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The Met Museum of Art

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Met Museum Exhibition to Celebrate Artistic, Technological, Cultural Legacy of the Seljuqs. The Future of Mapping and Wayfinding at The Met. The Met's new digital-first map, launching today Helping visitors navigate The Met Fifth Avenue has long been a challenge at the Museum.

The Future of Mapping and Wayfinding at The Met

In fact, it's a challenge woven into the architecture and history of the building itself, a collection of 20 interconnected structures built at various times since the institution first opened at its current location in 1880. We've seen digital as part of a potential solution for some time; the challenge, though, has been that to deliver a scalable and sustainable digital map—one that we can use across the website (desktop and mobile), The Met App, the Audio Guide, and on interactive signage—we first needed to rethink the Visitor Map itself. Digital First. How Alexander the Great Changed the Art World Forever. A major new Met exhibit shows the breadth and richness of Hellenistic art.

How Alexander the Great Changed the Art World Forever

Prepare for gold-plated head-dresses, and two meter-tall vases. The Hellenistic period inspired awe in works both big and small. That feeling of constant wonder can be found at a massive new exhibition five years in the making at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Fastcompany. Walking around New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, you can't help but notice a pattern.


Though the world's largest art museum welcomes diverse crowds of people daily, most visitors have something in common: They're holding smartphones. You might think this would be a problem for an institution whose survival depends its ability to capture our attention in the offline world. But the Met, which opened in 1870 and is expanding into its third location on March 18, is ready to embrace smartphones as another opportunity to bring great art to the public.

This week, the Met reveals its latest digital project, a wholly redesigned, simplified website with a mobile-friendly focus. Soundwalk 9:09. Commissioned by MetLiveArts to celebrate the opening of The Met Breuer, Soundwalk 9:09 takes its title from the time it takes to walk between The Met Fifth Avenue and The Met Breuer: nine minutes and nine seconds.

Soundwalk 9:09

The composition, in two parts "Uptown" and "Downtown," are now available via a free download to your device, and through the WQXR app. Listen to these powerful new works by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer John Luther Adams who, in his first New York City composition, has ingeniously turned an eight-block stretch of city grid into a polyphonic, antiphonic, and personal music adventure. How A 145-Year-Old Art Museum Stays Relevant In The Smartphone Age. Search the Collection. The Met enhances website and digital platforms, elevating online to a "Fourth Space" The 'Shady Ladies' Hiding In The Metropolitan Museum Of Art. Must-See Metropolitan Museum of Art for the Newbie, Experienced, Pro - December 9, 2015.

When tackling museums that are the size and scope of New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, it’s easy to become overwhelmed — both when trying to decide where to begin your tour and how long your legs and attention can last.

Must-See Metropolitan Museum of Art for the Newbie, Experienced, Pro - December 9, 2015

Indeed, with more than 55,000 works of art on display in 400-plus galleries, it could take an entire lifetime to see everything. To maximize your visit, arrive with a plan rather than lose time chewing your nails over the museum map in the main lobby. Be ye a newbie, regular or a pro, here are three itineraries to view the Met’s must-see works of art. 1. Temple of Dendur, 2. First-time Visitors Temple of Dendur: Following the Roman conquest of Egypt, the emperor Augustus commissioned several Egyptian-style temples dedicated to Egyptian gods (and himself), including this one to Isis, Osiris and Harpocrates from around 15 BC.

Wheatfield with Cypresses: It only takes a single paint stroke to recognize Vincent Van Gogh. The Met Around the World. Experiencing the Met in Social Media. A screenshot of At the Circus, one of the Pinterest boards Carlos created as a part of his social media internship.

Experiencing the Met in Social Media

Image courtesy of the author «Throughout my summer internship in social media as a part of the Met's MuSe Internship Program, I have been fascinated by the interaction between our everyday digital practices and the museum experience. In what ways can social media supplement the Met's physical setting and present the experience of its collection to a global audience? This question guided my journey into the Met's digital world, where I spent the summer experimenting with the inventive potential of technology and how it can recreate a museum visit online. Now a month past the end of my internship—still thinking of social media's unknowable possibilities and still challenged by 140-character limits—here are my reflections on the experience.» Audio Guide. The Audio Guide web app is not available on desktop computers.

