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The Promise of Virtual Reality in Higher Education. Virtual reality teeters on the edge of becoming mainstream, with software development outstripping the hardware and memory storage needed.

The Promise of Virtual Reality in Higher Education

In this article, a librarian and an art historian discuss the many ways that VR may transform learning and student experiences. Not that long ago students and scholars could access only the libraries and museums available to them on their home campus — or perhaps in their city or region — because only a select few had the credentials to access materials from other institutions or the means to travel to distant places for their research. The Internet changed everything, of course, with the corpus of human knowledge now at everyone's fingertips. Just as hypertext, digital publishing, and other digital media have transformed the ways in which we engage with documents and collections, the technologies surrounding virtual reality (VR) may ultimately transform the ways in which we teach, learn, engage with each other, and experience the world writ large. Virtual reality lets you journey inside the human body.

By Lauren Robinson, Catalyst Posted.

Virtual reality lets you journey inside the human body

University of Oklahoma Libraries Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality as the New Field Trip: The Importance of Place in Learning. “As you can see, neither of us are librarians.”

Virtual Reality as the New Field Trip: The Importance of Place in Learning

Content for Virtual Reality in the Library. In December 2015, I visited the National Library and Archives of Quebec – Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) – to see the exhibition of “The Library at Night – Great libraries of the world in a virtual-reality universe.

Content for Virtual Reality in the Library

(link is external)” What made this exhibition unique was that visitors explored the 10 world libraries in a virtual environment by wearing a Samsung Gear VR (Virtual Reality) headset. According to the library, this exhibition was inspired by the essay of Alberto Manguel, The Library at Night (available at IUPUI – physical book (link is external) or e-book (link is external)) and designed by the Ex Machina production company (link is external) with VR technologies. It took me an hour to have virtual tours of the 10 world libraries – some of them I already visited (e.g., Canadian Library of Parliament) while some I’ve never visited so far. In spite of 360° video, I still recognized that it was all virtual. It didn’t allow me to go upstairs or downstairs. Library offers virtual reality experience. As he wore an Oculus Rift headset in the Monroe County Public Library, Mark Russell experienced virtual reality for the first time with a simulation of a roller coaster.

Library offers virtual reality experience

The three-dimensional space made the roller coaster’s rapid turns and drops realistic, he said, even though he was sitting in a stationary chair the whole time. While everyone else in the room only saw the roller coaster on a small flat screen, he expressed his disorientation in short exclamations. “What?” He said as the simulation began. “Wow.” It felt like he was actually on the ride and was going to fall off, he said. Georgetown University Library. What Is It?

Georgetown University Library

Virtual Reality (VR), or immersive multimedia, recreates physical environments by artificially creating sensory experiences through various technologies. At the Gelardin New Media Center, we have 3 different kinds of headsets, all shown to the right. The headsets track head and hand movements, allowing users to interact with and immerse themselves in various experiences. Why Is It Important? VR has infinite uses in entertainment, education, medicine, military, and more. Try VR *Please note, only authorized users are able to gain access to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets. Step 1: Become authorized to use the VR station To gain access to the VR stations sign up for a VR consultation at Once you receive a VR consultation you’ll be authorized to reserve and use the VR station! ELI7115. Kitchener Public Library. Vr faqs. Get virtual with oculus rift. Whether you are on an intergalactic mission or going back into Geelong’s past or simply enjoying the pleasures of a roller-coast ride, Oculus Rift will make your experience feel like reality.

Get virtual with oculus rift

Oculus Rift virtual reality technology is available at the Geelong Library & Heritage Centre for you to experience this amazing new, completely immersive virtual world. Oculus Rift is suitable for ages 13 years and above, as suggested by the manufacturers. Reasons for the age limit include the distance between the eyes on smaller heads, as well as the immersive nature of the experience being harder to explain to younger folk that it’s not real Research suggests that the development of Stereopsis (the ability to view in 3D) is largely completed by 13 years old.

Please read the article linked here from Audioholics. Disruptive technology: A look at virtual reality. Will virtual reality technology change the world?

Disruptive technology: A look at virtual reality

Maybe, according to this Time article from 2015. A lot of VR technology has been focused on the games sector, but there are lots of applications for libraries and other community organisations according to one article on Public Libraries Online: Many patrons already check out books virtually and don’t visit the actual physical library too often, if at all. Are virtual reality labs, tours, and workshops the next step for libraries?

The answer is a solid maybe as the technology develops and makes its way out of gaming and movies and into education and everyday experiences [source] The Library at Night: A Review - blog post. April 23, 2016 There’s a reason why they call it virtual reality, because even when you can feel the heavy VR headset resting on the bridge of your nose, the flames engulfing you and the precious scrolls of Alexandria have now become your realty.

The Library at Night: A Review - blog post

They are burning, and you are burning with them. Created by Robert Lepage’s Ex Machina production company with Alberto Manguel and the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ), the Library at Night Exhibition takes visitors on a virtual tour of ten extraordinary libraries from around the world. Virtual reality trial sends Adelaide library visitors to the Moon and back. Posted Virtual reality headsets will be a big ticket item on many people's Christmas wishlists this year, but one local library will let you try them for free.

Virtual reality trial sends Adelaide library visitors to the Moon and back

The Adelaide City Council Library is hosting trial sessions of 10 different virtual reality (VR) experiences with an HTC Vive headset this festive season. The library wants to see whether VR can act as a catalyst to encourage education and research. Virtual Reality at the Library – The Renewal Notice. The McAllen Public Library is a bridge to new worlds through information access, and next Wednesday, June 15th from 4:00-6:00, we will be your bridge to new worlds through virtual reality! It is going to be one of our most exciting programs ever, and you do not want to miss out! (Trust me, I tried it last week and it is really cool, you do not want to miss out.) Until very recently, I had heard of these virtual reality (more commonly referred to as VR) headsets, but did not know anything about them and thought they were just the latest technological advancement for serious gamers.

Although gaming is one of the uses for these headsets, they can be used for practical purposes as well. Realtors can use them to show properties, teachers can use them to take their students on field trips around the world, and they can aid in conquering fears, like practicing public speaking to a virtual audience. Like this: Like Loading... Related National Library Week Unlimited Possibilities @ Your Library! Virtual Reality in the Library: Creating a New Experience. By Troy Lambert on February 24, 2016 At Bibliotheque et Archives Nationales du Quebec, in Montreal, Canada, the Alberto Manguel/ Robert Lepage collaboration “La bibliotheque, la nuit,” a virtual reality exhibition of the interiors of libraries, is on display.

“The experience felt so real it was disconcerting to look down and not see my own body in the virtual space,” says Jeff Peachey, a recent visitor, in his blog. “Overall, it was an oddly reflective and poetic.” University Libraries. Virtual Reality (VR) is a collection of technologies which seek to alter the user's perception of reality to engender a sense of immersion in a completely digital space.

This effect is achieved via a headset (GearVR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) which presents stereoscopic images to the user giving depth to the image. This is supported by additional technologies that track the user’s head and body movements and allow the user to look around the virtual environment. Experimenting with virtual reality in a university library. Skip to main content Search form Experimenting with virtual reality in a university library Ben Weatherall, University of Adelaide Libraries Concurrent session 3 Tuesday 30 August 2016, 11:30am - 11:55am Abstract.

VRProjectFinalReport. Emerging Library Technology Trends: The Future is Now.