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If you find OpenELEC useful, then we'd really appreciate it if you'd consider contributing to the project however you can. Donating is the easiest, and with options to use PayPal, Flattr or Bitcoin it's also pretty flexible. We haven't set up our donation pages to suggest a donation amount, instead we'd like you to just donate whatever you feel comfortable with - whether it's little or a lot we'll certainly appreciate it. Note: You do not need a PayPal account to make a PayPal donation. It's not the only way to help though...

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5 new Kodi Addons you must have on your device 28/01/16 - Best for Kodi Are you looking for the must have Addons. Check out these 5 New Kodi addons you must have. 5 new Kodi Addons you must have on your device 28/01/16. Good afternoon guys and gals with Christmas well out of the way and already a distant memory , i thought i would write up a blog on the 5 New Kodi Must Have Addons on the Scene as of 28/01/2016. This is a follow up blog to my previous one’s HERE which has been read by over 150000 people.Thanks for all the support and Hope you are all still enjoying reading our site. How to use a multi layered stencil. Stencil overlays. Michael Jackson multi layered stencil from The Stencil Studio. Stenciling Tutorials Single layer stencils will give great results and are very easy to use, simply position the stencil, paint it and then remove it. Multi layered stencils or stencil overlays can be used to paint one colour on top of another with even greater results. It's amazing how a simple design can be transformed into something very impressive, and you don't need to be an artist, just follow our simple steps below. We're going to use The Stencils Studio's 4 layered Michael Jackson stencil for this tutorial but the principle is the same for any number of stencil layers. Layer 1

Syllable There are four ways to try Syllable: Syllable Desktop is a graphical system that runs on standard Personal Computers and is easy to operate. If you just want to try it out, the best way to do that is to use the Live CD. This is a good way to experience how Syllable runs on your computer and to check if your hardware is supported. It is also a good way to use Syllable once in a while and to take it with you to other computers. It requires that you restart your computer and make it start from the CD instead of the operating system that you have installed on your computer.

Install OpenELEC to USB (for ALL models of Raspberry Pi) What are the benefits of installing to USB rather than SD?Installing to an SD card will result in a painfully slow XBMC setup, you can speed this up by enabling overclocking but you must be very careful as SD cards really aren't designed for running operating systems on and too high an overclock (or the wrong power supply) can easily corrupt your card. A corrupt card cannot be fixed and it will have to be thrown away. What Do I need?SD Card: You'll need a basic SD card, really doesn't matter what it is - just get the cheapest one you can find. You'll see a lot of instructions out there recommending a class 10 card, if using an SD card install then yes this is recommended but for a USB install it's really not necessary.

Blog — TRXL 1. The Trippy ’60s, Courtesy of a Master On a recent morning in a townhouse office on East 32nd Street in Manhattan, reality was treading closely, and somewhat strangely, in fiction’s footsteps. The client sitting in the conference room, waiting for his real-life ad man, was the show’s creator, Matthew Weiner. CONCEPT DESIGN - HP microserver 11 Drive edition Now there's a thought, I never thought about the virtualised approach, so in theory for every VM you can support upto 21 drives - Is that right?Ah, but how does that work with the USB keys for the licence registration, surely you only can put one USB flash drive in the system with one UNIQUE UID? What sort of hardware spec would you need to support say, 3 VM's runing unRAID with 21 drives per VM? Plus maybe another VM to run SAB, SickBeard and CouchPotato Super sized Case or DAS boxes.Three nRAID VMs, and 1 desktop= 1x Server Board with VT-d (plenty to choose from)1x low end to mid range Xeon (I5-I7 (non K) would do the trick if your board supported it)8+ gigs of ram (16+ would be recommended but not needed)3x HBA's that support SAS expanders3x SAS expanders.4x Flashdrives.1x datastore hard drives = more drives than i care to count...1x Big UPS (optional but highly recommended) It would all run really smooth.

