Money Management and Finances

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Federal Reserve Free Teaching Kit. Personal Finance Basics. Financial Literacy Free Resources. Here are a few more free personal finance courses and resources: High School Financial Planning Program: Designed by the National Endowment for Financial Education, these materials for middle and high school age, come in six units that cover Money Management, Borrowing, Earning Power, Investing, Financial Services, and Insurance.

Financial Literacy Free Resources

Register at the site and you can download the booklets or order print copies. Practical Money Skills: Features teachers guides and activities on money management for grades K - 12. Lessons for the earliest learners introduce money (what it is and how to earn it), then moves on to such topics as savings, loans, credit, budgeting and investing. There are 22 lessons for high school. MoneySkill. Financial Education, Financial Literacy, Kids and Money.

Personal Finance and Economics Education Online Game for teachers teaching grades 6 through 12 students - Gen i Revolution. I Rule Money. SPENT. Personal Finance Free Course Materials. Looking for some resources to teach your teens about personal finance?

Personal Finance Free Course Materials

Check out these sites that provide complete courses and lesson plans. They're all free. Building Your Future Here you can download, in PDF format, a financial literacy curriculum that includes three teacher guides and three accompanying student books covering banking, financing and investing. Personal Finance Resource Book Developed by a business education and math teacher, these lessons are provided through Curriki, an open education resource site. Educational Financial Videos - Investopedia Videos.