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Flag Stories
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archival mylar polyester sleeves, sheet protectors, page protectors Proposal: keep the nuclear launch codes in an innocent volunteer's chest-cavity / Boing Boing In 1981, Harvard law professor Roger Fisher, director of the Harvard Negotiation Project, published a thought experiment in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists: what if the codes to launch nuclear war were kept inside the chest-cavity of a young volunteer, and the President would have to hack them out of this young man's chest before he could commence armageddon? There is a young man, probably a Navy officer, who accompanies the President. This young man has a black attaché case which contains the codes that are needed to fire nuclear weapons. The Heart of Deterrence [Alex Wellerstein/Nuclear Secrecy] (Image: Openclipartvectors/CC0) Turns out the U.S. military really is dropping “cyber bombs” on ISIS There’s been an awful lot of talk about “cyber pathogens” and “cyber bombs” lately from the mouths of American officials discussing terrorism, and how we will vanquish it. U.S. military claims to be dropping 'cyber bombs' on ISIS Giveaway Alert: Five years of Adobe Creative Cloud

These Maps Divide the World into Four Income Groups The Global Finance Magazine recently released an article comparing countries by income across the world for 2015, sourcing data from the World Bank. Gross National Income (GNI) per capita is the final income earned by a country’s residents divided by the total population. Countries are divided into 4 different groups: Group 1 - Low income: $1,045 or less Group 2 - Lower middle income: $1,046 to $4,125 Group 3 - Upper middle income: $4,126 to $12,745 Group 4 - High income: $12,746 or more Based on the data of 204 countries, below is a breakdown of the number of countries that fall within each of the 4 income groups listed above. Group 1 - Low income: 17% Group 2 - Lower middle income: 25% Group 3 - Upper middle income: 26% Group 4 - High income: 32% North America Take a look at the breakdown of income from the 11 countries labeled above. High income: 4 countries Upper middle income: 6 countries Low income: 1 country Central and South America Europe East Africa Oceania by Raul

A sneak preview of 3D Imaging at the Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education | Osher Map Library Moving forward into the future of digitizing our cultural heritage, OML’s Digital Imaging Center is engaged in an innovative project to three-dimensionally image the library’s rare globe collection, the second-largest of its kind in a U.S. public institution. Generous grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Friends of the Osher Map Library support the conservation, and subsequent 3D imaging, of the collection's most threatened or valuable items. Digitization will make it possible for students and members of the public to manipulate and examine the rare globes online, preventing potential handling damage to these delicate objects. A digital undertaking such as this is no small task, considering that full-rounded 3D imaging by cultural institutions is still at its infant stage. E-Commerce meets Cultural Heritage The commercial company, Ortery, provided the equipment and software used to three-dimensionally image the globes. Digitizing globes at the Osher Map Library

Auschwitz-komentajan pojanpoika: Natsiaate elää yhä suvussani | Apu Rainer Höss oli 11-vuotias, kun hän jäi huonetoveriensa kanssa kiinni ruoan varastamisesta sisäoppilaitoksen keittiöstä. Koulun johtaja otti pojat puhutteluun ja määräsi rangaistuksen. Näpistelijät määrättiin puutarhatöihin. Puutarhuri oli pelätty mies, joka teetti rangaistukseksi kovaa työtä. Kun muut pojat suorittivat sovitun kahden viikon rangaistuksen, Rainer joutui jatkamaan rangaistustaan kolme kuukautta. Rainer kertoi tapahtuneesta lempeäksi kokemalleen saksan opettajalle. Saksanopettaja tarjoutui viemään Rainerin Dachaun keskitysleirille. 11-vuotias Rainer ei ollut koskaan kuullut sellaisista. Leirissä rakennusten seinille oli kiinnitetty julisteita ja kuvia tapetuista ihmisistä. Komentajan nimi oli Rudolf Höss. Nimi jäi vaivaamaan Raineria. Totuus paljastui vasta myöhemmin. Rudolf Höss rakennutti rautatien Auschwitzin keskitysleiriltä Birkenaun tuhoamisleirille, kuoleman portille. Se kertoo Rainerin isoisästä. Auschwitzin johtaja Rudolf Höss oli alkunatsi pahimmasta päästä.

Mexico - Geert Hofstede If we explore Mexican culture through the lens of the 6-D Model©, we can get a good overview of the deep drivers of Mexican culture relative to other world cultures. Power DistanceThis dimension deals with the fact that all individuals in societies are not equal – it expresses the attitude of the culture towards these inequalities amongst us. Power Distance is defined as the extent to which the less powerful members of institutions and organisations within a country expect and accept that power is distributed unequally. At a score of 81, Mexico is a hierarchical society. IndividualismThe fundamental issue addressed by this dimension is the degree of interdependence a society maintains among its members. Mexico, with a score of 30 is considered a collectivistic society. A low score (Feminine) on the dimension means that the dominant values in society are caring for others and quality of life. Mexico scores 69 on this dimension and is thus a Masculine society. Long Term Orientation

Natural Earth Explicit cookie consent How the first world war changed the world ON JULY 28th 1914 Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, beginning the first world war. In the following four years, millions would lose their lives. What else changed? Economies shrank, stagnated and hyperinflated. It took over a decade for the German economy to recover to its size in 1913. Geography changed too.

Women Against Feminism Women Against Feminism Thousands of photos since July 2013 Oct 3, 2017 / 77 notes 1. #womenagainstfeminism #feminism #antifeminism Sep 28, 2017 / 48 notes Sep 27, 2017 / 43 notes Sep 26, 2017 / 92 notes Feb 16, 2017 / 89 notes Jan 4, 2017 / 68 notes Jan 3, 2017 / 65 notes Nov 21, 2016 / 70 notes Sep 26, 2016 / 129 notes Sep 26, 2016 / 70 notes Jul 18, 2016 / 172 notes 1. Jun 24, 2016 / 95 notes Jun 24, 2016 / 92 notes Jun 23, 2016 / 104 notes Jun 23, 2016 / 98 notes Theme by Club Monaco u