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Visual Marketing. Why Marketers Must Optimize Emails for HTML AND Plain Text [Infographic] When you send an email, a lot goes on behind the scenes.

Why Marketers Must Optimize Emails for HTML AND Plain Text [Infographic]

And as mere marketing mortals, most of us probably don't understand the process fully, especially when we rely on software to take care of all that technical mumbo-jumbo for us. Just take a look at the following infographic from litmus, which documents an email's journey from the click of the "send" button all the way to the subscriber's inbox. It turns out, getting an email to display properly in a recipient's email client isn't so cut and dry. There are quite a few factors that can affect an email's ability to show up the way you, the marketer, originally intended! As you can see, it's all too easy for your swanky email design to break, looking wonky and unprofessional in your recipients' inboxes. The Difference Between HTML & Plain Text Emails So what the heck is the difference between an HTML email and a plain text email, anyway?

Plain Text Version HTML Version Unfortunately, it's still not exactly that simple. Anthologize. Inbound Marketing.

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Marketing Free eBooks. Monetization. Top 42 Content Marketing Blogs. Google+, Google Plus. The 68 Most Authoritative Search Marketing Blogs In One Custom Search Engine. Update: Although I wouldn't try to read these 68 eMarketing websites simultaneously, I realized that some people would be interested in integrating this A-list into a their RSS reader.

The 68 Most Authoritative Search Marketing Blogs In One Custom Search Engine

Therefore, I made a Google Reader bundle of these websites. The bundle page includes subscription button for Google Reader users as well as link to an OPML file for other readers users When I started to explore web marketing I used to track some major blogs like Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Bruce Clay, and Social Media Examiner. As time went on I discovered more blogs and it became harder to track all these blogs. Of course I could add them to Google Reader, but as time went by it would get hard to read all the posts in chronological order.

How To Make Authorship Part Of Your Content Marketing Strategy.


75 Loaded Marketing Blogs to Make Your RSS Reader Even More Fat! Last year, we compiled 75 Marketing Blogs that covered conversion, content, email, paid search, SEO, analytics, blogging, and social media marketing.

75 Loaded Marketing Blogs to Make Your RSS Reader Even More Fat!

Of course, there are many more awesome blogs out there. So today, we’re going to expand that list and add 75 MORE must read blogs for you to consume that cover marketing and business inspiration! All-in-One Marketing Blogs Econsultancy Digital Marketing Blog (RSS) – Latest digital marketing and ecommerce insight, analysis and opinion from multi-award-winning team of analysts and experts. Analytics Occam’s Razor (RSS) – Avinash Kaushik is the author of Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour a Day. Blogging Content & Copywriting ContentVerve (RSS) – All about content, copy, and conversion.Copypressed (RSS) – Building brands one word at a time. 404: Page not found. A list of the 50 strongest directories available on the web for 2013.

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The ranking baseline is created using OSE metrics and then seasoned with directory age and editorial citation data to create an accurate represenation of a directory’s power. The Penguin 4 rollout is set to tackle blackhat webspam head-on; improve hacked link detection; and deter link spammers. The gaping flaw, is the one thing that Penguin misses, but which is the reason for everything it targets — Visible Toolbar PageRank. Hotfrog Australia directory review explaining its stature as a business card on the web, and the ability to provide quality referrals and reputation management via customer reviews.

An update on the Top 100 free directories lists, including a number of changes that have been made, and statistics on the Top 10 directories. An in-depth rundown into Penguin 4 and how it affects the directory industry. A mini directory review on the Australian version of the Yellow Pages directory. SEO Tools. 100 Web Tools Free SEO Tools Google Yahoo MSN Search engine optimization tools.


Search Engine Submission Optimization Free Website URL Promotion & SEO Tools. PR. Google Launches Tool for Online Reputation Management. Google has introduced a tool that helps you manage search results for your name.

Google Launches Tool for Online Reputation Management

The tool, "Me on the Web," is now included on the Google dashboard in between account information and analytics. It is not intended to be another privacy setting. "Your online identity is determined not only by what you post, but also by what others post about you — whether a mention in a blog post, a photo tag or a reply to a public status update," Google explains. SEE ALSO: 5 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Identity The new dashboard section encourages you to keep tabs on these mentions by setting up search alerts for data points included in your Google profile, like your name and email address. Google's new tool also includes links to resources about managing online identity and removing unwanted content. Businesses that help people do both of these things have popped up in recent years, and many of them automate the same tactics that Google suggests.

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Content Marketing. Social Media Marketing. Online Advertising. Strategy. iDumb: Why You Should Stop Giving Away iPads on Twitter and Facebook. The following conversation is happening in at least 25 offices right now:

iDumb: Why You Should Stop Giving Away iPads on Twitter and Facebook

Internet Marketing Strategy Book - Conversation Marketing. An Internet Marketing Strategy That Works Ian Lurie What's the catch?

Internet Marketing Strategy Book - Conversation Marketing

Right now that's what you're asking yourself. You're eyeing the screen suspiciously, wondering why you get to read a book about internet marketing, online, for free, without registering or doing anything else. There is no catch. If you have ideas for how I can improve it, please e-mail me at ian AT