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The ultimate color combinations cheat sheet

The ultimate color combinations cheat sheet
Finding a correct color combination is one of the most important steps in designing a stylish and holistic look. This is why we’re offering you this cheat sheet, so you’ll always hit the bullseye when choosing clothes and interior decor. Scheme № 1: A complementary combination Complementary (also known as supplementary or contrasting) colors are colors that sit opposite of each other on the Itten color circle. The combination of such colors creates a vivid and energizing effect, especially at maximum saturation. Scheme № 2: The triad — a combination of three colors A Triad is a combination of 3 colors that are equidistant from each other on the color circle. Scheme № 3: An analogous combination This is a combination of 2 to 5 (ideally 2 to 3) colors that are ajacent to each other on the color circle. Scheme № 4: The split complementary combination A variation on the complementary color combination. Scheme № 5: The tetrad — a combination of four colors Scheme № 6: The square

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realistic animals coloring book 660 × 880 - 1500 × 1200 - 680 × 880 - 768 × 1024 - 612 × 792 - Free crochet patterns Techniques used in this pattern (British term / American term): Chain stitch – ch Slip stitch – Treble / Double crochet – tr/dc Moist Chocolate-Beet Cake It’s interesting reading some of the talk regarding if the internet is ready to replace cookbooks. Sure, there are people furiously clicking around wherever they can for a chocolate cake recipe. And there are hundreds of thousands of chocolate cake recipes that you can find using a search engine.

Nature Inspired Color Palettes As I mentioned in a previous post, I love to find coloring inspiration in beautiful photos and images. Well, nothing inspires me more than nature–I am continually amazed at the color combinations found in the natural world, and I love applying those combinations to my art. I have created several new nature-inspired color palettes that I’m excited to share with you! I hope that they inspire you and breathe some fresh excitement into your coloring. AuntieElle's Blog: Woolly's Snowflake Square - Free Crochet Patterns On a recent crochet retreat, one of the members (1woollywombat) shared a beautiful crochet blanket she found at an op shop for only $3 or $4! It's a beautiful blanket and I really love the squares it used. Later that night I set about trying to replicate the square while I had the original in front of me - I reckon I got it spot on, or at the least, very darn close! I used a 4mm hook and approximately 8ply yarn (DK weight) which gave me a perfect 6 inch square. I reckon if you were to make it with a worsted weight/10ply yarn and a 5mm hook, it would give you an 8 inch square.

Video sewing tutorials More videos on my Youtube channel. Subscribe to my channel to be notified when I release a new video. Quilt patterns European Destinations Color Palette When I sit down to color, one of my favorite ways of choosing colors is to reference color palettes based on beautiful photographs and images. These color palettes give me ideas and inspire unique color combinations that I may not have thought of otherwise. I have recently began creating my own color palettes based on images that I like, and I want to share them with you. This first set is based on beautiful European destinations–places I’d love to someday visit. Free crochet patterns Techniques used in this stitch (British term / American term): Chain stitch – ch Slip stitch - slt Double crochet / Single crochet – dc/sc

Tutorials - Avery Lane Sewing 18 inch doll fairy costume tutorial [scroll down for more doll sewing and craft tutorials] Fold-up Shopper and Mini fold up shopper Tutorial Elastic Smocked Drop Waist Skirt Upcycle Tutorial : A Dress Shirt Skirt louring Books for Adults You can’t have missed the grown up colouring book craze that’s been taking over lately. I love that colouring in has become so popular for all ages, and I definitely believe that it’s a great tool to help to unwind and relieve stress. I have quite a collection of adult colouring books and I’m always happy to find more to add to my pile. The One and Only colouring book series for adults has some really lovely designs, and I’ve found them to be some of the more varied books, providing lots of different illustration styles within each book. The One and Only Colouring Book series has expanded out from the original One and Only Colouring Book for adults, and now includes 5 different books:

How To Crochet Tropical Delight Square – CRAFT-ADDICTS Greetings everyone and welcome to If you have been following our friendly blog for a long time, you might know that we always try to bring you the most beautiful and useful crochet, knitting and sewing projects and today’s article is not an exception as well. Get ready, because this week is going to be a square madness week and we are going to teach you how to make the amazing and perfectly designed squares in different styles.

The Katie Dress Pattern October 7, 2010 My oldest niece turned 7 in August and decided that for her birthday she wanted an American Girl doll. I wanted to help celebrate her great new doll and thought clothes would be the perfect gift. 23 Free Printable Insect & Animal Adult Coloring Pages - Nerdy Mamma Nerdy Mamma On being a mom, a nerd and everything else... 23 Free Printable Insect & Animal Adult Coloring Pages February 25, 2016 by Chantal Kirkland 452 Shares 388 Pin 60 Share 2 Share 0 Tweet 0 Mail 0 Share 0 Share 0 Share 0 Share Prev1 of 24Next