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A Witch's Cauldron - Witchcraft 101 Course. Beginners in Magic Start here! Puzuzu brings you a beginners guide on how to get started in Spells and Magic and use this site to help you.

Beginners in Magic Start here!

What is Thou looking for? If you can't find it, then search the web for right here... Custom Search Click on the link in each paragraph to learn the subject at hand. First let me tell you that if you are not interested in making Magic and the Occult a way of life, then you should not "Dabble" or mess with any of this information. One must Master several things before ever attempting to do Spells! So here we go... 1. 2. Do your stretching and so forth, then lay down, close your eyes and picture a big trash dumpster on your mental screen. Gypsy Magic. Nathair Amulet-AzureGreen. Enochian Magick Reference Document. Back Home Table of Contents Note: Due to their large size, the illustrations for this document are on separate linked pages.

Enochian Magick Reference Document

Thanks to Scott M. for the scans he provided. Thanks to Clay Holden and the John Dee Publication Project for cleaned-up scans from Dee's diaries. Enochian Magic. Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram. Notes On the Lesser Banishing Ritual Of the Pentagram And The Four Worlds of The Life Tree Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law First off the bat I would like to apologize for not having posted here for a while, but life caught up with me (as it does to all of us).

lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram

We have looked at the ritual of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the pentagram bit by bit. We have taken it apart to analyse it. This requires a certain knowledge of the four worlds on the life tree, which I will briefly try to give an impression of. Hebrew Title: Assiah (Heh - Final) Macrocosmic Significance: World of manifestation/ action Microcosmic Significance: Physical Body.

A Thelemic Primer. Come forth, o children, under the stars, & take your fill of love!

A Thelemic Primer

(AL I, 12) A Thelemic Primer (This primer is also available in printed form, and you can also download the PDF.) This primer provides an overall introduction to Thelema, suitable for beginners. Magickal lair. Real Magick and Occult Archives. A Study Guide For Magick In Theory And Practice. By Bill Heidrick WEH NOTE: A revised and somewhat expanded version of this, guide will be found in the THELEMA LODGE CALENDAR for November 1986 e.v.

A Study Guide For Magick In Theory And Practice

Cantrap - Your site for spells, magical technique, magical theory, and divination. Ra-Hoor-Khuit Magickal Library. Book of Shadows. The Celtic year was traditionally divided into two seasons; the light and the dark.

Book of Shadows

Pagan Magic: Wicca and Witchcraft Shop - Delivery Worldwide - Articles - Rituals - Performing Wiccan Rituals – A Guide. 1.

Pagan Magic: Wicca and Witchcraft Shop - Delivery Worldwide - Articles - Rituals - Performing Wiccan Rituals – A Guide

Cleansing Yourself Although cleansing is often considered as a physical action, it' is also important to cleanse yourself on a spiritual level, shaking off any psychic debris. An important part of the cleansing is bathing and anointing your body, but as a ritual calls for a calm peaceful mind then a meditation may also be necessary. 2. Cleansing a Ritual Area When performing a open air ritual, cleansing of the space is not usually necessary, but inside a apartment or home it is needed. Magick, wicca, paganism and other esoteric knowledge. Articles on Daily Life A Cup of Hemlock: Dealing with Conflict in Coven and Congregation There have always been those folks who point out our foibles, and make us take an uncomfortable look at our world, as well as those who simply had the misfortune to point out the obvious when it was unwelcome.

Magick, wicca, paganism and other esoteric knowledge

Everyday Magic. Put one tablespoon of cinnamon and four tablespoons of parsley (not stated whether fresh or dried so take your pick) in the filter cup of your coffee maker.

Everyday Magic

Use five cups of water and allow to brew. Draw a warm bath and add one cup of the tea. As you pour it into the bath, chant: Money come from far and near. Money come to me. Completely immerse yourself into the water five times, then soak in the bath for eight minutes. Book of Shadows. This Book of Shadows was found at #WICCAN WAY listed as 'Public Domain'.

Book of Shadows

Most of the material contained here is from ourbooks EIGHT SABBATS FOR WITCHES, WITCHES WAY (Also published as THE WITCHES BIBLE), and several other of our works, although some of it is also from other published sources, and 'traditional'. We've 'reclaimed' the bits which are ours and added to it to our own Web Pages - after all, we did publish most of it in our books! We're therefore not breaking any 'craft secrets' by placing it on our web pages as all of it can be found on the bookshelves of any Occult Shop or somewhere else on the Internet! We've had several bits of mail from confused individuals regarding the fact that the festival dates seem to be 6 months out! The fact is they are correct, IF you live BELOW THE EQUATOR. 1.

Magic Protection Defence Against The Dark Arts: Hexenspiegel. Defense Against The Dark Arts: Hexenspiegel Hexenspiegel have been used as a major defence against the dark arts for as long as people have been around. Book of Shadows, Celtic Magic, Witchcraft, Pagan, Moon Phase Resources, Fairy Lore and Magic, Herbal grimoire, Wicca, Candle Magic, Free Spells, Rituals Herbal Magic Recipes and Enchantments.

2014 Barbara Morris / for the modern pagan weaving an ancient magic. Learn Magic (REAL magic) the Stupid.. er Fast Way. Dream Analysis and Interpretation - Understanding Dreams. Analysis Tools DIY. The Breath: The Basis of Magick, Energy Manipulation, and Mind Power. The Breath: The Basis of Magick, Energy Manipulation, and Mind Power Sit in a comfortable chair or lie down on a comfortable spot and relax. Imagine and will, with each inhale, not only your lungs are breathing, inhaling air, but also your whole body is breathing in energy. You inhale with your entire body. The breath acts as a focus for absorbing energy. Know that along with your lungs, each single inch of your body simultaneously absorbs energy. Since everyone is individual, how each of us feels the energy will be different in some respects.

To reverse this, exhale energy out. Exhaling energy is for empowering talismans, charging sigils, healing- anything, and everything when you want to put energy into something or to direct it. As you advance, you can use this technique of energy absorption to absorb energy from the Sun and from just about anything you choose.