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Medhue Weighted Bodysuits for Avastar Included in this package is a Blend file which has 4 mesh weighted bodysuits, and 2 mesh skirts, generated from the default Secondlife avatar, with a higher poly count for better weight transfers to your clothing items. 2 bodysuits(male & female) are weighted for classic rigging, and the other 2 are weighted for Fitted Mesh rigging. This product works best when used with the Avastar add on, for Blender. The propose of these suits is to make it easier for you to rig your Secondlife clothing items. This is not meant to be a final solution, or a few button clicks and you're done.

Turnabout is fair play : Pharyngula Phil Senter has published the most deviously underhanded, sneaky, subtle undermining of the creationist position I’ve ever seen, and I applaud him for it. What he did was to take them seriously, something I could never do, and treat their various publications that ape the form of the scientific literature as if they actually were real science papers, and apply their methods consistently to an analysis of taxonomy. So on the one hand, it’s bizarre and disturbing to see the like of Ken Ham, Jerry Bergman, and Henry Morris get actual scientific citations, but on the other hand, seeing their claims refuted using their own touted methods is peculiarly satisfying. Senter has published a paper in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology that takes their claims at face value and analyzes dinosaur morphology using their own methods. The problem for them is that Senter found that it works far too well. Using creationist techniques, all of the Dinosauria reduce to…eight kinds.

How to Use Facebook Video to Promote Your Jewelry Business - Interweave Net Profits If you’re comfortable on camera and like to teach, consider streaming a demonstration on Facebook. If you spend any time on everybody’s favorite social platform, you’ve probably seen announcements in your feed that so-and-so is “now live.” How effective is Facebook video as a promotional tool? “I think it’s incredibly effective for some people,” says Sarah Benoit, co-founder of the internet marketing firm JB Media Group.

Believer defends non-literal reading of the Bible “Sophisticated” theologians who urge a non-literal reading of the Bible always put themselves in a bind. And it is this: if the Bible is not to be read as a literal account of the truth, then how do we know which parts really are true, and which parts are fiction or metaphor? Nobody has ever found a convincing way to winnow the true from the metaphorical, and so it becomes an exercise in cherry-picking. I almost prefer the fundamentalist literalists (granted, nobody takes every Biblical word as literal truth) to those religious people who think, for no good reason, that they can discern the stories that are true (which always, of course, include Jesus’s divinity and resurrection) from those that are simply meant to impart “timeless truths.”

What Creativity in Marketing Looks Like Today What makes marketing creative? Is it more imagination or innovation? Is a creative marketer more artist or entrepreneur? Historically, the term “marketing creative” has been associated with the words and pictures that go into ad campaigns. But marketing, like other corporate functions, has become more complex and rigorous. Marketers need to master data analytics, customer experience, and product design. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal July 04, 2011 KERPOW. Don't forget to come see me in Davis Wednesday at 5pm at Bizarro World. I'll be signing books and giving out free high fives.

How the Like Button Ruined the Internet - The Atlantic Here’s a little parable. A friend of mine was so enamored of Google Reader that he built a clone when it died. It was just like the original, except that you could add pictures to your posts, and you could Like comments. The original Reader was dominated by conversation, much of it thoughtful and earnest. The clone was dominated by GIFs and people trying to be funny.

An Index to Creationist Claims Creationist claims are numerous and varied, so it is often difficult to track down information on any given claim. Plus, creationists constantly come up with new claims which need addressing. This site attempts, as much as possible, to make it easy to find rebuttals and references from the scientific community to any and all of the various creationist claims. It is updated frequently; see the What's New page for the latest changes. Since most creationism is folklore, the claims are organized in an outline format following that of Stith Thompson's Motif-Index of Folk-Literature. There's an easy way to be funnier and more genuine without turning into a jerk — Quartz The gig economy is supposed to be a tradeoff: In exchange for foregoing the stability of a steady income and health benefits, workers get more freedom and flexibility. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that, in some cases, workers are giving up a lot more than they get in return. A recent article in the New York Times explains that the ride-sharing service Uber has been using design based on behavioral science to encourage its workers to work longer hours—for less money than they think. On one hand, organizations since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution have tried to incentivize employees to behave in ways that are advantageous to the bottom line. But federal law also affords employees certain protections—mandatory lunch breaks and paid overtime for certain categories of workers, for example—meant to protect workers from abuse.

Silkpunk Sci-Fi Author Ken Liu Talks Fantasy, Technology and the Future of the Human Race Ken Liu, author of the Dandelion Dynasty series, is one of the leading new voices in science fiction. His worlds are teeming with airships and submarines crafted from silk, sinew and feather. Liu spoke with Nexus Media about “silkpunk,” tech culture, and what today’s innovators can learn from science fiction. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. You can read an excerpt of Liu’s latest book here.

Aukey Cortex 4K VR Headset Review and Giveaway With a higher resolution and lower price than high-end headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the Aukey Cortex 4KVR should be a compelling entry point into the world of VR. But is it? It’s available now for just under $400 (or $380 if you use the coupon code “MUOAUKVR”, valid until April 8th!) AUKEY VR Headset, Cortex 4K Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Display with Earphones, 110° FOV All-In-One VR Goggles for PC AUKEY VR Headset, Cortex 4K Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Display with Earphones, 110° FOV All-In-One VR Goggles for PC AUKEY Cortex 4K VR Headset delivers an immersive ultra-high-definition 4K virtual reality experience for Windows 7 or above 64-bit PCs Buy Now At Amazon $399.99