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Le corps des femmes | Un blog participatif où les femmes racontent leurs corps Peggy Orenstein | Blog It’s taken me awhile to read the story I wrote in 2007 for MORE magazine on being tested for BRCA mutations. I find it difficult to go back and read anything I’ve written about cancer. It’s emotional, painful. Once a part of the journey is in the past I’d like to keep it there. I can’t really say whether that’s true-I haven’t read all the media. Was My Breast Cancer Just a Fluke? The thing I remember most about being told I had breast cancer was how the colors in my home office — where I’d been tidying up for the day, preparing to go to a movie with my husband — went flat. That spectrum shift was the first sign that I’d passed through an invisible membrane into the parallel universe of the ill. That was January 1997, only six weeks past my thirty-fifth birthday. As far as I knew, that was true. A week later, I read an article in the paper about a blood test that could detect inherited mutations in the BRCA genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2. Cardiovascular disease. A Schism in Our DNA She hesitated.

A contrario Princess Letizia | RDuJour Prince Nikolas, the second son of King Constantine of Greece and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, married his longtime girlfriend Tatiana Blatnik, an events planner for Diane von Furstenberg in London, yesterday in a ceremony held at the Cathedral of Ayios Nikolaos in Spetses, Greece. Representatives from Europe’s royal families were among the many guests who travelled to the island for the event, including Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece, Princess Victoria of Sweden and her siblings Princess Madeleine and Prince Carl Phillip, Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain, Princess Mary of Denmark and many more. Continue reading to view additional photos.

Arrêt sur Images - Décryptage et analyse de l'actualité des médias - Arrêt sur images ÔFémininPointConne Insolente veggie Royal Fashion Minute: Princess Letizia of Spain Dazzles in Felipe Varela at Miguel Cervantes Awards Ceremony + The HORN Purse! Fashion Princess...and THAT Purse: Princess Lace: Princess Letizia of Spain in a coat-dress from Spanish fashion designer Felipe Varela, at the 2012 Miguel Cervantes Awards Presentation, Alcala de Henares Spain The Spanish Royals are not enjoying some positive press as of late. First, the grandson of the King of Spain, Felipe Juan Froilán, was hospitalized after he accidentally shot himself while hunting at a family estate in Spain. Crowned Husband and Wife: Crown Prince Felipe of Spain and his wife, Princess Letizia of Spain, 2012 Miguel Cervantes Awards Ceremony, Alcala de Henares Spain Oh, but that was last week, and now it's time for some Non-Shooting Elephant News from the Spanish Royals: Princess Letizia looked FAAAABULOUS at the 2012 Miguel Cervantes Awards Ceremonies which occurred today at Alcala de Henares University in Alcala de Henares, Spain. The Princess finished her look with nude shoes and the nude-colored purse seen above. Oh Letizia!!!

Accueil - CANAL STREET Growing Out My Bush Day 180 - From Bare to Bush It’s been 180 days since the inception of this (almost accidental) project. True, I meant to start a blog that documented my pubic hair regrowth, but I never in a million years envisioned that it would become such a renown and adored fixture within Tumblr society. I am humbled, grateful and flattered that you, strangers who have never even met me, have given me so much of your love. This project has always been about me, and about the regrowth of my pubic hair. I will not be taking down any of my posts, or deleting my Tumblr or website. For those of you who I know will write to me as soon as you read this and beg me to keep going and for those of you who have written in the past and begged me never to stop - I appreciate the sincerity and enthusiasm, but you’ve missed my point. I want to say one more thing and it has to do with the question of, “why?” Go get ‘em, tiger. -

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