Audio Guide

To access the Audio Guide web app, please visit this page on any Internet-enabled mobile device. You may also navigate to it from the homepage of our mobile website, or by selecting the Audio Guide option on select object pages on the mobile website. A Piece of Peace. The Astor Chinese Garden Court, 1981.

A Piece of Peace

Family Itinerary: NEW YORK SPRING SPECTACULAR. Download 422 Free Art Books from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. You could pay $118 on Amazon for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s catalog The Art of Illumination: The Limbourg Brothers and the Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry.

Download 422 Free Art Books from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Or you could pay $0 to download it at MetPublications, the site offering “five decades of Met Museum publications on art history available to read, download, and/or search for free.” If that strikes you as an obvious choice, prepare to spend some serious time browsing MetPublications’ collection of free art books and catalogs. You may remember that we featured the site a few years ago, back when it offered 397 whole books free for the reading, including American Impressionism and Realism: The Painting of Modern Life, 1885–1915; Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomical Drawings from the Royal Library; and Wisdom Embodied: Chinese Buddhist and Daoist Sculpture in The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Related Content: MetFamilyMap. Met Museum Presents Blog.

Met Museum Presents Blog Opera sans Singers: La Celestina in the Vélez Blanco Patio.

Met Museum Presents Blog

Digital Underground. Digital Underground "Caravans of Art": The Neighborhood Circulating Exhibition Series, 1933–42 Stephanie Post, Senior Digital Asset Specialist, Digital Media Posted: Thursday, March 26, 2015. The Artist Project. Conservation Through a Gamer's Eye. Ashira Loike, Assistant Administrator, Department of Objects Conservation; and Beth Edelstein, Associate Conservator, Department of Objects Conservation «What happens when gaming students are let loose on the Met's collection?

We found our answer to this question this past spring when staff from the Sherman Fairchild Center for Objects Conservation collaborated with a group of intrepid and creative students at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). The students were supervised by their professor, Elizabeth Goins, in a course titled "Interactive Design for Museums," part of RIT's Museum Games & Technology Initiative. The students were tasked with communicating the inside information conservators gather from studying the materials and techniques of works of art through a fun and engaging game aimed at general audiences.» Team Hot Mafia's goal was to demonstrate how David Roentgen's intricate and interactive game table was constructed.

Left: Emile Gilliéron père (Swiss, 1850–1924). Metropolitan Museum Launches 82nd & Fifth App in 12 Languages, Based on Award-Winning Online Series Featuring 100 Works of Art and 100 Curators They Inspired. The Experimentation of Degas. Having the opportunity to visit any art museum is a pleasure. There’s always something to be learned. While art books and magazines serve a great purpose in providing visibility to many pieces of artwork that would otherwise be left in obscurity, they cannot equal the joy of viewing original artwork in person.

It’s easy in a museum to tell which viewers are painters. They are usually the ones with their noses in a painting inspecting how the pigment was applied. The Manet Effect - Artist's Network. The name Edgar Degas is forever synonymous with pastel, but he was not the only French Impressionist to be utilizing the medium. Édouard Manet, whom Degas first meets while copying a Velazquez painting at the Louvre, did a considerable amount of work in pastel. Met Founds Research Institute Centered on Lauder’s Cubist Gift. Rule, Britannia: A Preview. The NYC that Never Was: The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Unfinished Areas. One of our favorite fun facts about the Metropolitan Museum of Art is that it’s still unfinished (and that it grew over time, so you can still see earlier versions inside).

Here are tidbits about where to see these incomplete portions today and how they came to be. The original museum, built by Calvert Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mould in a Victorian Gothic style, quickly outgrew its space and Richard Morris Hunt was hired to design an expansion for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Secrets of the Metropolitan Museum of Art - February 28, 2013. 15 Unexpected Things in New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Top 10 Secrets of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Nine "Secrets" about the History of the Met's Department of Asian Art. «In preparing a history of the Museum's Department of Asian Art, which this year celebrates its centennial by showcasing its unparalleled collection through a range of exhibitions, gallery talks, and other offerings, I have uncovered a number of little-known facts and many "secrets" that are not widely known to the public.