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Hillary for America. To inspire individuals and connect nations to create a kinder world. The Dramatic and Fundamental Change in Marketing and What You Need to Do. I am not a digital native.

The Dramatic and Fundamental Change in Marketing and What You Need to Do

I remember when there was no Internet. I remember when brands used to put out advertisements and assertions that were not necessarily believed but difficult to refute or validate. The Internet and digital communications allowed a shift of control of brand reputation to the consumer and purchasing business. Make no mistake. Brands can no longer make bogus claims. The dramatic and fundamental change is that brands have lost power and control. So let’s examine two new mentalities for successful marketing in our changed world. The first that I want to (re)introduce you to is a term that was popularized by Seth Godin – permission marketing. From my perspective, permission marketing needs to move a gigantic step forward. The second element of change given the evolved consumer/purchasing business behavior is the supreme importance and value of word-of-mouth marketing.

Make It Happen, Social Steve. A transdisciplinary Hackaton in a Think & Do Tank. Jacqueline E.H. HEERE - Blog. Consumer Activism in the Social Era. Changemakers' Week 2014. Pour faire face aux grands enjeux sociaux et environnementaux de demain, Ashoka rassemble les acteurs de changement de France et d’Europe pour redessiner les frontières de l’entrepreneuriat social, inventer de nouveaux modèles et créer un écosytème favorable au développement de solutions à grande échelle.

Changemakers' Week 2014

HIDDEN MESSAGES IN WATER - Dr. Masaru Emoto Experiment With Meditation At Brahma Kumaris HQ. Karine Halpern @ Le Drapeau. KHenthusiasm : A new life in 2014 starts right... Hans Rosling's Yardstick of Wealth - Don't Panic - The Truth About Population - BBC Two. Where startup Connect, Collaborate and Hack to success. Transmedia Alliance NEXT STEPS. Transmedia Ready & Studies - The Creativity Boosters Agency. Living Worlds - Walt Disney Imagineering Research and Development, Inc. SxSWTransmedia, 11th March 2012. The cover of my book "The Semantic Sphere" (in english) Photos. - African & Nollywood Movie Trailers. StoryWorld Conference. For up-to-date information on Storyworld Conference 2012, follow Porter Anderson on Twitter at @Porter_Anderson or follow the hashtag #SWC12.

StoryWorld Conference

For further information, please visit Porter Anderson’s web site and don’t miss the latest in his publishing series: Writing on the Ether: Transmedia!. Storyworld Conference 2011 StoryWorld Conference Web Site | On Twitter: @StoryWorldConf | Or follow the hashtag #SWC11 Want a glimpse into the StoryWorldConference experience? Check out: What the heck is Transmedia anyway? Integrating Owned Media, Earned Media, and Paid Media. If you have read my postings, even a couple, you are likely to know that I have really been pushing for integrated marketing.

Integrating Owned Media, Earned Media, and Paid Media

I talked about the need for a strategic balance of traditional marketing with new media. One area of great significance is the balance and planning of owned media, earned media, and paid media. There certainly are other areas, but let’s start by looking at these. Here is how Forrester defines these media types … So now that we have the basic definitions down, let’s talk about how these should work in an integrated fashion.

It was presented by Karen Untereker, Senior Digital Strategist at Ogilvy Digital Influence, as part of her presentation on a Ford social media case. Looking vertically across the x axis, you can see there are three time phases defined – pre-reveal, reveal, and post reveal. The horizontals on the y axis are three different media types. Earned media is leveraging your audience and advocates to help circulate and further promote your content. TEDx Transmedia 2011 – September 30, 2011 – MAXXI Musem Rome (IT) – Students for Free Culture.

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