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In January, after years of building prototypes, the team finished their first pilot project in the real world. Partnering with a commercial developer outside Atlanta, in a tiny community called Serenbe, they built two one-bedroom houses, with materials that cost just $14,000 each. The goal: To figure out how to bring the ultra-low-cost homes, called the 20K Home, to the broader market. “We’re in a kind of experimental stage of the program, where we’re really trying to find out the best practice of getting this house out into the public’s hands,” says Rusty Smith, associate director of Rural Studio. “Really this first field test was to find out all the things that we didn’t know, and to find out all of the kind of wrong assumptions that we had made, and really find out how we had screwed up, honestly.” Years of architecture students, and their advisors, have spent more than a hundred thousand hours tweaking each detail of the house to optimize both the function and the price. Related:  Inspirations 1shec

16 Tiny Houses You Wish You Could Live In The tiny house trend is sweeping the nation. In a world where we’ve amassed an unprecedented amount of clutter, these miniature dwellings are very tempting. Can you imagine living in a tiny house, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and the amazing splendor of the outdoors? 16. This 140-square-foot home was built by Christopher and Malissa Tack of Snohomish, Washington. 15. Okay, so it’s not technically a house, but you know you still want to live in this shabby chic bungalow. 14. Just outside of Portland, Oregon on five acres of land lives interior designer Jessica Helgerson and her family in a comparatively palatial 540 square feet. 13. Here’s one you can actually stay in if you’re coming to Austin anytime soon! 12. This tiny dwelling was built over a dead garden patch in the backyard of certified sustainable building advisor Megan Lea. 11. Vina’s tiny house has 140 square feet of self-sustainability. 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. Among tiny homes, the mini home is actually rather large.

Crafts | DIY Cozy Home | Page 57 Don’t miss out! Follow on Facebook and bring more love and life into your home. I have to admit that this type of craft is completely foreign to me. But the more time I spend reading all these wonderful and crafty blogs I am learning so much and excited to try some for myself! Fore details on the cabinet, make sure to visit here: Sun Flower Lins blog. If you want to see the ultimate resource for mod podge fanatics, you have to check out this really great site, the Mod Podge Rocks Blog. Here’s a link to one of their most popular tutorials on doing fabric book covers. Enjoy…. Mod Podge Rocks Blog: Fabric Covered Books Guide {Image Credit} This looks like a totally fun project for a lazy weekend. I can think of a dozen places in our house that we could put some fun lighted letters. There’s lots of creative ways to use this project. Here’s the link to the tutorial… Home Heart Craft: DIY Lighted Letters {Image Credit} Love this blog and all the great ideas! Here’s the link to all 30…

Free Tiny House Plans - Ana White's Tiny House - Tiny House Living Ana White has finished her tiny house and has posted free plans you can use to build this tiny house. You can watch the entire build process on her YouTube channel, and get plans and design ideas from Ana White’s Tiny House blog . The house sleeps six, two in a loft, two in a dedicated lower level bed, and two in a slide-out bed that doubles as a sofa. Ana and her husband are carpenters in Alaska. Be sure to check out here tiny house free plans – they are an incredible resource.

How to sew stars with perfect intersections Tip! (Not for the faint of heart) Be sure to check out the additional searches on the right side of the page. The World Quilt Shop Directory and the Quilter's Trip Planner™ are very popular. My name is Linda Franz and I love the Inklingo method of sewing 6 and 8 pointed stars. It guarantees my intersections are wonderful. . . no matter how closely you look. This is another good example of the advantages of printing on fabric with Inklingo. Print diamonds with Inklingo, cut, and sew. It is a big advantage to have cutting lines, stitching lines, matching marks, and crosshairs. Start by sewing half stars. When you join the two halves, "circle the intersection" by passing the needle through the crosshairs, one pair of seam allowances at a time. You can see exactly how I do it if you click to watch the video on YouTube.. These stars take about 10 minutes to sew by hand, start to finish! It is especially nice to have a stack of diamonds printed and ready to go in my portable sewing kit. Perfection!

