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Promisedata - Data for reusable SE experiments. What is PROMISE?

promisedata - Data for reusable SE experiments

PROMISE= PRedictOr Models In Software Engineering. Mantra= Software management decisions should be based on well-understood and well-supported predictive models. Collecting data from real world software engineering projects is problematic. Since the data is difficult to attain, we need to make better use of the whatever data is available. Hence, this site. Frequently asked questions:

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Bent Flyvbjerg Software Estimation: Demystifying the Black Art (Developer Best Practices): Steve McConnell: 9780735605350: Magne Jørgensen. Estimation is at the root of most software project failures. Project Management Guru Estimating Tools and Techniques. The fallacy of estimation (or why agile needs #noestimates ) Over the past month I have been talking to a few friends about their agile development projects.

The fallacy of estimation (or why agile needs #noestimates )

They are using different languages, with different size teams and most of them are tracking their projects using estimates of one form or another. Whether they use points or attempt to guess at the time required for a task, they seem to be wrong a lot of the time. 10 sins of SW Estimation. How Good an Estimator Are You? Part II. Here are the answers to the quiz presented in How Good an Estimator Are You?

How Good an Estimator Are You? Part II

If you're concerned that a quiz like this has nothing to do with software development, consider: In software, you aren't often asked to estimate the volume of the Great Lakes or the surface temperature of the sun. Is it reasonable to expect you to be able to estimate the amount of U.S. currency in circulation or the number of books published in the U.S., especially if you're not in the U.S.? Software developers are often asked to estimate projects in unfamiliar business areas, projects that will be implemented in new technologies, the impacts of new programming tools on productivity, the productivity of unidentified personnel, and so on.

Estimating in the face of uncertainty is business as usual for software estimators. If you haven't read the entry with the quiz questions, please read it now before reading any further, so you'll have an opportunity to try it before seeing the answers. Precise Project Estimates Are Impossible. If only there was a tape measure for project estimates An interesting article over on the Hashrocket blog a couple of days ago grabbed my attention as in it they detail how they think upfront estimates (I’m assuming in both time and money) for projects are not only infeasible but also unfair to clients as, ultimately, they will be incorrect.

Precise Project Estimates Are Impossible

Given that I’ve spent over seven years working in the web industry and can count on one trotter the number of projects that have ever been delivered bang on schedule, I’m inclined to agree. Yet still, we find ourselves doing it time and time again. Evolving Web: You Mean I Cant Even Estimate? The Planning Fallacy in Action. Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law.

Evolving Web: You Mean I Cant Even Estimate? The Planning Fallacy in Action

17 Theses on Software Estimation-10x Software Development. (with apologies to Martin Luther for the title)

17 Theses on Software Estimation-10x Software Development

Dan North & Associates. [This article has been translated into Korean by HongJoo Lee, French by Philippe Poumaroux, Spanish by Adrian Moya, Russian by Denis Oleynik, and German by Julia Kadauke.]

Dan North & Associates

Behaviour-driven development is an “outside-in” methodology. It starts at the outside by identifying business outcomes, and then drills down into the feature set that will achieve those outcomes. Each feature is captured as a “story”, which defines the scope of the feature along with its acceptance criteria. This article introduces the BDD approach to defining and identifying stories and their acceptance criteria. Introduction Software delivery is about writing software to achieve business outcomes. How To Implement Scrum in 10 Easy Steps.

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Cycle Time Analytics: Reliable #NoEstimates Forecasting using Data (Troy Magennis) Gilboa_Lecture_Notes.pdf. INTHEBLACK - How megaprojects endure mega trouble on the road to infamy. Bent Flyvbjerg’s Iron Law of Megaprojects states they will run over budget and over time, over and over again.

INTHEBLACK - How megaprojects endure mega trouble on the road to infamy

How can it be beaten? Building the Sydney Opera House was a drama of operatic proportions. With a low-balled budget to get the project over the line, a state premier clinging to political power and an architect so dejected by the experience he left the country midway through its completion, the early days of the Opera House project in the 1960s were a blend of design virtuosity and murky politics almost as remarkable as the iconic landmark’s glistening sails.

Bent Flyvbjerg, professor of major program management at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, has spent much of his career studying the progress of such large-scale, complex ventures. Homepage for Prof. Paul Embrechts. Address:Department of MathematicsETH Zurich, HG F42.3 8092 Zürich Switzerland Email: Phone: +41-44-632 3419 Office: HG F42.3 (Main building) Secretary: Ms Galit Shoham Phone: +41-44-632 3400 [Curriculum Vitae] [Short CV] [Some Selected Papers] [Books] [The Rearrangement Algorithm] [Some Selected Talks] [Prof. Dr. Namcook Analytics - Quantitative Data for Software Projects by Capers Jones.