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The List of Marketing Tools You Won’t Be Able to Live Without. Marketing tools streamline and speed up your everyday job and relieve the pain of time-consuming and draining tasks by automating them.

The List of Marketing Tools You Won’t Be Able to Live Without

They organize projects into micro tasks making your daily workflow more systematic and clear. Thanks to these various tools, daily activities become simpler, more entertaining and completely measurable. Therefore, we’ve decided to come up with a list of tools that have proven to be the most valuable to us. It’s a comprehensive selection of marketing tools for small business and medium enterprises that will beautifully complement the marketing strategies and techniques within your startup. 1. Buzzsumo is super useful for delivering insight about the most shared content for any topic or domain across the web. Buzzsumo is an app that reveals what and who is currently creating a social buzz, making it a great resource for jumpstarting your winning content strategy and ultimately hacking your growth. 2.

With Brand 24 it will be love at first sight. 3. 4. 5. How to Measure the Value of Your Content: Three Sets of Metrics. More than ever, B2B marketers are held accountable to driving revenue—and proving that they are.

How to Measure the Value of Your Content: Three Sets of Metrics

We're investing in the right technologies and programs, and fueling channels and tools with high-quality, buyer-centric content. But what's actually working and what's falling flat? Fully 50% of B2B enterprise marketers cite the inability to measure content effectiveness as a challenge. If you're part of that 50% struggling to prove impact, start tracking the three key areas below—and start today. 2016 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends. In what ways do the most effective B2B marketers among us differ from our less effective peers?

2016 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends

How do B2B marketers measure content marketing success? Which metric do we say is most important? Create Easy Infographics, Reports, Presentations. 11 Content Questions to Kick-off Your Client’s Website Refresh Project. When I’m brought into a website refresh project as the content strategist, I have a checklist of questions I run through in the kick-off meeting with my new clients.

11 Content Questions to Kick-off Your Client’s Website Refresh Project

I do this before anything else, and I do it for several reasons: it forces the client to put content front of mind (where it belongs)it confronts them with the reality of their content challengewhat they don’t know speaks volumes about their expectationscontent risks are identified nice and early I’m not expecting exact answers at this early stage, but I am gauging the client’s awareness, emphasis, and appreciation of the content strategy elements that will make or break a website project and the longer term success of the site. Content Planning, Organization and Workflow Software - GatherContent. Betaout - Marketing Personalisation Software and Engagement Platform. DivvyHQ: A Content Planning & Workflow Tool for High-Volume Teams.

Strategies for Creating Content That Converts - Conversion Conference Blog. Last month at Conversion Conference Las Vegas, conference chair Tim Ash shared his tips for creating content that sells.

Strategies for Creating Content That Converts - Conversion Conference Blog

Tim pointed out that 95 percent of marketers are doing content marketing wrong. In fact, majority of content efforts out there are geared toward “noisemaking” or broadcasting, which is characterized by the following: Pumping out content – infographics, webinars, whitepapers, blog posts, videosFocus is on editorial calendars, cadence, syndication and recyclingTrying to engineer virality and popularityUsing intermediate success metricsHard time justifying ROI or payback on specific activities. Agile Marketing - Get More Done. Adapt to Change. See Measurable Results. Easy Web Video Generator. Did you ever have a product that just kept on giving you idea after idea?

Easy Web Video Generator

Probably not, until we purchased EWV, neither had we. This is the only purchase that we have ever made that does 100 times more than imagined. We implement this for short training videos for our techs, client interviews for testimonials, email campaigns, birthday, thank you & anniversary video cards for clients and family, plus the list includes all the "normal applications" too. Not only does this work for anything you can imagine, the EWV team product updates are cutting-edge and always worth the wait. (Which by the way is nothing compared to other products we have that promise and NEVER deliver). Content Curation & SEO: Do’s and Don’ts. Content curation is the practice of finding, organizing, annotating and sharing the best and most relevant third-party content for your audience.

Content Curation & SEO: Do’s and Don’ts

There’s no doubt that curation is a growing trend in the world of content marketing. The number of concerns surrounding the practice, however, are putting doubts in the minds of content marketers before they’re able to understand the benefits of curation done right. What Do the Best Writers Do That Other Writers Don’t? If you’ve ever worked with writers, you’ve probably noticed that some of them need very little editing or coaching while others need a whole lot just to make sense of their work.

What Do the Best Writers Do That Other Writers Don’t?

As someone who both writes and manages a writing team, I’ve often wondered why this is the case. Even writers who are great with words can turn out pieces that are difficult to read or completely miss the point of the assignment. I decided to dig a little deeper as I edited my team’s work to find out what made the best writers so good – and here’s what I discovered. Enginuity Content Analytics. Content Marketing Measurement: 29 Essential Metrics [Infographic] How do you measure the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts?

Content Marketing Measurement: 29 Essential Metrics [Infographic]

We recently published The Comprehensive Guide to Content Marketing Analytics & Metrics, which provides a detailed guide to proving the effectiveness of content through various metrics. To give you a high-level roadmap, I compiled 29 of the most essential metrics into the following infographic. Use this as a guide if you’re looking to expand your level of measurement or if you’re just getting started. The Recipe for a Perfect Logo. Seven Must-Have Traits of the Perfect Content Marketer. Unlike most other functions in an organization, marketing has completely transformed.

Seven Must-Have Traits of the Perfect Content Marketer

Modern companies have begun to shift away from a traditional marketing mindset to one that is data-driven, growth-minded, and accountable for producing tangible results (read: revenue). Some companies are adapting to this change more quickly than others, and it's an inevitable shift that will leave the slow-movers lagging behind. As Seth Godin puts it, "The marketer now needs to be in charge of everything a company does… they need to be the first step.

