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Discover the Meaning of Rap Lyrics Michele Filomeno - Photographer Agency Massive Phoenixes Made of Remnants from Construction Sites Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Chinese contemporary artist Xu Bing's aptly titled Phoenix soars above viewers, made from the remnants of old construction sites in China. The large-scale sculptural installation consists of two massive birds, each comprised of countless materials that include steel beams, hard hats, chains, pipes, tanks, tools, and other remnants from the migrant laborers who worked on the urban construction sites. The project is the result of two years of collection and assembly. Xu's enormous creations, weighing 12 tons and measuring 90 and 100 feet in length, are sculptural representations of cultural evolution and the lives of those who have given their energy and strength to spark a cultural and architectural change in China. Phoenix is currently on display, for the first time ever outside of China, at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) through October 27, 2013.

Sexisme et Sciences humaines – Féminisme Redefining Architecture, in a Dance of Lasers Lasers trace a transformed architectural space, in a choreography connected to sound and music. All images courtesy the artists. We live in an age in which the art of architecture and the art of light have come into close duet. One such example is the 2012 project Blau, receipient of a 2013 Ars Electronic nod. As the creators describe it, time here enters three dimensional architectural space, lasers outlining a close choreography of sound as projected into spatial volume. Run by custom hardware, motors move the emitters and trace the space in beams of light, moments in the music cueing geometries. Blaus from Playmodes on Vimeo. But it isn’t just architecture responding to music. “Architecture itself is used as a musical source, since the study of the room acoustics and its resonance frequency allows for using the space as a giant musical instrument. Customized Duration software. You can look into the development process in a making-of video: Radial and Blaus. Full performance:

Bingo féministe et « mansplaining  Hier, Sophie Gourion, une féministe que j’apprécie et que je suis sur Twitter, a eu un long débat à propos du marketing genré. Elle a écrit, il y a quelques mois, un article pour Slate sur cette stratégie « qui consiste à segmenter l’offre produit en fonction du sexe », »une façon indirecte de démultiplier les intentions d’achat, deux produits sexués devant ainsi se substituer à un seul produit mixte au sein d’un ménage ». Une des personnes avec qui elle discutait n’y voyait pas de sexisme et, surtout, pas un sujet de préoccupation pour les féministes; d’où ce tweet (écrit par un homme): @Sophie_Gourion le vrai combat du féminisme est dans l’égalité des droits, pas dans l’uniformité des produits ni de la comm.— [Anonyme] Juillet 13, 2012 Précisons que cette personne, avec qui j’ai discuté ensuite, se considère comme féministe et que mon objectif n’est pas de lui contester cette appellation. Tu crois que je suis en train de faire du mansplaining? Alors, vous voyez ce que je veux dire?

The Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter Wins the AHS Sikorsky Prize The Igor I. Sikorsky Human Powered Helicopter Competition was established in 1980 by the American Helicopter Society to help foster the creation of the first human-powered helicopter. To win the prize a team of engineers would have to build a helicopter powered solely by a human that would achieve a flight duration of 60 seconds, reach an altitude of 3 meters (9.8 ft), while remaining in a 10 meter (32.8 ft) square. Over 33 years have passed since the creation of the AHS Sikorsky Prize and dozens teams have tried to win it.

DANS LA VIE LIBRE DE DROITS Urban Species: Kinetic Lifeforms Created by U-Ram Choe Korean artist U-Ram Choe lives and works in Seoul where he creates highly ornate kinetic sculptures that mimic forms and motions found in nature. Choe uses various metals, motors, gears, and custom CPU boards to control the precise motions of each sculpture that are at times perfectly synchronized and other times completely random. With names like “Unicus – cavum ad initium” and “Arbor Deus Pennatus” it’s clear the artist treats each new work like a brand new species. The artworks are so complex each “organism” is shipped with a manual to show collectors and galleries how to maintain and fix various components. Watch the videos above to see a good sampling of his work both old and new, and he has a huge archive of videos for nearly 50 artworks over on Vimeo.

alt Underground sci-fi visuals courtesy of the brilliant Nick Frank Despite first appearances, what you’re looking at here isn’t the set of a big-budget sci-fi extravaganza, or a digital rendering of a future city; its origins are more modest than that. These fluorescent tunnels and geometric textures in fact belong to the winding depths of Munich’s U-Bahn (that’s the Underground, Subway or Metro to any non-German speakers out there) as catalogued by photographer Nick Frank. With a keen eye, some expensive equipment and a little bit of digital wizardry, Nick has transformed the otherwise tawdry and inhospitable environments of underground transport into an altogether more exciting affair that glistens invitingly – without the physical minefield of 10,000 frantic commuters.

EMPORIUM'S - Part 2 Ce mois d’avril, Ryan McGinness a ouvert deux expositions à Amsterdam. La première a lieu à la galerie Ron Mandos et porte le même nom que son nouveau bouquin qui vient de sortir, à savoir Everywhere is Everywhere. La seconde a lieu à la galerie Vous Etes Ici et c’est celle dont nous allons vous parlé …. ici. Intitulée Art History Is Not Linear (Boijmans) , on se doute que l’artiste va nous parler Histoire de l’Art et on va vous expliquer en quelques mots la démarche qu’il a suivi. Lire la suite On reste à Berlin avec la dernière installation de l’artiste Clemens Behr. Enfin, elle arrive! Profitant de leur présence à Paris pour leur expo Synthesis à la galerie Openspace, les jumeaux du duo Sobekcis se sont attaqués samedi dernier au M.U.R. de la rue Oberkampf. photo par Jan Søndergaard La V1 gallery présente encore pour quelques jours les derniers travaux de Geoff McFetridge, on vous en avait déjà fait l’article ici. Lire la suite