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Stop Motion - 9 Conseils et astuces pour réaliser un court-métrage en stop motion (animation image par image)

Stop Motion - 9 Conseils et astuces pour réaliser un court-métrage en stop motion (animation image par image)

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New Theories of the Short Film: A Conversation with Dr. Richard Raskin What makes a short film a short film? If you asked us a month ago, we might have told you that a short film’s defining characteristic is, well, its shortness. But not anymore. For the past few weeks, we’ve been trading emails with Dr. Richard Raskin, a professor at Aarhus University in Denmark, and one of the most brilliant and active short-film theorists in the world. 50 Stunning & Inspirational Stop Motion Videos Sometimes we get wrapped up in our specific profession and lose the ability to find creative sparks in other areas of our lives. So, in the hunt for inspiration elsewhere than web design, I went searching on Vimeo and found 50 awesome stop motion videos that are sure to give you creative energy. I mean, watch some of these below and tell me you’re not inspired!

How to Use a Phone or Tablet as a Monitor for DSLR Video THE VIDEO: How to Use a Phone or Tablet as a Monitor for DSLR Video Learn how to use an Android smartphone or tablet you can control and monitor the video of your camera using DSLR Controller. Also covers related accesories such as the Joby GripTight GorillaPod Stand for Smaller Tablets found here: This video was uploaded on Aug 26, 2016. Contents: 0:00 – Setting up & Cables You Need 0:56 – Using DSLR Controller 2:37 – Using Tablet to Review Pictures, Save, and Uploading over WiFi 4:06 – Using Tablet as Cable Release in Bulb Mode 5:08 – Using the Tablet for Video as a Monitor 6:06 – Adding the Joby GripTight Gorillapod Stand for Smaller Tablets 9:10 – Adding the Joby GripTight Mount for Smaller Phones Other gear mentioned in this video: Other Lens: Big Camera: Joby GripTight Mount for Smaller Tablets: Joby GripTight Stand for Smartphones: On The Go Cable: Tablet:

How to Make Stop-Motion Videos on iPads The Popularity of Stop Motion Effects Stop motion movies date back to the early 20th century, but they have seen a resurgence of late with popular releases like Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run, Coraline and Frankenweenie topping box offices around the world. So, how do they do that? The premise is simple. How to shoot video with a DSLR camera DSLR cheat sheet Full disclosure: the Canon 5D Mark III is not a video camera. It's actually a still camera that just happens to also capture video. But there are some incredible advantages to using this camera over a traditional video camera: It's small and really light.Its interchangeable lenses increase versatility and inspire artistic and creative shots.It's easy to produce a shot with a shallow depth of field (background out of focus).It's incredible in low light and variable lighting conditions.

Create stop-motion animation Those who’ve spent much time watching jittering Lego blocks on YouTube, Wallace and Gromit shorts on an iPod, or recent Tim Burton animated films in the theater know that stop-motion movie-making is a going concern. For those unfamiliar with the term, stop-motion animation is the painstaking process of capturing still images of a scene, moving objects within the scene ever so slightly after each still image capture, and stringing together the resulting images as video frames so that when played back they mimic movement. Unlike in the golden claymation days of Gumby and Pokey, creating stop-motion videos is well within the grasp and budget of the typical Mac user. Demystifying HD Video With DSLR <div class="wpthemeMessage" role="alert" wairole="alert"><img class="wpthemeMsgIcon wpthemeMsgIconError" src="" alt="Error" /><span class="wpthemeAltText">Error:</span><div class="wpthemeMessageBody">Javascript is disabled in this browser. This page requires Javascript. Modify your browser's settings to allow Javascript to execute.

How to Produce a Stop Motion Video If you aren't planning on building a more permanent stop motion studio in your office, here are a few quick tips to set up your own stop motion studio on the go! Find a stable table or surface Get yourself a solid table that doesn't have wheels (or if it does, make sure you can lock them in position). This will make sure your setup and shot won't move from frame to frame in your video. Be wary of light Try to find a room where you can block out all natural light.

How to Use a DSLR to Shoot High Quality Videos If you are like many professional photographers, you may be finding that more and more clients are asking if you can also do video for them when you’re on-site doing a photo shoot. Video can be a “strange new world” and you may be passing up some good opportunities. Most modern DSLRs are quite competent in shooting video, and you can use them to create industrial and commercial productions that are ideally suited for use at corporate functions, in sales presentations, as training aids, and as promotional spots on YouTube…so there is a great opportunity to expand your service offering by including video. Without a doubt, shooting video with a DSLR can be more complicated than shooting stills, but you can achieve beautiful, creative results by following a few, simple guidelines. And, while you may add more video-related gear over time, you can make some initial, fairly modest investments and get into video production without having to break the bank.

Top Tips for Shooting Stop-Motion Animation Video Calculating the Frames Needed for the Final Movie Before you start shooting, you’ll need to do a little math in order to calculate the timing of your stop-motion moves. If the final movie is playing back at 24 frames per second, every 24 images shot will equal one second of the movie.

Beginner’s Guide to Doing DSLR Video Clips The video function on your camera is probably one that you don’t play with very often. It’s often disregarded – after all, DSLR cameras are not exclusively video cameras are they? But did you know that some big budget films, including The Avengers, have scenes shot on DSLR cameras? In fact, The Avengers used the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and 7D cameras on the set!