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(180) Short Circuit More Input. (5) ATSUKO TANAKA - El arte de conectar. (5) ASMR Voice: The Offer [M4A] [Assassin roleplay] [Spy vs. Spy] (5) [ASMR] The Offer: Assassin Roleplay. The Offer: Assassin Roleplay. ASMRScriptHaven. (5) Bought by a Vampire [ASMR] [Vampire] [Bite] [Kind Owner] [Comforting] Your ill health doesn't make you a burden, it makes you Strong. [A4A] [Script Offer] Your ill health doesn't make you a burden, it makes you Strong [Reassurance] [Comfort] [Mindfulness] [Not a burden] [Loving] [GFE/BFE] [Wholesome] [Sweet] [Caring] [Supportive] [Kissing] [L bomb] [Cuddles] SYNOPSIS This is a short but sweet script to reassure a loved one that even though their health is not at its best you are always there for them.

Your ill health doesn't make you a burden, it makes you Strong

It was initially written with a friend in mind and i want them to know they have got this and that they are stronger than they realize. If you fill this please tag u/Tolea1989 so i can listen to your amazing fill, remember you have got this and you are amazing for supporting and providing audios of comfort so thank you from me in advance, also remember you too have the support and care too x START (Door opens) Hey babe, how are you doing? Bought by a Vampire. -Bought by a Vampire- By Waterway the Wordsmith [F4A][Kind Owner][Blood Sucking][Comforting] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You sit in the corner of your cold, dark cell, a bed of straw your only comfort.

Bought by a Vampire

You were picked up by slavers weeks ago and ferried from place to place, given nothing but water and table scraps to sustain yourself. The darkness has sharpened your hearing, and you perk up when you hear an unfamiliar, yet gentle voice. Your stomach turns in a knot. This is it. Today you're likely going to finally leave this cell. Limits of Order: Toward a Theory of Polychronic Narration on JSTOR. Narrative, the official journal of the International Society for the Study of Narrative, publishes essays on the theory and interpretation of narrative.

Limits of Order: Toward a Theory of Polychronic Narration on JSTOR

It is open to work on narratives of all kinds (literary, oral, legal, medical, etc.) from theoretical perspectives of all kinds. It is primarily interested in essays that combine theoretical and interpretive inquiries in mutually illuminating ways. The Ohio State University Press was established in 1957 and currently publishes 50-60 new books a year. Contact Show UK. Stage machinery. Stage machinery, devices designed for the production of theatrical effects, such as rapid scene changes, lighting, sound effects, and illusions of the supernatural or magical.

Stage machinery

Theatrical machinery has been in use since at least the 5th century bc, when the Greeks developed deus ex machina (q.v.), by which an actor could be lowered to the stage. During the Hellenistic period, the Greeks also used movable scenery, mounted on wheels or on revolving prisms called periaktoi (see periaktos). The Romans elaborated on these devices, adding traps (see trap) and underground pumping systems so that their outdoor theatres could be flooded for aquatic shows. The mystery plays of the Middle Ages also used stage machinery, including a trapdoor, or a hellmouth, for the emergence of devils and flying machines for angels.

But the art did not reach its zenith until the Italian Renaissance. Plato on Art and Reality on JSTOR. Established in 1942 by the American Society for Aesthetics, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism publishes current research articles, special issues, and timely book reviews in aesthetics and the arts.

Plato on Art and Reality on JSTOR

The term "aesthetics," in this connection, is understood to include all studies of the arts and related types of experience from a philosophical, scientific, or other theoretical standpoint. "The arts" are understood broadly to include not only traditional forms such as music, literature, theater, painting, architecture, sculpture, and dance, but also more recent additions such as film, photography, earthworks, performance art, as well as the crafts, decorative arts, digital and electronic production, and various aspects of popular culture.

Wiley is a global provider of content and content-enabled workflow solutions in areas of scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly research; professional development; and education. How exactly, does one write a script? : ASMRScriptHaven. The Anatomy of an ASMR Script — Alodia Thaliel. How I Make My ASMR Scripts! So Tutorial kind of thing?

Immersive Storytelling Studio. About the studio The Immersive Storytelling Studio is where the National Theatre works with artists and emerging technologies to develop new dramatic work and experiences.

Immersive Storytelling Studio

Read more about the studio Partner for Innovation. How ASMR Became an Internet Phenomenon. (1) Punchdrunk Documentary. (1) Inside the Speakeasy Dollhouse. (1) Working In The Theatre: Immersive Theatre. Digital Perfromance - pCloud. Audio Erotica: Why More People Are Listening To Porn. Laura, the narrator of “Hot Vinyasa 1,” a story you can listen to on the platform Dipsea, is incredibly relatable.

Audio Erotica: Why More People Are Listening To Porn

She’s stressed by work, self-conscious about being late to yoga class, and flustered by her new instructor, Mark, who’s built like a Hemsworth and serious about hands-on adjustments. “Does he get this close to everyone?” Laura wonders, embarrassed. Before the 15-minute story is over, a snowstorm finds Laura and Mark alone in the candlelit studio. No surprise, their sweaty yoga clothes come off way before Shavasana. Want to hear more? Traditional porn isn’t shrinking in popularity — not even close. Sexual wellness Dipsea is a female-founded story studio that features “sexy audio stories that set the mood and spark your imagination,” according to their site.

