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A Pedagogical Framework For Digital Tools. As a consequence of society’s digitization it becomes increasingly important to use technology in education, in primary as well as in secondary education. A Simple Guide To 4 Complex Learning Theories. Learning Theories Every Teacher should Know about. Have you ever asked yourself what learning theories you know about and which ones you feel more connected to and apply in your teaching ?

Learning Theories Every Teacher should Know about

Generally speaking, theories inform and guide practice in any content area and a learning theory is a set of concepts on how people learn. It is more or less an investigation of the strategies and the underlying cognitive processes involved in learning. 12 Things Teachers Must Know About Learning. 12 Things Teachers Must Know About Learning By Bill Page closeAuthor: Bill Page Name: Bill PageSite: About Bill Page ...

12 Things Teachers Must Know About Learning

Bill Page, a farm boy, graduated from a one-room school. He forged a career in the classroom teaching middle school “troublemakers.” The Similarities Between Montessori And Digital Learning. The Similarities Between The Montessori And Digital Learning by Carri Schneider first appeared on “Before elaborating any system of education, we must therefore create a favorable environment that will encourage the flowering of a child’s natural gifts.

The Similarities Between Montessori And Digital Learning

All that is needed is to remove the obstacles. And this should be the basis of, and point of departure for, all future education.” Maria Montessori, The Secret of Childhood, 1936. 5 Strategies For Incorporating Social Emotional Learning Into Your Classroom. By Meg Price, theeiexperience.

5 Strategies For Incorporating Social Emotional Learning Into Your Classroom

Taitoperustaisen opetuksen suunnittelu. Iso osa opettajille suunnatuista koulutuksistani käsittelee sosiaalisen median pedagogista käyttöä.

Taitoperustaisen opetuksen suunnittelu

Kohti oppimislähtöistä koulutusta. Viime aikoina on bloggaajien keskuudessa puhuttu paljon koulun muutoksen tarpeesta.

Kohti oppimislähtöistä koulutusta

Enää ei pitäisi keskittyä yksittäisten opettamisen mallien soveltamiseen sellaisinaan, vaan oppimisen kehittämistä tulisi tarkastella laajemmin kokonaisvaltaisena ideologiana. Yhteiskunta ja etenkin toiminta työelämässä on muuttumassa yhä kompleksimmaksi. Tähän kompleksiuteen ja toisaalta yhä vaikeammin ennakoitavaan tulevaisuuten ei kyetä välttämättä vastaamaan nykyisen kaltaisella järjestelmällä, joka kyllä tukee hyvin sitä yhteiskuntamallia, jota varten se on joskus suunniteltu. Suomessa on hyviä opettajia, joista monet jo pyrkivätkin tukemaan todellista oppimista, vallitsevaa opetus- ja opiskelukulttuuria vastaan luovien.

Vaaditaan kuitenkin melko radikaaleja toimenpiteitä, jotta muutos vastaisi tulevaisuuden tarpeisiin. Koulun perimmäinen tavoite on kasvattaa taitavia oppijoita, eli tukea oppimaan oppimista. It’s About Self-directed Learning. “This is about students learning at their own pace, not working at their own pace.” – Summit San Jose Math Teacher Three weeks into the school year, a student in our Optimized Learning math pilot raised his hand and said to a teacher, “I think I am behind.”

It’s About Self-directed Learning

That simple statement led to a larger conversation and a good look at this ninth grader’s schooling history. Verkko-oppimisen ja tiedonrakentelun tutkimuskeskus: Tutkiva oppiminen. Assessing 21st Century Skills. Recently, one of the teachers who is participating in our district’s 21st Century Learning grant project came to talk with me about assessing 21 century skills – one of the expectations for teachers in this project.

Assessing 21st Century Skills

Her observation was that students frequently practice the skills when engaged in research or project based learning. The thing she was struggling, with, though, was how to “grade it.” 27 Ways To Publish Student Thinking. Publishing student thinking can be among the most powerful ways to improve learning.

27 Ways To Publish Student Thinking

There are a variety of reasons for this, but the biggest reason is that the “threat” of publishing moves the lodestone from the classroom to the “real world.” This, of course, changes everything. What To Publish Note that publishing finished products and the thinking process itself are two very different things–and the idea here is to publishing the thinking itself: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Kokeilukulttuuri. Why Every School Needs an 'Innovation Day' Google’s policy of 20 percent time—giving employees plenty of free time work on whatever they want—is world famous for being the birthplace of innovative products— most famously, Gmail.

Why Every School Needs an 'Innovation Day'

But what would happen if schools gave students a similar amount of unstructured free time and allowed them to take control of their own learning? This spring Matthew Bebbington, a high school physical education teacher in the U.K., decided to find out. He organized a school-wide "Innovation Day" that let 80 students between the ages of 11-15 choose what and how to learn. Bebbington writes on The Guardian’s Teacher Network blog that far from taking an extended recess the students "worked solidly for six hours, cross-pollinating across different projects, ages and abilities. " As a result, they made everything from art related projects like album covers and Manga to more tech-oriented projects like a remote control car and rockets. 10 Reasons To Try 20% Time In The Classroom. If you haven’t heard of 20% time in the classroom , the premise is simple: Give your students 20% of their class time to learn what they want.

