and clothing. The president and first lady are black. Your college literature course includes Toni Morrison and Junot Díaz. But if you haven’t gone to college, where multiculturalism has been making its way for a generation, and if your version of America was formed in school in the 20th century, and that 20th-century image remains in your consciousness, you may have a lot to lose. In our racially oriented American society, this change marks a demotion for white people. How to identify any language at a glance Sign Up for Our free email newsletters Thanks to globalization, it's very likely that at some point you've found yourself faced with a line of text written in a language you couldn't quite identify. Maybe in the international section of a grocery store, or on Facebook, for example. "What the heck is this language?"

Writers and speakers have given into the allure of the ease of using terms like good and bad in their works. Find five examples from different works (plays, speeches, television commercials, etc.), in which good and/or bad have been used. Create a Prezi presentation that illustrates the examples you have found along with how you would revise these sentences to create greater clarity.Select a term that you feel should also be stricken from the English language. Write an argumentative essay that delineates the reasons that this term should be eliminated. You may use the theme of a trial (as this essay did), or create your own theme for your essay. Explicit cookie consent JOHNSON is a fan of the Freakonomics books and columns. But this week’s podcast makes me wonder if the team of Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt aren’t overstretching themselves a bit. “Is learning a foreign language really worth it?”, asks the headline. A reader writes:

Europe's biggest paper ran a bogus refugee 'sex mob' story. What now? It was tailor-made for the anti-immigration press: a crazed man wearing a suicide vest “filled with gasoline and gunpowder” enters a supermarket in a small town in northwestern Spain, shouts “Allahu Akbar!” and opens fire. Mercifully, no one is killed, but customers flee in terror. How to quickly learn declensions and conjugations I’m definitely a weirdo. I enjoy learning grammar! Declensions, conjugations, possessive pronouns. I love them all! Truth is evaporating before our eyes Given how little content the 2016 presidential debates contained, how rarely specific policies or programs were outlined or even mentioned, it often seemed that the only thing left for journalists – and ordinary citizens – to do was tally the number of lies each candidate told. By some counts, Donald Trump told a lie every few minutes; Hillary Clinton’s distortions appear to have been fewer and less blatant. And when the bigger liar won the election, one conclusion to be drawn was that, for millions of Americans, honesty was not nearly so important as we might have wished or assumed. If we factor in the popular assumption that all politicians lie, perhaps all that mattered was what they lied about. Who cared if Trump denied sexually harassing women when he was so boldly telling the truth about the fear, rage, racism, xenophobia and misogyny that many of his supporters felt but had hesitated to voice? Perhaps this vigilance will make us braver about speaking up, speaking out.

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