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I need a guide

I need a guide
Related:  necessary info this isn't happiness™ Peteski A Crisis of Anxiety Among Aid Workers Photo An idyllic Mediterranean beach in Tunisia is not usually a place of high anxiety, but that’s where I spent the worst day of my life. I hadn’t slept in three nights and called in sick to work because I could no longer think. I felt I was losing my mind and spent the day as a zombie on the beach, feeling empty and alone on the sand. It was 2011 and the Libyan war was at its height. I had spent the last two years doing this work, so horrific stories were not new to me. A month after I arrived in Tunisia I stopped sleeping. Increasingly sleepless, it became harder to pretend that everything was fine. I emailed a human resources officer asking if mental health support was available. It turns out I was not as alone as I’d felt. Yet mental health support for the estimated 250,000 humanitarian workers in the trenches is woefully lacking. While the management formally approved all but one of these recommendations — a solid gesture — nearly two years later many of them remain unfulfilled.

Niice. A search engine with taste. 15 000 comics en téléchargement gratuit 15 000 comics en téléchargement gratuit Vous aimez les Comics ? Alors, réjouissez-vous puisque Digital Comic Museum alias le "Musée Numérique des Comics" vient de mettre en ligne pas loin de 15 000 comics en téléchargement gratuit. Parus avant 1959, ces comics sont tombés sous licence libre... Adios le copyright, bienvenu Captain Marvel, Bulletman, Yank et Doodle, Captain Flash, Green Mask, The Eagle, Atoman, Minute-Man, Spy Master, Mr. Bien sûr, tout est en anglais et même s'il s'agit là d'éditions numérisées, les graphismes de l'époque arrivent presque à me faire sentir l'odeur du papier de l'époque. Par contre, il faudra s'inscrire sur le site. Source Vous avez aimé cet article ?

Premium Web UI Kits & Design Resources | PixelKit Blogs Texas-based artist Terry Hays cuts, assembles, and paints sculptural works of art filled with ornate details, intricate patterns, and bold splashes of color. The resulting pieces, made of acrylic paint on wood or sintra PVC, are incredibly unique works that portray otherworldly scenes through eccentric, dizzyingly dense imagery. Fire, rivers, and the landscape are transformed into highly stylized elements…

Healthcare blame game: What hospitals charge vs. what they get paid Healthcare blame game: What hospitals charge vs. what they get paidBy Dr. Jonathan Kaplan A recent article by The Washington Post discusses a new era in price transparency at first glance. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the federal agency that pays hospitals and doctors for services rendered to patients, released the prices hospitals charge for the 100 most common inpatient procedures. The idea is to provide more information to the public about how much hospitals charge and to highlight that one hospital will charge a wildly different amount than what another nearby hospital charges for the same procedure. But it doesn't work that way in healthcare. The variations in what the government pays to each hospital is based on these formulas, which are too confusing to explain here. But there's another element at play here that's not at play in the plumber's example. The hospital's charges don't cost the taxpayer a dime. Dr.

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