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Mechanical Engineering Design & Analysis

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Industrial Machinery Design: SolidWorks 3D Modeling for Machinery. Heavy Machinery / Equipment Design for Product Manufacturers. Why Outsource 2D & 3D CAD Drafting Services. 3 Tips for Converting PDF to CAD Like a pro. Industrial and product design engineers & even architects have embraced PDF files to store their design data in form of blueprints owing to their own set of takeaways.

3 Tips for Converting PDF to CAD Like a pro

Easy integration and the most versatile document format that can be opened conveniently when it comes to graphics are the benefits of using pdf. PDFs have several drawbacks too. The non-editable format makes it difficult for the designers to use the PDF more than once. It makes the designer’s job challenging and time consuming even when minor design changes are to be made. Redefining Collaboration of CAD Designer and Manufacturing Engineer: Two fold pact. The manufacturing industry is pacing at breakneck speed, and innovations, too are so focused that every segment of manufacturing right from designs to finishing processes have uplifted pointedly.

Redefining Collaboration of CAD Designer and Manufacturing Engineer: Two fold pact

Industry pioneers project two major factors that are driving these innovations. One happens to be the competitiveness amongst B2B (Business-to-business) marketers for SME (Small and medium-sized enterprises) manufacturing companies and second being advancements in the engineering sector. Innovations are, in fact, the results of researchers that come as paying the toll of increasing competition, delivering quality and minimum engineering lead times. CAD Catalogue is the key to unlock Full Potential of Industrial Automation. In the course of digitization, manufacturers from every industry depend mainly on 3D modeling solutions right from 2D CAD / scanned / hand drawings for industrial components, assemblies and plant layouts — from designing to all the way through final fabrication drawings.

CAD Catalogue is the key to unlock Full Potential of Industrial Automation

One may also find designers or designing firms uploading their industrial product design data on their websites, share with their clients from where manufacturers can download it in the native CAD models format with authenticity. Furthermore, CAD online libraries for standard parts are printed and priced from one single source and the downstream business processes are being carried. While a detailed precise copy of CAD model and 2D fabrication draft is sent to the shop floor for manufacturing the part, order release and preparing BOMs and order quantities. Once manufactured, parts form assemblies and assemblies, in turn, will make the mechanism for the intended application. Juncture of 4th Industrial Revolution. CAD predicts: What will 2018 look like for manufactures?

“If you are a manufacturer who is digitized especially for fabrication models and drawings, 2018 is going to be an exciting year; else traditional best practices are there to stay.”

CAD predicts: What will 2018 look like for manufactures?

It is no surprise that manufacturing industry is at the zenith of traditional best practices and new rising technologies such as AR/VR for one instance. To be completely rational, CAD sketching and modeling tools are always evolving which is a result of influx of new technologies. A new version of the same CAD tool rollouts every year and we, design engineers and manufacturers, happily upgrade our licenses. Mass Customization is the Winning Strategy for Retail Furniture Manufacturers – DriveWorks: CAD Design Automation & Customization. “Experiences say that the design cycles can be reduced by 45% of the original time with software solutions for design automation.”

Mass Customization is the Winning Strategy for Retail Furniture Manufacturers – DriveWorks: CAD Design Automation & Customization

With expanding retail stores and markets, the furniture design needs also have increased. It is an easy task only until the entire store’s furniture is designed from scratch. Series of challenges are encountered when only a single part of the furniture is left to be designed. Let’s say that the entire retail fashion store is ready and furnished with shelving, racks, and drawers, and just the fitting room furniture is pending. Furniture Design Challenges New designs of the fitting room should complement the existing furniture. Furthermore, fitting rooms should be sturdy and reliable considering their rough and repetitive usage. Reverse Engineering Solutions: Eliminating Metal Support Structures. Owing to the lower fabrication costs, higher durability and easy availability, sheet metal parts are extensively used in the industrial machinery, especially for enclosures and fixtures.

