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The blog of Dr. John. H. Watson

The blog of Dr. John. H. Watson
11th August The Sign of Three Wow!!!!!!!!! What a day!!!!!! That was the best wedding ever!!!!!! Sherlock was amazing!

Related:  Activities Sherlockséquences matières This theme page about Crime and Mystery presents lesson plans and materials for intermediate level (A2-B1), year 5-9 in Sweden Warm-up Songs Vocabulary BBC Sherlock - Fan Forum / Sherlock Holmes Canon Quiz - 29th June 2012 - Boardhost Free Forums OK, sorry for being a bit late on posting the answers, I was in London yesterday (again). So here are the correct answers I was looking for:1. How many steps are there up to 221B?17 Sherlock fans take to Twitter to share theories on how Holmes faked his own death By Georgina Littlejohn Updated: 17:34 GMT, 18 January 2012 It was one of the most nail-biting television cliffhangers in recent years that left viewers on the edge of their seats. But the drama of Sherlock Holmes's 'suicide' quickly turned into a yet-to-be solved mystery truly worthy of the world's greatest detective.

Fanvids I absolutely agree in every way.And also I get upset because it’s not as if male friendships don’t get any representation. It’s not like, “OH GOD, I can’t even turn on my television without two men ending up in a romantic/sexual relationship just because they had a deep friendship. Why can’t I just enjoy the friendship without it being sexualized??” But no, you ask for anything queer, anything queer at all, and people act as though you’ve asked for the entirety of the television and film industries to ban platonic m/m relationships and hetero romantic relationships forever.And honestly, on a related note, I’m actually beginning to get pretty sick of, “I just don’t see it.” And I’m not saying that because I have a problem with other people getting a different read on the same material, because I absolutely don’t.

Formation escape game par Alexandra Ayad sur Genially Greg Lestrade Room 208,Hint: an APP is a ZOO,,Intro,Press 1,The first number is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ,Greg Lestrade Room 208,John WatsonRoom 206,Mission 2,You see but you don't observe...,John WatsonRoom 206,Press 4,Try again!,,Watch the tvideo Gently Room 221,Press 2, Kinsey Millhone Room 207,,Locked,Misión 3,Completed,Click on the ginger-haired girl to continue...

Abbreviations for Sherlock Holmes Story Titles Abbreviations for Sherlock Holmes Stories Back to previous page NotesMany Sherlockian writings refer to the tales by using an abbreviation of the story title. The conventional abbreviations were devised by Jay Finley Christ and use four letters. This site uses the more common all-capital form (ABBE), but some writers use only a leading capital letter (Abbe).

'Sherlock' and 'The Reichenbach Fall': How did he fake his own death? - Sherlock Blog - British TV Anyone who knows anything about the Conan Doyle canon knew that Sherlock's series two cliffhanger was always going to be a brain-buster. But two days on from 'The Reichenbach Fall's airing and we're still struggling to think of anything else other than how on Earth are Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss going to get out of this one? > Best Ever TV Cliffhangers - Friday Fiver> 'Sherlock': The Reichenbach Fall - recap

A Mycroftian Manifesto How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Mycroft As a writer and general all-purpose fangirl, I often find myself falling in love with characters while the source material looks on disapprovingly. Criminals and cads, serial killers and sociopaths---they’re hardly the kind of men I can see bringing home to my mother. When I’m not romancing complete scoundrels, I have a terrible weakness for minor characters. crime scene par emeline.piquard sur Genially You are the investigator on that crime scene Escape game This is an Be the first to solve this case! Find the murderer

A List of Untold Tales of Sherlock Holmes compiled by Randall Stock Untold Tales of Sherlock Holmes: A List of Major Case References By Randall Stock How many unreported cases are mentioned in the Holmes stories? As with so many things it depends on your definitions. How did Sherlock Cheat Death? 10 Great Theories Browse > Home / Features / How did Sherlock Cheat Death? 10 Great Theories *This article contains spoilers, if you haven’t seen episode 3 of the second series of Sherlock, please do so immediately. It’s good* How To Be Like Sherlock Holmes: 4 Insights From Research Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just look at someone and tell what they’re really like? Sherlock Holmes does this all the time and it’s incredibly cool. Check out this clip from the BBC show Sherlock. Of course, Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character and nobody can read people quite that well.

Sherlock Holmes Timeline 1880 July 3, Saturday -- "The Gloria Scott" 1881 June 23, Thursday -- "The Musgrave Ritual" July 16, 1881, Saturday -- Holmes meets Watson in Chapter One of A Study in Scarlet 1883 April 1, Sunday -- "The Speckled Band" (Y-M)

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