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Acupressure Points for Relieving Allergies. Working on these points can help you get better quicker.

Acupressure Points for Relieving Allergies

You do not have to use all of these points. Using just one or two of them whenever you have a free hand can be effective. Points (A) -- Elegant Mansion Location: In the hollow below the collarbone next to the breastbone. Benefits: Relieves allergies associated with chest congestion, breathing difficulties, asthma, coughing, and sore throats. Points (B) -- Crooked Pond Location: On the top, outer end of the elbow crease. Points (C) -- Sea of Energy Location: Two finger widths directly below the belly button. Points (D) -- Three Mile Poin Location: Four finger widths below the kneecap on the outside of the leg. Points (E) -- Bigger Rushing Location: On the top of the foot in the valley between the big toe and the second toe. Points (F) -- Heavenly Pillar Location: One-half inch below the base of the skull, on the ropy muscles one-half inch outward from either side of the spine.

6 Natural Remedies to Avoid Symptoms of Allergies. Anti-Aging with Essential Oils - Simple Life Mom. Anti-Aging with Essential Oils is a wonderful choice for those looking for something that really and truly works, something frugal, and something that smells good.

Anti-Aging with Essential Oils - Simple Life Mom

Concoctions found in the store are very expensive and, as far as my research has gone, do just as much harm to your body internally as the benefit to your skin externally. Homemade Cough Remedy. At least once a year I spend a week sick with a bad cold, and something like this homemade remedy would have come in really handy to soothe my throat and cough.

Homemade Cough Remedy

Most commercial cough drops are made with unfavorable ingredients such as natural flavors, colorings and additives. These cough drops have only a few simple ingredients: organic raw sugar, water, lemon, honey, ginger and cloves. How to possibly save and restore your eyesight with one ingredient! Aren’t you tired of going to your eye doctor and spending a lot of money on trendy glasses.

How to possibly save and restore your eyesight with one ingredient!

If you noticed, doctors prescribe you new glasses every year. You are frustrated, your eyesight theoretically should’ve got better, but it didn’t. After all, you wear expensive glasses that should improve your vision, right? Unfortunately, your glasses can only help you see better but they won’t improve your vision. Truth be told, your vision will get worse if you don’t address the root of the problem. If You Get Nervous Easily? Always Keep it With You – It will Calm You Down Immediately.

If you are “hot-tempered” or under stress, firstly we will help you to find a bottle of essential oil.

If You Get Nervous Easily? Always Keep it With You – It will Calm You Down Immediately

Check which oil has powerful enough scent to calm the tense nerves. Lavender One of the most popular oils for reducing stress is lavender oil. 45 Uses For Lemons That Will Blow Your Socks Off. The majority of you are familiar with the traditional uses of lemon, and use it to alleviate sore throat, or to give a specific flavor to meals.

45 Uses For Lemons That Will Blow Your Socks Off

However, the diversity of lemon’s favorable properties far exceeds general knowledge. After reading them all, you will never leave your kitchen without a few lemons. 1. High Blood Pressure. How to Make Natural Mosquito and Bug Repellant - Suzy Cohen, RPh. Home Remedy for High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. This article today offers you an amazing combination of ingredients that originates from the traditional Amish medicine and possesses potential to successfully help against diseases and stimulate immunity.

Home Remedy for High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Ingredients: 1 Clove of garlic (grated)1 Tablespoon lemon juice1 Piece fresh ginger (grated)1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar1 Teaspoon honey Preparation: Mix all ingredients together. Eating at These Times of The Day Can Give You Great Results in Losing Weight. If you are like most people chances are that you need to lose some weight.

Eating at These Times of The Day Can Give You Great Results in Losing Weight

Perhaps you have been dieting and exercising and hit a plateau where you just cannot seem to get that extra five or ten pounds to go away. This can be quite frustrating as you are doing everything that you should be doing. When this happens it is likely that you need to change the times that you eat during the day in order to finally shed those extra pounds. 10 Signs in The Body Which Reveal That You Are Not Healthy. Human body is a complex machine that should be serviced and maintained.

10 Signs in The Body Which Reveal That You Are Not Healthy

Learn how to recognize the signs your body sends you. We have covered 10 signs that indicate a possible health problem and a condition that you should not ignore. 1. Gray hair before the 40s. 7 Great Foods to Help You Fight Arthritis. Are you experiencing pain and stiffness in your joints that is getting worse as you age?