Yes, that’s it. Below is a list of the 10 reasons you should consider 20% time in your school, and you will not regret making that choice! 1. You will join a great community of learners. More Creativity, Less Standardization: Why You Should Support National Opt Out Day. In 2013, mandates which take away real learning and real teaching are many—students and educators are surrounded by testing schedules, test prep, and lockstep curriculum. At the same time many parents, educators, students, and social activists find ourselves working hard to preserve and improve what we know must occur in public schools : creative, critical, and conceptual thinking.

To that end, we at United Opt Out National , a grassroots organization committed to ending the influence of high stakes testing and corporate-driven education reform , are declaring January 7 as National Opt Out Day. What does it mean to opt out? It means a refusal to buy into something—in this case the stranglehold that high stakes testing has on public education. Oppilaslähtöisen opiskelun mahdollistaminen. Keskustelu Miten ratkaista seuraavat koulujen rakenteelliset ongelmat? 1. Herätyskellomafia. The 4 Newest Ways To Make Education More Interactive. Sorry to have to say it, teachers, but few students want to listen to you talk about a subject for an hour, no matter how much you may love it. You think that you have prepared a nail-biting lecture of suspense about every war in which the United States has fought, and, by the War of 1812, your students are staring out the window, hoping for a superhero to fly in and rescue them from the classroom. Even for the most dedicated of students, books and lectures get boring.

Keeping lessons fresh and challenging means keeping them interactive, and given it is almost 2013, incorporating this task is actually much easier than ignoring it. The incorporation of technology into classroom settings has shown a positive impact on the attention and scores of students. 12 Digital Tools To Implement Exit Slips. This year our district implemented the use of exit slips to assess student daily learning. Three Ways to Create a Digital Classroom Library for Your Students. Walk into an English teacher’s classroom, and you might be able to guess how long they’ve been there.

Take a look at the classroom library. It takes time to collect hundreds of books for your kids to read, and veteran teachers have worked for years to amass those giant collections. Luckily, modern technology gives us an alternative: extend your classroom library with free eBooks. 21 Simple Ideas To Improve Student Motivation - 21 Simple Ideas To Improve Student Motivation by TeachThought Staff The best lessons, books, and materials in the world won’t get students excited about learning and willing to work hard if they’re not motivated.

Motivation, both intrinsic and extrinsic, is a key factor in the success of students at all stages of their education, and teachers can play a pivotal role in providing and encouraging that motivation in their students. 21 Simple Ways To Motivate Your Students. 8 Ways Educators Can Foster Passion-Based Learning. When you think of passion for learning, you might conjure up an image of Albert Einstein. Einstein was regarded as the greatest intellectual mind of our time. Twitter Unplugged On Your Classroom Door. Using twitter in the classroom is great–if you’ve got the bandwidth, apps, and hardware.

From Management to Engagement. As educators, we are always looking for management strategies to try in the classroom. Activity Speaks Louder Than Words: Improving Student Engagement. As Digital Influence Changes, Let Students Create The New Internet. Using Student Facilitators in the Online Classroom. Written by: Rob KellyPublished On: January 11, 2013. Ask The Students. Don’t Lecture Me: Rethinking How College Students Learn. How To Connect With Digitally Distracted Students. 5 Things Every Presenter Should Know About People, Animated. The Importance Of Branding Your Classroom. Gestion de classe. La différenciation pédagogique.

Compétences FLE : Pour réussir, devenez un couteau suisse ! FLE - Le Café du FLE. 10 Characteristics Of A Highly Effective Learning Environment. Ten Secrets To Surviving As A Teacher. The Demands Of Teaching: 10 Top Teacher Training Needs. Why Teachers Should Seek Feedback (Whether They Want To Or Not) 15 Conflict Resolution Tips For Educators.

6 Reasons To Get A Tutor. How Much Homework Does It Take to Educate a Nation? OPETTAJUUS - PELI. I Was Taught A Lot of Things. L'approche par compétence. How Adaptive Testing Works. Why Standardized Tests Don't Make Sense. Why Teachers Secretly Hate Grading Papers. Slide 1. 6 Common Misunderstandings About Assessment Of Learning. Pistetaulukko. 101 Teaching Tips, Secrets, And Ideas For 2013. How To Be A Mediocre Teacher.

How A Good Teacher Becomes Great. 13 Ways to Learn in 2013. Teaching the last backpack generation SmartBlogs. How To Use Current Events To Make Lessons More Relevant. Tietoyhteiskuntakehityksen+strateginen+johtajuus. Yhdessä - Pedagoginen johtajuus.