The platform offers tips for getting the most out of your erotic listening experience: Plan a ménage a moi. Digital Theatre redefines how we view the arts. The digital space is taking theatre beyond the limits of the physical stage.

Digital Theatre redefines how we view the arts

Audiences can now watch, appreciate and interact with performances like never before. But does this complex emerging market guarantee new audiences? The arts industry’s approach to digital technology has changed dramatically in the past few years. Where organisations once deliberated over the necessity of even using social media outlets, online presence is now deemed almost as important as the artistic content they produce. Beyond Immersive Theatre. Immersive theatre currently enjoys ubiquity, popularity and recognition in theatre journalism and scholarship.

Beyond Immersive Theatre

However, the politics of immersive theatre aesthetics still lacks a substantial critique. Does immersive theatre model a particular kind of politics, or a particular kind of audience? The Stage - News - 'World's first virtual reality theatre platform' launches. A streaming service billed as the world’s first on-demand virtual reality experience for theatre has been launched.

The Stage - News - 'World's first virtual reality theatre platform' launches

The platform, called LIVR, aims to make theatre “more accessible to all” by giving users a “fully immersive 360-degree experience” of live performance from their homes. Subscribers can stream shows using a mobile phone app for LIVR and watch them via a free virtual reality headset that is provided by the service. A monthly subscription costs £5.99, with users receiving a credit each month to unlock a show of their choice. To date, LIVR has captured more than 100 productions and will add eight new shows to the platform every month. Welcome to the official BILL VIOLA website. Radio Drama - Radio drama (or audio drama, audio play, radio play, radio theatre) is a dramatised, purely acoustic performance, broadcast on radio or published on audio media, such as tape or CD.

With no visual component, radio drama depends on dialogue, music and sound effects to help the listener imagine the characters and story. “It is auditory in the physical dimension but equally powerful as a visual force in the psychological dimension.” About ASMR University. ASMR University is an ASMR Resource and News Center. The Resources Center is the collection of links on the Home/Welcome page (access via the *Home* button at the top of the site). These links are chock full of information about the experience of ASMR, theories about ASMR, the art of creating ASMR, research being done on ASMR, ASMR resources, and polls about ASMR that you can take. Explore these links at your leisure. The News Center is the list of news posts (access via the *News Blog* button at the top of the site).

These articles are posted on a monthly basis to bring you current info, research, and perspectives on ASMR. PLOS ONE: More than a feeling: Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is characterized by reliable changes in affect and physiology. Abstract Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) describes the experience of tingling sensations in the crown of the head, in response to a range of audio-visual triggers such as whispering, tapping, and hand movements. Public interest in ASMR has risen dramatically and ASMR experiencers watch ASMR videos to promote relaxation and sleep. Unlike ostensibly similar emotional experiences such as “aesthetic chills” from music and awe-inspiring scenarios, the psychological basis of ASMR has not yet been established. We present two studies (one large-scale online experiment; one laboratory study) that test the emotional and physiological correlates of the ASMR response.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR): a flow-like mental state. 5 Audio Porn Options - 5 Alternatives to Porn. Watching porn is dope if that’s what you’re into, but for some of us, listening to it is 5,000 times hotter. Luckily, listening to people having sex is pretty much easier than ever thanks to the internet, which is filled to the brim with audio porn options.

But wait, let’s back up: If you don’t even know WTF audio porn is, it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: adult content that you listen to instead of watch. And just like the providers of XXX action onscreen, there are plenty of different sites that can help you find audio porn. This content is imported from {embed-name}. Exhibition — The Eye as Witness. Classical Receptions in Drama and Poetry in English from c.1970. In this essay, a companion piece to The use of set and costume design in modern productions of ancient Greek drama, I will discuss the importance of theatre space in contemporary productions of Greek drama. Of necessity, I have limited my choice of productions to a set of (around) a dozen examples; all of these can be found catalogued in the database. It is hoped that the reader will be able to apply the basic ideas expounded here to a fuller range of productions than those alluded to in the text.

Live performance takes place in a three-dimensional space. "This FEELS SO REAL!" Sense and sexuality in ASMR videos. This paper explores the intimate performances in “personal attention” ASMR YouTube videos. Definition, History, Rules, & Examples. Emma Leigh Waldron - Emma Leigh Waldron. Neuroscientist Explains ASMR's Effects on the Brain & The Body. Brain tingles: First study of its kind reveals physiological benefits of ASMR - Latest - News. About ASMR University.

Welcome to the official BILL VIOLA website. Audio Erotica: Why More People Are Listening To Porn. Radio Drama – Beyond Immersive Theatre. The Stage - News - 'World's first virtual reality theatre platform' launches. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR): a flow-like mental state. 5 Audio Porn Options - 5 Alternatives to Porn. Innovation in Art, Music, Sports, and Culture. Exhibition — The Eye as Witness.