7 Great Foods to Help You Fight Arthritis

Are you finding that this pain and stiffness is limiting your ability to do the things that you were once able to do with ease, like open jars or take walks? If so, you could be suffering from arthritis. What is Arthritis? Arthritis is a condition that causes an inflammation in the joints. There are more than 200 types of inflammation in the joints, the most common of which is osteoarthritis. In Just 60 Seconds Save The Life Of Someone Who Suffered A Heart Attack. Dr. John Christopher claims that anyone can save a certain person’s life (who has just experienced a heart attack) with only 1 move. Doctor says that you should have little bit of chili powder at your home at any time. If the man who suffers a heart attack is conscious, at the moment, immediately give him one glass of water mixed with little bit of chili. If the person is unconscious, put a few drops of extract of hot peppers under his tongue. Dr. Homemade Beverage That Will Remove All Kinds Of Pains.

In this article we give you a refreshing drink that will hydrate and nourish your body. It provides a strong analgesic effect, meaning it is efficient in soothing pain. Try this tea to relieve any kind of pain. The synergy of its ingredients will provide an instant relief. Analgesic tea. Gerald Roliz, CNC - The Depression Sessions. Tom Malterre, MS, CN - The Depression Sessions. Dr. Datis Kharazzian, DHSc, DC, MNeuroSc - The Depression Sessions. A New Tool for Antibiotic-Resistant Killer Bacteria: Essential Oils. What should you stock to protect yourself? A few weeks ago, we reported that, while many across the country are concerned about measles, which occurs in a largely vaccinated population and has caused no deaths, a larger threat wasn’t receiving proper attention: drug-resistant tuberculosis—and antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” in general. These infect at least two million Americans each year and kill 23,000, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

As we’ve reported previously, superbugs are created through antibiotic overuse—both by doctors who rely too heavily on antibiotics and by industrial farming operations. Consider these statistics: a Medscape poll found that 95% of healthcare professionals said they prescribe antibiotics when they aren’t even sure they’re needed. How To Get Rid of Back Pain By Massaging Your Feet. Did you know you can locate spine’s point on your foot’s edge? This is the area where all back problems are projected, and are located in a form of pain-points. By massaging your feet you will be able to get rid of back pain, tension and stiffness. This is The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic Ever – Kills Any Infections in The Body - Health And Healthy Living. In medieval Europe people suffered from many diseases, and epidemics took many lives. This made people invent a natural remedy that will help them survive.

This master cleansing tonic was the first choice of many people. Everyone Should Know This – How To Survive A Heart Attack If You Are Alone At The Time. Surviving a heart attack is probably the best “skill” you can master, because it will save your life, and also the life of a complete stranger. According to a survey, 80% of deaths caused by heart attack are cases when the person had been alone and unable to ask for help. Apple Cider Vinegar Bath to Treat Arthritis & Joint Pain Naturally. 800 Years Old Parsley & Honey Remedy For Heart Diseases. The recipe is 800 years old, and the reason why doctors still recommend it, is that successfully helps with heart problems. This recipe originates from a nun called Hildegard von Bingen, who lived 800 years ago. Since then, many famous doctors pass it over until present day. Untitled. 5 Steps To Gut Healing with Christa Orecchio Q & A Session- Thursday June 4th - 5pm PST - 1066338. POTS: How Salt Affects Your Blood Pressure - Suzy Cohen, RPh.

There is nothing to be concerned about.Have you been told this by your medical provider?


Relaxing Essential Oils for Anxiety and Stress – MomPrepares. 10 Essential Oils for Your Emergency Kit – MomPrepares. Therapeutic Action. Homemade Eczema Cream. Vitamin E & the Brain. Among fat-soluble vitamins, vitamin E often gets sidelined in favor of compounds with better-known functions. Health. How to Treat an Ingrown Toenail (Home Treatment) Ingrown toe nail is really painful and annoying, and on average one out of five people have to deal with this condition. If You Never Want To Deal With Cancer You Need To Try This!

A Medicine For More Than 50 Diseases: The Tea That Kills Parasites And Cleans The Body of Toxins. Health. 8 Plants and Herbs That Can Boost Lung Health, Heal Respiratory Infections And Even Repair Pulmonary Damage. Living in a world where we come in contact with pollutants, mold, irritants, harmful organisms, dust, fungus and other toxins on a daily basis, it is a hard task to maintain the health of our lungs. Since our respiratory system constantly works, a life without healthy lungs has too poor quality. Fortunately, nature has the solution, again! Herbs provide numerous benefits for your respiratory system. They are soothing for the nasal passageways, act as an expectorant helping to expel and break up mucus, they help to relax the muscles near the upper respiratory system, and, they are a great source of antioxidants that help to reduce oxidative redness and damage.

