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Handmade Felt Art Pictures and Felt Making by HandmadeFeltArt. Wet Felt Making Tutorials and Ideas. Crochet Valentines for Your Sweethearts. Do you want to send your friends and family something special for Valentine’s Day?

Crochet Valentines for Your Sweethearts

Crochet valentines / hearts. I used a modified version of the heart pattern found in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Crochet Today. The crochet hearts in the magazine are coasters. They are larger (12 rows and edging) and do not include a hole in the center. Here are my variations on the pattern to make a hanging heart valentine. To begin – Row 1: Ch 2, 6 sc in ring – 6sc. I plan to mail my sweeties each a heart. You can find some cute valentine images here. Colorful Flower Mandalas.

Mandala Pattern Finished Size: 9 inches (23 cm) Crochet Hook: G (4mm) Yarn: Pink flower: Drops Paris yarn #14 Strong yellow, #33 Medium Pink, #06 Shocking Pink, #11 Opal green and Acaucania Ulmo Solid #767 Blue flower: Acaucania Ulmo Solid #767 and Drops Paris yarn # 11 Opal Green, #06 shocking pink, #02 light turquoise, and #14 strong yellow Purple Flower: Drops Paris yarn #11 Opal Green, #14 strong yellow, #45 dusty orange, #8 dark purple, and #31 medium purple.

Colorful Flower Mandalas

Agave free pattern by cristina uggeri. Agave free pattern by cristina uggeri. Cuddly Cthulhu with Free Pattern! Welcome one and all to the 200th post at Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins.

Cuddly Cthulhu with Free Pattern!

Thank you everyone for being here, especially those of you who are long time readers of the blog, and especially those of you who have taken the time to post comments or share pictures of things you've made with my patterns. I've always told myself that I'd keep the blog going as long as it was still fun (and didn't start to feel like work) Now, here we are at 200 posts, 330,486 visitors (the current count while I'm typing this) and it's still fun! I wanted to go back to the beginning and do something special for this landmark post, so I decided it was time to revisit cthulhu patterns.

Editorial spring 06. Shell (Coiled): Using CC1, CO 3 sts.

editorial spring 06

Work 1 row of I-Cord. Join CC2 and continue working I-Cord as follows: Row 1: Using CC2, m1, k to end. Row 2: Using CC1, k all sts. Row 3: Add stuffing; using CC2, k all sts. Row 4: Using CC1, k all sts. Make Your Own Braided Rug. Hot Air Balloons: Crochet Amigurumi Toys DIY Free Pattern. There are countless options for using these Hot Air Balloons as versatile gifts (baby mobile, joggling balls), and it is up to your imagination to choose the content of the basket.

Hot Air Balloons: Crochet Amigurumi Toys DIY Free Pattern

Put a special message in the basket for the recipient, or a small treat, or a passenger, or a special gift (could some jewelry piece be a good idea?) - anything your imagination can come up with! You can show the person how to free the ball from strings, or you can leave it as a riddle to solve… Can you guess why these crocheted Amigurumi Hot Air Balloons are arranged as baby mobile?! The reason is – three weeks ago my son – Little Dragon, our first child was born.The birth and the first few weeks of our Little Dragon were the reasons for my quietness here on the blog. In fact, I live in a Dragon cave – not only my baby is a Dragon, so is his father. Continue reading to explore more…. Little Dragon needed some nice baby mobile.

Anyway, back to crochet. Yarn Alternatives ~ Let's Happy 4th and Crochet Slippers! » 2Create in Color. Update 4/25/2013… After thousands of hits on this post and MANY requests for my revisions to the pattern link below, I have created my own basic pattern for this slipper: found here, and also created a whole post on tips and tricks for customizing your slippers for your feet: found here.

Happy 4th and Crochet Slippers! » 2Create in Color

Enjoy reading the original post below, but make sure you check out the new posts on these slippers if you want to create your own!! Happy 4th of July!! Tunisian Double Crochet Knit Stitch. By M.

Tunisian Double Crochet Knit Stitch

J. Joachim I thought I was so clever this weekend, playing with my yarn and deciding to mingle traditional crochet stitches with the Tunisian crochet method. Then my husband said, “You might want to Google these, and see if they’ve been done before.” Considering that crochet is one of the oldest fiber arts in the world, and Tunisian crochet has been around for centuries, it was easy to agree with him. How To Knit - Knitting Instructions For Beginners. Yarnbombing le retour à Strasbourg félicitations - Bienvenue chez SandyCroche. Yarnbombing le retour à Strasbourg félicitations Internet à la campagne un vrai bonheur surtout lorsque tu pars en "vacances" plus pour te remplumer.

Yarnbombing le retour à Strasbourg félicitations - Bienvenue chez SandyCroche

C'est gagné partir changer d'air, d'univers est bon pour la santé. Retour fin août...... En attendant j'ai pas mal fouiné puisque contrainte à rester au chaud à la maison. Je vais vous donner quelques modèles, liens et autres trouvailles. Connaissant bien le blog collectif " Fils de Rue " pour y' être membre, je me suis dis petite rencontre s'impose alors laissons faire les choses et d'autres rencontres se feront. Yarnbombing à Strasbourg. Félicitations pour avoir attiré l'oeil sur l'originalité, les couleurs, le progrès, les mains unies, ensemble. Si le coeur vous en dit Cliques sur l'image pour te rendre à Strasbourg et suivre les instructions. Yarnbombing The Oakland Museum of California – Day 1 « Streetcolor's Blog.

” I’m done ” said Brenda.

Yarnbombing The Oakland Museum of California – Day 1 « Streetcolor's Blog

I looked over and there was the first bannister finished . We were yarnbombing out on Oak street in front of The Oakland Museum of California . There were 4 skinny 15 ft long metal bannisters to yarnbomb and we were now up one . I had been waiting a long time to see how the knitting would look. There it was – and it looked sparkling , thrilling ! When I first had the idea to yarnbomb The OMG the idea was extremely exciting in my mind . Then after the joy of the idea and the romance of bragging came the 2 months of full time spinning and knitting .