Reverse Engineering Solutions: Eliminating Metal Support Structures

Physical properties of light weight and relatively high hardness make aluminum and cast iron the two most popularly choices. But all this is a fancy picture. Today sheet metal parts used in industrial machine tools have aged, and owing to longer service life, such parts undergo massive wear and tear, exposure to extreme work conditions and get corroded. Such issues lower the efficiency of the sheet metal parts and eventually make them run out of usual functioning capability. Foremen’s thumb rule approach Especially when a sheet metal fixture on a machine tool is worn out, the challenges are at peak. Ideally, such misalignment issues should be solved by replacing the part or fixture with a new one.

AI in Manufacturing Industry Comes With AI in Designs. Manufacturing industry is in a transition stage taking big leaps towards digitization and automation; resulting in what we today call as Industry 4.0.

AI in Manufacturing Industry Comes With AI in Designs

Some of the aggressive users of robotic technology and artificial intelligence – something most players are still grappling to adopt in the manufacturing industry – see artificial intelligence the next big logical step for improving the productivity. Originating from Information Technology and Software industry, AI has got benefits in stores for numerous others and manufacturing is just one among them. But to explore the true potential of AI in manufacturing there has to be the inculcation of AI for manufacturing right from the concept ideation of product design which helps in better streamlining of processes at a broader level.

According to a report by Infosys, about 29% manufacturers have adopted AI as a part of their operations and decision-making process. AI is a big transformation. CAD Functionalities;Maximum Utility for Product Designing. “You convert drafts and drawings into CAD models, you develop detailed fabrication drawings, you validate the design concepts, but how differently do you do them every time?

CAD Functionalities;Maximum Utility for Product Designing

Do you ever realize that Autodesk and Dassault Systemes roll out new functionalities with new versions of AutoCAD or SolidWorks, and you get acquainted with all without even realizing it?” Upon retrospection, we, design engineers belonging to any industry,would realize that 3D printing has revamped our approach of product designing than it used to be a few years ago. Today, more generative shapes and complex designs are acceptable, and the updates have come so subtly;that we probably don’t even realize the change.

CAD Essentials for Fabrication at the Tipping Point of Industry 4.0. Master Sheet Metal Fabrication; Understand Theory of Designing Process. Sheet metal fabrication process is not like any other fabrication.

Master Sheet Metal Fabrication; Understand Theory of Designing Process

But why! Firstly, sheet metal products usually have low prototype volume and high production runs, which makes the fabrication very cost effective because of large initial set-up as well as material costs. These parts are known for their durability because of which they are exceedingly suitable for the high-end application like automotive chassis, brackets or enclosures. Components like chassis are made from a single sheet with uniform thickness, and so final CAD designs and fabrication drafts need to be close to design intent.

Some fundamental rules and definitions turn out to be a great savior during designs, and in some cases, sole reasons to success, are often overlooked. For instance, bending the most common operation happening in sheet metal fabrication is not a process that removes metal from the base material. Operation that generates waste. Truecadd. Leveraging Data: Know your data … And it will give an end-to-end solution for new product development.

Leveraging Data: Know your data …

The industry has the data; where we fail is to leverage this data to turn it into actionable insights for better business gains.Photo Courtesy of | © alphaspirit By Usha B. Trivedi “We talk a lot about data, but we really don’t know how to use it.” How many times have you heard that before? In order to make a new launch a success, managers for new product introduction teams need to know their data. Why CAD Models Need Standard Visibility for Precision Part Manufacturing - Digital Engineering. Precision part manufacturers face challenges that are related to the shop floor as well as the designs.

The majority of these challenges are because smaller parts or units are both bespoke and have precise geometry. To be able to design and develop bespoke and precise manufacturing information, engineers need a CAD system that is democratized. In other words, everyone from the design engineer to the foremen on the shop floor, and everyone in between, should be able to view the CAD model. Design automation; quite a salesman of building products fabrication drawings - The Engineering Exchange. Choosing an Appropriate CAD Tool for Specific Furniture Design Requirements. There isn’t much left to say when numbers say it all for the furniture manufacturers. FIRA’s annual reviews for the year 2016–2017 shows that UK furniture manufacturing grew to £8 billion pounds in 2015, 7.1% higher than the previous year.

