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Dna har hittats i 5 700 år gammalt tuggummi. Skolverket presenterade i dag sitt slutliga förslag till nya kursplaner i grundskolan. – Vi tycker att vi lämnar ifrån oss någonting riktigt bra, säger Peter Fredriksson, generaldirektör på Skolverket, på en pressträff.

Dna har hittats i 5 700 år gammalt tuggummi

I det tidigare förslag som skickades ut på remiss nämndes inte Bibeln som en central del av religionskunskapen. Det har nu ändrats. ”Avsikten var aldrig att ändra balansen när det gäller kristendomens ställning”, skriver Skolverket i ett pressmeddelande. I förslagen till kursplaner har Skolverket återigen lagt till nationalsången, de vanligaste psalmerna, lyriken och dramatiken som en del av musikundervisningen och svenskundervisningen. Fredriksson framhåller att myndigheten under remissrundan tagit till sig av kritik och förbättringssynpunkter. . – Det vi nu lämnar till regeringen tar jag fullt ut ansvar för. Thread by @McKayMSmith: "1) In June of 1945, after the war with Germany had ended, an American Army officer in Frankfurt moved into an abandoned apartment and did wh. Riksantikvarieämbetet. Historisk atlas. The Airmen - Battle of Britain Monument. 2,937 British and Allied airmen were awarded the Battle of Britain clasp for having flown at least one authorised sortie with an accredited unit of RAF Fighter Command in the period 10th July to 31st October 1940.

The Airmen - Battle of Britain Monument

The term ‘airmen’ is used throughout the site as obsolete twin-engined Blenheim aircraft were used as fighters by the RAF. As these carried Observer and Gunner crewmen it would be incorrect to class everyone named on the Monument as pilots though of course the majority were. During the Battle 544 lost their lives and a further 795 were to die before the end of the war. Information on each airman – where we have biographical data and/or photographs on an individual airman (and this is being researched and added all the time) the airman’s name appears in blue text on the lists of names, click on the name to go to that airman’s page.

Vad är Stockholmskällan? Sveriges slavhistoria avslöjad. Visste du att Sverige bedrev slaveri i Västindien för 200 år sen?

Sveriges slavhistoria avslöjad

Det är i alla fall inte något som är en del av vår svenska historieskrivning, trots att Sverige var en slavnation i över 60 år och delaktig i den transatlantiska slavhandeln på 17-1800-talet. Start - Riksarkivet. Arkiv och lärande .se. - Portalen för historisk statistik, historia och statistik. Interactive Maps. Periodis Web - Maps to be Used for the History of Europe.

Euratlas Periodis Web shows the history of Europe through a sequence of 21 historical maps, every map depicting the political situation at the end of each century.

Periodis Web - Maps to be Used for the History of Europe

Here, on the left, are 21 mini-maps giving access to 21 full maps and to 84 quarters of maps with more detailed views of the states, provinces and main cities.Moreover, each map offers a historical gazetteer. Thus you can highlight in red each sovereign state and in green each dependent entity. See the Map Legend for more details. Navigation through the atlas is easy: on the left side of the pages, you simply need to choose a century for temporal navigation. French and German versions of this historical atlas are also provided and you can view them by clicking on the small flags at the top of the pages.

Periodis is a historical atlas of a new kind. History by Periods History is a continuous string of events among which prominent facts sometimes emerge: wars, conquests, revolutions etc. Sveriges äldsta storskaliga kartor - Register - Riksarkivet. How the Nazis Ruined the Swastika. ​Once a sign of peace and good fortune, the swastika has since become synonymous with malice and unforeseen cruelty.

How the Nazis Ruined the Swastika

Most people ​associate the symbol with the Third Reich and Hitler's Nazi regime, and for this reason Germany has outlawed the display of it. What most people don't know is the history of the powerful symbol and its evolution. The symbol has roots that run deep through ancient religions, primarily those native to India. In the religion it was considered a icon that was thought to represent the footprints of Buddha. In other Indian religions such as Hinduism and Jainism, the traditional symbol as we know it today with its "arms" in a clockwise position is opposed by a sauvistika, The word svastika derives from the Sanskrit translation for "conducive to well-being.

" Steven Heller, a graphic designer, describes the emblem interestingly by saying, Navajo Indians were known to weave the symbol into quilts and it can even be seen in many archaic churches throughout Europe. Churchill’s greatest speeches - History Extra. Krigskyrkogård belgien. Untitled. Type the email address or phone number of the account you want to sign in with.


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