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I need a guide

I need a guide

2008 octubre Últimamente me he encontrado con algunas aplicaciones para el iphone que juegan con el sonido de una forma muy elocuente. A los que tengáis el aparatito, os recomiendo probarlas (al menos las gratuitas). RjDj Se trata de capturar el audio a través del micrófono, modificarlo en tiempo real, y devolverlo al oído por medio de los auriculares. this isn't happiness™ Peteski Hilariously Ferocious Underwater Dogs Photographer Seth Casteel (website seems to be going up and down, so here’s Facebook as well) captured these wonderful photographs of dogs underwater, doing what dogs do best: playing, fetching, and swimming. But the underwater currents mixed with Casteel’s high speed camera have transformed these lovable pups into truly savage aquatic beasts. Still pretty cute though. (thnx, john!) Victor Enrich Architecture Le créatif Victor Enrich aime s’amuser à imaginer une architecture urbaine plus vivante et fantaisiste. A l’aide de manipulations photographiques, ce dernier nous plonge dans son univers où certains bâtiments sont surréalistes. Un rendu à découvrir dans une série de visuels. Blogs Texas-based artist Terry Hays cuts, assembles, and paints sculptural works of art filled with ornate details, intricate patterns, and bold splashes of color. The resulting pieces, made of acrylic paint on wood or sintra PVC, are incredibly unique works that portray otherworldly scenes through eccentric, dizzyingly dense imagery. Fire, rivers, and the landscape are transformed into highly stylized elements…

Enlightenment is neither a goal nor a destination. It’s a process of awakening to one’s inner light Enlightenment is neither a goal nor a destination. It’s a process of awakening to one’s inner light. External Stimuli : Olafur Eliasson ‘Your Rainbow Panorama’, Movement Microscope (video) Related Stimuli : Math, Computation, Beauty and the Construction of New Realities Themes : Architecture, Sculpture Nodes : colorful, enlightenment, light, Olafur Eliason, rainbow, sensory, spectral

SUPERSONIC ART - New Contemporary Art Curated by Zach Tutor. Welcome Le Journal des Vitrines — les plus belles vitrines des plus beaux magasins, par Stéphanie Moisan