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TED Talk Archives - Lesson Plans Digger. In this lesson, students watch a TED Talk by Mandy Len Catron, answer comprehension questions, practice asking and answering questions, and discuss the topic of falling in love, dating, and relationships.

TED Talk Archives - Lesson Plans Digger

It is suitable for levels intermediate and higher. Before deciding to teach this lesson, take a look at this article and consider your students’ cultural sensitivity. Continue Reading … Students watch a TED Talk by Kevin Allocca and find out why videos go viral. The lesson features a listening comprehension activity, speaking and vocabulary practice. Continue Reading … Here is another great TED Talk I used in class with my students. Continue Reading … This TED Talk deals with the topic of learning English around the world nowadays, focusing on China and comparing language learning to a mania. Continue Reading … TED Talk Archives - Lesson Plans Digger. Deposit account - Tłumaczenie po polsku. Dodatkowe przykłady dopasowywane są do haseł w zautomatyzowany sposób - nie gwarantujemy ich poprawności.

deposit account - Tłumaczenie po polsku

Tłumaczenia dodatkowych przykładów zdań również generowane są przez automatyczny moduł i nie są weryfikowane przez naszych lektorów. People like getting something, such as a personal savings account. Ludzie jak dostawanie czegoś, taki jak osobisty rachunek oszczędnościowy. How much money should you have in your savings account? Ile pieniędzy powinieneś mieć w swoim rachunku oszczędnościowym? As a result they could end up with a significant savings account. W efekcie mogli skończyć znacznym rachunkiem oszczędnościowym.

They come back two weeks later with the number of your savings account on them. Oni wracają dwa tygodnie później z liczbą twoich oszczędności uważać na nich. If you want to get interest, put your money in a savings account. Jeśli chcesz mieć interes, wkładać twoje pieniądze do rachunku oszczędnościowego. What is the current rate of interest for a savings account? Read, listen & learn a littleEnglish. Daily Reading Comprehension Grade 1. ESL listening for advanced students. Level 3 - news in 3000 words Joke about work - level 3 A young man goes to a supermarket for his first day at work.

ESL listening for advanced students

The supermarket manager welcomes him with a smile and then... Merry Christmas 2015 - level 3 Christmas is coming. The mask of Tutankhamun - level 3 This is the mask of Tutankhamun, Egypt’s famous boy king. How to speak naturally in English: Reduction Mistakes. Lessons. Meeting People: "Haven't We Met Before?" Introducing yourself to others is important, whether it be to a pen friend (pen pal), a friend you meet online, or through a common acquaintance.

Meeting People: "Haven't We Met Before?"

So, what are some common topics of conversation when you meet people for the first time? Listen to the conversation by pressing the "Play Audio" button and answer the questions. Press the "Final Score" button to check your quiz. [ Other Audio Options: Play RealMedia | Play Window Media ] Listen to the conversation again as you read the Quiz Script.

Do practice activities to review the vocabulary: Make a list of topics of conversation that are appropriate and inappropriate when meeting people for the first time? Want to Tell People About This Listening Activity? Randall's Sites: Daily ESL | ESL Blog | EZSlang | Train Your Accent | Tips For Students | Hiking In Utah. Listen A Minute: Easier English Listening and Activities. How does a Differential work ? ~ Learn Engineering. The differential is an integral part of all four wheelers.

How does a Differential work ? ~ Learn Engineering

Differential technology was invented centuries ago and is considered to be one of the most ingenious inventions human thinking has ever produced. In this video, we will learn, in a logical manner, why a differential is needed in an automobile and its inner workings. A detailed webpage version of the video lecture is given below. Why the Differential gear is used? Wheels receive power from the engine via a drive shaft. Fig.1 Power from the engine is flowed to the wheels via a drive shaft Consider these wheels, which are negotiating a turn. Fig.2 While taking a right turn the left wheel has to travel more distance; this means more speed to left wheel This means that the left wheel has to rotate at a higher speed compared to the right wheel. Parts of a Differential We will now learn how the differential achieves this in a step-by-step manner using the simplest configuration. Fig.4 Spider gear is free to make 2 kinds of rotations.

ESL discussion material based on TED talks. Practical English - 61 - DreamreaderDreamreader.