A laser-cut wooden record that actually plays music If you've ever been curious about the materials that can be used for making a record, you can add a sheet of wood to the list. Instructables user amandaghassaei shows us exactly how to use a laser cutter to make functioning music records out of a piece of wood. And the results are as visually beautiful as they are aurally beautiful. The creator, Amanda Ghassaei writes: These records were cut on an Epilog 120 Watt Legend EXT to a theoretical precision of 1200dpi (the kerf of the cut and some tricks I used to avoid crashing the laser cutter dropped the actual precision down by ~1/6). The audio on the records has a bit depth between 4-5 (typical mp3 audio is 16 bit) and a sampling rate up to about 4.5kHz (mp3 is 44.1kHz).

Introducing my HP Microserver N36L using WHS2011 + XBMC Hi guys, i would like to introduce you my homeserver/htpc system. All i did was buying the imho extremly nice HP Microserver N36L which came with 1GB ECC RAM and 1x250GB HDD. MiniX NEO X7 RK3188 Quad Core Android 4.2 TV BOX Review - Geek Gadgets Hi, Geeks: Sorry for you wait, i really spent much more time to test this NEO X7 quad core tv box. I have so many hopes like you guys to this device, so i test everything i can. Now i will share with you guys for ths review: NEO X7, The Quad Core Model from MiniX. if you ever got Minix G4 or X5, you might be quite happy for their quality. Here is the basic information for MINIX NEO X7:

SPECTO - Genesis fork - Filmkodi From now, watching series and movies in HD resolution isn’t a problem. With SPECTO addon you can watch your video with subtitles. Since GENESIS stopped developping, we decide to make a new addon – SPECTO as genesis copy which will be developed by us. Our first main changes was: – Disabled movie and series buffering – limited captcha filling in Install repository

The Works of Dickson Chow Plant Friends MKII Article Date: July 13th, 2014. Updated: August 4th, 2014. What is Plant Friends? Plant Friends is a plant environmental monitor system. It monitors the soil moisture, air temperature, and air humidity of your indoor plant(s) and will alert you via email and SMS when your plants are thirsty. View topic - Microserver n54l - my new build - and recovery of old nas So I've seen a lot of the microservers used with OMV. I picked up a shiny new n54l... and so far the only time I've been able to peg the cpu was when rsyncing my old degraded raid 1 from a DNS I learned a few things along the way on my build - and OMV is not running everything I want yet (Still need to get a transcoding DLNA server up) but I've been very impressed. I'm going to try and doc what I have, what worked, and challenges I had. Hardware:Server: HP Microserver Drives: 2x WD Red 3 TB NAS Hard Drive: 3.5 Inch, SATA III, 64 MB Cache - WD30EFRXRam: Kingston Technology ValueRAM 8GB Kit (2x4GB) DDR3 1333 MHz DIMM Desktop Server Memory KVR1333D3E9SK2/8GRail Kit: 3.5 Inch Universal Hard Drive Mounting Bracket Adapter for 5.25 Inch Bay (BRACKET) (This was so I could move the included drive up into the optical bay.

How to install OpenELEC on USB stick for Raspberry Pi? We have clearly detailed setup OpenELEC on SD card and now we will show you how to install OpenELEC on USB stick for a Raspberry Pi media center. OpenELEC is one of the leanest media center operating system without any unwanted overhead. This gives it some performance advantages and makes OpenELEC fluid and responsive compared to other OSes. Display - d-torso Paper craft by Aki Co.,Ltd. The d-torso Mini ADAM & EVE Towers are constructible cardboard craft models made of precision laser-cut parts. The d-torso EVE is made of 123 pieces, and ADAM of 128. With no glue or scissors required for assembly, the models are designed for everyone’s building enjoyment. The d-torso was originally invented by Yuki Matsuoka in 1998 to support his wife’s exhibition of knitwear, and the human shape has been its driving theme ever since. We have developed original technology to shape models of objects not by their outer surfaces, but in precision slices.

OpenElec; creada desde cero para convertir el sistema en un centro de entretenimiento by vicferjim Dec 29

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