But alongside production, furniture manufacturers and customers have also shown a keen interest in getting their finished products with shorter design cycle times, and designs too; are becoming increasingly complex. Today’s designers no longer look at furniture as a piece of box metal or wood. Customers are spending generously; and that leaves designers and manufacturers with no choice but deliver quality. How Product Configurator increases Profitability for Building Product Designers. Today’s building product industry is required to manage a variety of product and also addresses the needs of rapidly evolving markets. Being a design engineer specialized in designing building products and not acquainted with mass customization, can take a toll on your reputation as a building product designing firm. The best way out for building product manufacturers is to embrace the concept of product configurator.

Explore the power of product configurator If designs are prepared with an overlapping part of logical rules, these same rules can be set like in a programming language and made to work for automated building product designing process. How Engineering Design & Drafting Company helps Product Manufacturers? Increasing number of product manufacturers tried designing and developing products in-house, in the bid to save costs and reduce the time to market.

But most of them failed miserably. Product manufacturers realized that product development is done best in hands of outsourced engineering design & drafting company. Furniture Design Automation: Minimalist Efforts; Unrestrained Profits – DriveWorks: CAD Design Automation & Customization. Fancy and durable furniture designing is a need of furniture industry. But we need to ask, do we really need a new chair design? Isn’t there enough variety of chairs manufactured to deliver the comfort to users across geographies, genders, and usage? The sensible answer to the first question is a ‘no’; while for the later, it obviously becomes a rhetorical question. Unless, of course, the furniture design engineers are designing them with gob-stopping innovative ideas that maintain the efficiency of post designing stages.

2D Drawing or 3D Model: A choice to make for avoiding catastrophe. Should fabricators continue the legacy of using DWG file format? Kiosk Manufacturers Join Hands with CAD Design Support Partner for Profitable Growth. CAD Models vs. CAD Drafts: How should fabricators decide which one to adopt? Wisdom guide for fabricators to adopt the right CAD tool.

Transform Concept into Tangible Product by Leveraging CAD. Embed Code. Time go CAD & gain Foothold of 3 Major Shifts in Fabrication Methods. According to a research report by PR Newswire, it is expected that the global CAD market will reach 11.21 billion USD by the year 2023. Online exclusive: Product configurator saves Australian pressure vessel fabricators from last minute hassle. After Cyclone Debbie wrecked all the major ports and mines in Queensland, Australia, volumes of coal exports have hit rock bottom. The aftermaths of the cyclone have delayed shipments of coal across the globe, causing a sharp rise in steel prices. Data Analytics - Educating Future Engineers. The world that we live in today, has dramatically evolved and become technology-driven.

From simplest task of finding the best restaurant to searching for the best neuro surgeon in the country, Google has answers to all your queries including address, visiting hours, menu, fees and everything. But the thing that is missing big time is that friendly voice that guides you at every turn on your way to the restaurant or the clinic. But all this did not happen overnight; instead it’s been more than two decades that we have been witnessing this steady progression of technology across all fronts. Optimize CAD Processes to Enhance Sheet Metal Fabrication Efficiency. 3D CAD Generative Designs: Making Impossible Industrial Designs Possible.

Determining sheet metal design intent – Kickoff for efficient beginning. Don’t drive away AR, it’s an acquaintance to CAD driven fabricators - Design Solutions. Apart from people within the fabrication industry, the non-experts outside know and have an idea that augmented reality may strike any time in near future. Fabricators need to buck up and be ready with designs that complement the technology when the time comes, regardless of its current share in entire fabrication process.

Half the entire CAD driven fabricators have come to realize the importance of augmented reality in their business, but then there is the other half that still needs to be made aware. Sheet Metal Fabricators Should Change Their Imperative Tool. Design Automation: An interesting variant for repetitive furniture manufacturing. Managing Process Equipment Designs and Market Trends with CAD. Multiple Ideates for Shelter Structure is a Bane with Product Configurator. Sheet Metal Welding made easy with Efficient Fixturing Systems. How 3D CAD for sheet metal design unfolds better productivity - Metal Working World Magazine. Kiosk Manufacturers Should Partner for CAD Design Support and Not for Manufacturing. How Sheet Metal Fabricators Can Remain Efficient From Concept through Production with 3D CAD - GineersNow Community. Importance of PMI Annotated 3D CAD Models to Reduce Fabrication Costs. Sheet Metal Design: 5 Tips to Choose the Right CAD Software. Additive Manufacturing Ready CAD Designs: Staying Profitable During Transition.

