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NASA's Software Catalog
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Solar Storms Trigger Surprising Phenomena Close to Earth New research from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) shows that eruptions on the Sun’s surface not only send bursts of particles into Earth’s atmosphere, but—contrary to previous belief—also remove electrons across large areas. The new knowledge increases our understanding of solar storms and can contribute to more reliable communication and navigation in Arctic areas. Eruptions on the Sun’s surface send clouds of electrically charged particles towards Earth, producing solar storms that—among other things—can trigger the beautiful Northern Lights over the Arctic regions. But the storms may also have a strong impact on the efficiency of communication and navigation systems at high latitudes. It is therefore important to study the phenomena. This phenomenon occurs especially at high latitudes. It is a known phenomenon. The results of the research were recently published on the front page of the renowned scientific journal Radio Science. “There are two aspects of this research.

A Miniature Radio Telescope In Every Backyard You probably wouldn’t expect to see somebody making astronomical observations during a cloudy day in the center of a dense urban area, but that’s exactly what was happening at the recent 2019 Philadelphia Mini Maker Faire. Professor James Aguirre of the University of Pennsylvania was there demonstrating the particularly compact Mini Radio Telescope (MRT) project built around an old DirecTV satellite dish and a smattering of low-cost components, giving visitors a view of the sky in a way most had never seen before. Thanks to the project’s extensive online documentation, anyone with a spare satellite dish and a couple hundred dollars in support hardware can build their very own personal radio telescope that’s capable of observing objects in the sky no matter what the time of day or weather conditions are. With the slow collapse of satellite television in the United States these dishes are often free for the taking, and a fairly common sight on the sidewalk come garbage day.

Privoxy - Home Page Le champ magnétique de la Terre | INSTITUT DE PHYSIQUE DU GLOBE DE PARIS Dans tout l’espace, autour et à l’intérieur de la Terre se trouve un champ magnétique. Plusieurs phénomènes naturels ou artificiels se somment et constituent le champ magnétique total, qui varie constamment selon les variations des sources qui le génèrent. Ecran protecteur contre les particules à haute énergie en provenance du cosmos, le champ magnétique est fortement affecté par les événements de météo de l’espace, qui peuvent perturber tous les systèmes technologiques terrestres. Son étude permet de comprendre tout autant la structure et la dynamique interne de la Terre que les phénomènes qui se produisent dans la haute atmosphère et dans l’espace. • GÉODYNAMOLe champ magnétique de la Terre est en premier lieu généré à l’intérieur de la Terre, par l’effet de dynamo du aux mouvements de convection dans le noyau terrestre, composé à 90% de fer liquide. • LITHOSPHÈREUne petite partie du champ magnétique terrestre provient des roches aimantées de la croûte terrestre.

Build Your Own Thrust Vectored Rockets For Vertical Landings Like SpaceX If you love rockets, you can’t help but notice that real space launch vehicles lift off the pad slowly,but model rockets zip up like darts. That’s how I became obsessed with using thrust vector control (TVC) — gimbaling the rocket motor — instead of fins to keep model rockets upright, so they can launch, and land, far more realistically. I started out from scratch in rocketry; I’m all self-taught. I started BPS in 2015 with the goal of achieving vertical takeoff and vertical landing (VTVL) of a scale model Falcon 9 rocket. I picked up a few textbooks (I strongly recommend Rocket Propulsion Elements by George Sutton and Structures by J.E. I naïvely thought it would take four months. And after some very near misses, I’m confident my Echo rocket will stick the vertical landing in 2019. Of course this technology is still not mature, and it’s my hope that the advanced model rocketry community will build upon what I’ve done. This kit is for advanced rocketeers. and the rocket lands upright.

Pyspread - Pyspread Python power for your tables Pyspread is a non-traditional spreadsheet that is based on and written in the programming language Python. The goal of pyspread is to be the most pythonic spreadsheet. Pyspread expects Python expressions in its grid cells, which makes a spreadsheet specific language obsolete. Pyspread is free software. CSV import and export PDF and SVG export SVG import* XLS import and export, XLSX import* ODS import* Charts for visualizing data Python code in cells and in macros Python objects as cell results Video playback in cells* Code completion* Spell checker* GIT-able pysu save file format GPG based save file signatures that prevent foreign code execution* Access to all Python modules from within cells. * requires optional dependencies Directly using Python code in a grid is a core feature of pyspread. Peter regularly documents layout planning projects. Not part of the target user group are Donna and Jack: Donna is looking for a free replacement for Ms. Last changed: 30.

Le tout premier plan d'un ordinateur quantique massif et complexe a été publié Les scientifiques qui poursuivent le rêve d’une ère informatique quantique, une technologie qui donnerait accès à une puissance de traitement sans précédent, ont vu arriver une excellente nouvelle : le plan du tout premier modèle d’ordinateur quantique open-source a été révélé ! Ce plan, qui décrit comment créer un ordinateur quantique prétend résoudre des problèmes précédemment jugés comme « irrésolvables », en se basant sur la technologie existante, signifiant que cette ère de l’ordinateur quantique pourrait enfin être à notre portée. « Nous publions actuellement le plan de construction rudimentaire pour un ordinateur quantique à grande échelle », explique un membre de l’équipe, Winfried Hensinger, du Ion Quantum Technology Group, à l’Université de Sussex (Angleterre). « La vie va complètement changer. Nous serons capables de faire certaines choses que nous n’aurions même pas pu rêver de faire auparavant », ajoute-t-il. Chacun de ces modules contiendrait environ 2500 qubits d’ions.

Satellite Technology: Information & Tutorials » Electronics Notes The uses of satellites and satellite technology are many fold. Since the first rockets entered the upper reaches of the atmosphere and then started to put satellites into orbit, the number of applications to which their technology has been directed has increased significantly. Satellites and the associated technology required to place them in to orbit is very expensive, but over the years it has developed significantly since the early days or Telstar and Early Bird, etc. Many satellites that are launched into orbit are the more traditional large sized satellites, but a new breed of satellites is starting to be developed. These cube satellites or Cubesats are small low cost satellites that are can be used for a variety of applications. This section will look at some of the basic elements of satellite technology Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. Report a problem This item is... Bestseller