Peppermint. Garlic and Ginger Inhibit Drug Resistant Bacteria. By Case Adams, Naturopath This Simple Oil Protects Kidneys, Treat Diabetes And Is A Great Aphrodisiac. La cure Gerson. Cancer and Nutrients - Know The Cause. Alkalize Your Body - Detailed Alkaline Food List. Green Apples and Your Brain - Suzy Cohen, RPh. Turmeric Benefits: A "Universal" Cancer Treatment, and Much More. Different Types Of Sinus Infections Plus 9 Natural Cures. What Happens With Your Body When You Eat Ripe Bananas with Dark Spots? This Powerful Combination Can Cure Most Diseases. Simple Exercises To Relax Your Eyes and Improve Eyesight Naturally. You Won’t Believe Putting This in Your Navel Will Help You With Colds, The Flu, Cough, Abdominal and Menstrual Pain.

Rebounding ~ How To. 40 Most Useful Travel Websites That Can Save You a Fortune.


Rejuvenate The Bones For 20 Years With This Three- Ingredients Recipe. How to Cleanse Your Body from Parasites and Normalize Your Weight with Only Two Ingredients! Make Your Own Vitamin C Supplement At Home – It’s Easy And Costs You Nothing! Using Cinnamon and Cinnamon Oil to Cure Disease. Traditional Amish Remedy That Cures Many Diseases Including Cancer.

Know These Cancer Killing Herbs and Methods! - The Truth About Cancer. A New Tool for Antibiotic-Resistant Killer Bacteria: Essential Oils. Permanent Cure For The Backbone, Back And Leg Pain. Health. 5 Smells That Make You Kinder, Happier, Nicer. How To Get Rid Of Tonsillitis And Sore Throat in Only Few Hours! Here’s How To Get Rid Of Persistent Cough In Just 1 Day. Top 30 Healthiest Foods of All Time. Cherries: Nature's Anti-inflammatory Sleep Aid. Why You Should Eat Avocado Seeds. Untitled. Putting Onion In Your Socks Can Remove Toxins. Successful Safe Liver Cleanse in 24 Hours – Get rid of over 1000 Liver Stones (Literally) Natural Super Antibiotic Destroys All Bladder and Kidney Infections After The First Use! 8 Hip Stretches Your Body Really Needs. How to Make Liposomal Vitamin C At Home.

Medicinal Uses Of 22 Common Spices. Burdock - Build your blood, bones and nervous system. The Silver Bullet: Making Your Own Colloidal Silver. The Healing Properties of Water Stored in Copper. Detoxifying and Cleaning The Liver – An Effective Method of Russian Ttraditional Medicine. You Eat Pineapple But You Have Probably Never Heard Of This. Golden Milk Recipe with Turmeric and Virgin Coconut Oil. How Eggshells Can Naturally Heal Your Cavities and More – How Eggshells Can Naturally Heal Your Cavities and More - Living Traditionally. How to Grow your own turmeric. It is FAR better than buying it – How to Grow your own turmeric. It is FAR better than buying it. Salt is Good for You. How To Get Rid Of Back Pain, Joints And Legs In 7 Days! - Healthy Food House. New Scientist: Holistic Medieval Remedy Kills Hospital MRSA Superbug - Health Nut News. Facebook.

Our Grandmothers Know Best: Traditional Remedy for Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough & Lung Diseases. Different Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide. Head-to-Toe Baking Soda Beauty Recipes. Virgin Coconut Oil Effective in Treating Diabetes. Homemade Coconut Lotion Bars. Camel Milk USA, camel, milk, camel milk, dromedary, Dr. Millie Hinkle, medical research, autism, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, gulf war syndrome. Turmeric Extract 100% Effective At Preventing Type 2 Diabetes, ADA. Lime Juice Could Save 100's of Thousands of Lives Each Year. 80 Uses for Coconut Oil. Cancer, Candida, Yeast and Fungus The Cure Baking Soda! How WHOLE Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain - Page 2.

How WHOLE Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain. Isoäidin siivousvinkit.