Rooftop Balcony Tiny House For Sale on June 17, 2016 This is a rooftop balcony tiny house for sale in Ridgway, Colorado. It’s designed and built by Jeremy Matlock. Asking price is $39,500. It’s built on a custom 18′ trailer. Inside, it offers about 200 sq. ft. of space including the loft. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Images © Jeremy Matlock Tiny House 2 is For Sale! Learn more here. You can share this tiny house story with your friends and family for free using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below. If you enjoyed this tiny house story you’ll absolutely LOVE our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter with even more! More Like This: Explore our Tiny Houses For Sale Section See The Latest: Go Back Home to See Our Latest Tiny Houses The following two tabs change content below. Alex is a contributor and editor for and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. Related 270 Sq. This is a 270 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels for sale in La Mirada, California. June 30, 2015 In "Builders" May 23, 2015 160 Sq.

Table Stand Quilt – White on White | From My Carolina Home I got a table quilt stand last year, specifically to display my Miniature Mariner’s Compass. Problem though, the quilt is too small, or is it the frame is too big? Either way it isn’t going to work, so I needed to make something else. I have decided to do a series of quilts for it, for different seasons and holidays. All will be original designs. Add more fabrics log cabin style, cutting off the excess as you go. Press the additions flat as you go so there isn’t any ruffling. Continue until you have a 12 inch block. Then using your sewing machine’s decorative stitches, go over the seam lines in white thread. I was excited to use the used Pfaff I purchased some time ago with all those stitches! Isn’t this fun! So I started playing around with various items. This rose ribbon was couched on using the blind hem stitch on the machine. On the back, I added two wide loops to hang the little quilt on the frame. I began adding more embellishments to the top. Do you like to crazy quilt? Like this:

The Steam Punk Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Smart House on February 8, 2016 This is the “Tiny SMART House” that was featured on Tiny House Hunters on HGTV. What makes it “SMART”? Inside you’ll notice floor to ceiling redwood siding with copper exposed plumbing, as well as an antique chandelier. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Images © Tiny Smart House via YouTube Video: The Steam Punk Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Smart House Learn more: Resources You can share this tiny house story with your friends and family for free using the e-mail and social media re-share buttons below. If you enjoyed this tiny house story you’ll absolutely LOVE our Free Daily Tiny House Newsletter with even more! More Like This: Explore our Tiny Houses Section See The Latest: Go Back Home to See Our Latest Tiny Houses The following two tabs change content below. Natalie McKee is a contributing writer for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. Related Tumbleweed Fencl Tiny House on a Trailer for Sale August 4, 2011 In "Appliances"

Cigar Box Doll Bed and Postage Stamp Quilt The other day as I sat there looking at my stash of vintage cigar boxes, and my other stash of vintage postage stamps* I couldn’t help but think how they would work so nice together. Eventually, with my old box, stamps, printable cotton fabric sheets, and some digitally scanned images, I created my own fun piece of folk art- a charming little doll bed. I began with the box, trimming away the lid. Digging into my box of vintage game pieces, I found the perfect bed legs and attached them to the bottom of the box. I trimmed off a bit of the box lid and attached the large section to one end of the box as a headboard. I gathered a load of colorful stamps, laid them out in a grid and scanned them. I printed the red stamps and the multi-colored stamps to printable cotton sheets. Here is my tiny two-sided postage stamp doll quilt. I created a pillow from a vintage envelope image I shared HERE and addressed to Little Miss Dolly.

Craftsman Tiny House For Sale This Craftsman Style Tiny House For Sale is a guest post by Nicholette Codding Updated: More for sale information added below and price reduced! My partner and I completed this tiny house in October 2014. We are in the documentary film “Small is Beautiful” by Australian film maker Jeremy Beasley. Your blog has provided much inspiration for us throughout our building process! We would be honored to see our tiny home featured on your blog. Images © Nicholette Jean Photography Our Tiny House on Wheels is For Sale •230 Sq. Construction All construction adheres to 2014 US building codes. •“Tyvek Drain Wrap” •Innovative rain screen allowing for drainage and passive air flow •Ice and Water shield under metal roofing •Hurricane ties on roof trusses •R21 3” Rigid foam insulation in floors, walls, and ceiling You can find out more about us, our build and the tiny house at You can also see this tiny home in the film Small is Beautiful. The following two tabs change content below. Related