Trending now in Sheet metal business, fabricators gear up with CAD. 5 Areas that Show CAD Generated P&Ids are Data Rich. 4 ways automation has changed the job role of CAD design engineer. 5 Stories to Help Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Business Transform to Digital. Augmented Reality Meets Manufacturing. 3D CAD helps Metal Fabricators to Embrace the Digital Thread Opportunity. Switching to a New CAD Tool? Read This First! Fabricators have to Select the Best Bad CAD Design Option for Profitability. 3D Furniture Design and Rendering: Effective Advertising Solution for Manufacturers. 3D Modeling & Rendering; Enrich Furniture Sales Catalogue with Photorealistic Designs.

DriveWorks: To Create that Engaging Customer Buying Experience for Your Boring Products – DriveWorks: CAD Design Automation & Customization. Add Value to Your Shopfitting Business with Online Configurator. Combining CAD and Cloud – A Different Look. Metal 3D Printing Complements Machining; It’s Not a Replacement. How SolidWorks can help in to manage Large & Complex Sheet Metal Assemblies? Untitled. Furniture: Mass Customization Can Boost Up Underperforming Business. SOLIDWORKS & DriveWorks for your CAD Drafting, Modeling & Design Automation Needs.

Who can Use CPQ? 3 Signs that Indicate Your Existing CAD Solution Needs an Upgrade. How DriveWorks Adds Value to your Electrical Enclosure Manufacturing Business. Create Robust Sales & Production Deliverables for Furniture Business with DriveWorks – DriveWorks: CAD Design Automation & Customization. CAD Synchronized 3D Geometry For Furniture Fabricators Ensures Excellent ROI.

Embrace 3D to compete in the digital manufacturing era - Design Solutions. 3D CAD Modeling and Rendering – Upcoming Stage of Furniture Industry. Prominence of PMI Features in 3D CAD Modeling for Collaborative Fabrication. CAD Improves Wind Power Generation Capacity to Meet Global Green Energy Demand. Efficient Sheet Metal Fabrication of Processing Equipments by Leveraging 3D CAD Modeling & PDM Plugins.

Advanced CAD Automotive Component Designs. Tools & Die Manufacturer Turn to CAD to Increase Sales & Decrease Costs. Pressure vessel design by analysis versus design by rule. Heavy Machinery Equipment Manufacturers can Improve Productivity through CAD Design Support Solutions. Sheet Metal Enclosures: Engineering of Designs & Art of Designing. Fabricators – Integrate CAD & ERP Data or Pay for your Mistakes. CAD Drafting & Drawings Make Woodworking Profitable.

Rapid Prototyping helps Product Manufacturers Save Millions. Reverse engineering to upgrade the food processing plant layout according to regulations. With CAD Sheet metal fabricators to gain profitability / CAD drafts enhancing end sheet metal products. CAD Drafting & Design by Analysis for Pressure Vessel Fabricators to get ASME certification. Metal Fabrication Industry should Adopt Right Design Technology to Overcome Challenges.

Which CAD Platform to Use for Wooden Furniture Design? 3D CAD Models for Industrial Equipment to Keep Your Manufacturing Processes Efficient. Benefits to Sheet Metal Fabricators by Moving from 2D to 3D CAD Workflows. Metal Door Manufacturers can quickly respond to customers’ inquiry with DriveWorks. Improve Customer Buying Experience with DriveWorks – DriveWorks: CAD Design Automation & Customization. SolidWorks Vs Inventor: Feature Based Comparison of Two Major 3D CAD Platforms. Utilize Product Configurator to Streamline Entrance Canopy Design and Sales Processes. CFD for Flow Modelling In Oil & Gas Applications to Derive Reliable Predictions & Solutions. With PLM; Take Early Design To Fabrication & Manage Complexities.

Why Manufacturers Need a CPQ Solution? Why Choose a DriveWorks Authorized Service Partner? CAD: 2nd Industrial Revolution for Healthcare Industry. IMPORTANCE OF PRODUCT DESIGN IN FABRICATION INDUSTRY. DriveWorks: Automate Design for Industrial Shelving & Rack Systems to Gain Competitive Edge. DriveWorks to Address Challenges of Engineer-to-Order Product Manufacturers.