" Simply put, marketing is no longer an afterthought that enters at the end stage when it's time to promote a product or raise awareness. In a well-integrated business, marketing should control, touch, or influence virtually every part of the company. At the heart of this change is the evolving role and increasing importance of the content marketer. Align Sales & Marketing to Boost Revenue. How to Evoke Emotion on Your Landing Pages (Without Going Overboard) Emotion is a major force in online sales. As much as we tend to disparage “emotion” in purchasing decisions, the fact is everyone thinks and makes choices based on emotion. We can’t prevent this. Emotional decision-making is hardwired into our brain’s functionality. In fact, without guidance from our emotions, decision-making would be nearly impossible. 10 Facebook Business Page Features You Should Be Using.

It is rare to find a business without a Facebook presence nowadays, as the social network has cemented itself as a necessary communication channel across industries. With businesses typically leveraging Facebook multiple times a day to share updates with their audiences, however, it can be easy for social media managers to get comfortable with their posting routines and overlook many of the social network’s less-talked-about features. Content marketing has provided today’s marketers with endless opportunities to attract and nurture buyers. This practice will ultimately deliver a higher quantity and quality of leads to the sales team. As evidence of marketers’ realization of the opportunity of content marketing, 76% of companies will increase investment in this area in the coming year. But top marketers know that success will take more than simply an increase in budget.

To identify the best practices of these leaders and understand what tactics they are deploying, we conducted a survey of 600+ marketers entitled the 2015 Content Marketing Tactics and Technology Study. Through our analysis, we identified four distinct groups of marketers based upon their strategies and tactics as well as the value that they receive from content marketing: Is Personalization Creepy? 6 Experts Weigh In. This post originally appeared on Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. You would think that personalization of content and ads would be a welcome tactic, considering how many people complain about irrelevant advertising. But many marketers are concerned about crossing the line; of being seen as "Big Brother. " And not all customers are comfortable brands using their information in this way.

Six Content Marketing Myths—Busted. B2B marketers consistently cite creating content that engages as a top challenge of content marketing. That is a genuine hurdle, but making it harder to overcome are the preconceptions that marketing team members likely bring to the effort. Getting content marketing right is both more complex than its most fervent promoters claim... and easier than doubters fear. Carrying beliefs on either end of the spectrum into a content program will hamper its effectiveness. The first step toward success? Getting real. 36 Visual Content Creation Tools the Pros Can't Live Without.

What Do the Best Writers Do That Other Writers Don’t? 21 Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2015. The only constant is change. Outsourcing Product Descriptions - The RIGHT Way. There are a lot of great posts out there about how to write better product descriptions. The Definitive Guide: How to Improve Retention with Engagement - Contextual Research & Modeling : The Seidewitz Group.

Why do people say one thing in market research and do something else in the real world? A Journey Through the Content Marketing Tools Universe - Gilbane 2013. The Future of Content Marketing Isn't in Marketing Content. LinkedIn Is a Waste Of a Salesperson’s Time! There are many misconceptions about LinkedIn. It’s not just for job searches or networking. It is a unique lead generation platform. Email Marketing Automation for Visitors, Trials and Customers.

Marketing automation. So much promise, so many overpriced tools. You've scoured the internet for something designed for you...a tool that allows you to send customized emails to the right person at exactly the right time. Mixing Video With Email Marketing: Four Inspiring Examples and Three Quick Tips. Video can be key to conversions and sales, a recent study confirms. For email marketers, using video should be a no-brainer, but the email-video combo still feels like a rare pairing. Only 25% of marketers surveyed last year reported that they used video in their marketing, and a quick look at my own inbox supports that statistic. But the emails with video are the ones that I (and many others) find most memorable, so why aren't more marketers using them? B2B Marketers: Think More Like Brand Marketers. You’d think there would’ve been more people like me at the Brand Innovators "mega-trends" in digital marketing conference.

In fairness, the event was targeted at top digital marketers who work at leading consumer brands and agencies. So what was a B2B marketer like me doing there? 3 Marketing Tactics You Need for 2015. Make Custom Quizzes For Your Business. A Handy Guide to Using Quizzes in Your Content Marketing. Center For Plain Language. Advertising - Twitter Remarketing: What It Is and How to Use It to Target Audiences. How to Automate Your Social Media Activity and Build Relations with Influencers. How to Overcome the 'No Time to Create Content' Challenge. Why Underpaying Writers Can Kill Your Content Marketing.

59 Free Twitter Tools and Apps for Marketers. What Does All Great Content Have in Common? - Blogging as a Curation Platform. Digital Curation: Definitions, Tools, and Strategies - Resources Shared at #CNYASTD. 5 Ways to Sharpen Your B2B Marketing on LinkedIn. Content Marketing Enlightenment in Four Steps [Infographic] 5 Ways to Add Interactive Content to Marketing. Optimarketing for Content Marketers [Book Review] Marketers' Biggest Obstacles to Effective Personalization.

How-to-create-a-total-content-system. Synching Content with the Customer Buying Process. 50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing. The Sound of Silence: Why Your Content Gets Ignored. The Discipline of Content Strategy. How to Write for the Web - markITwrite. The Complete Beginner's Guide to SEO  Summit 2014 Highlights: The Science of B-to-B Messaging. Content Marketing Innovation: The Secrets and Successes of 5 Practitioners. Six Changes Marketers Should Make to Meet the Digital Disruption Head On. Ntent Marketing - A Beginners Guide. Why marketers should keep sending you e-mails. 5 Ways to Connect with Your Audience Emotionally to Drive More Engagement.

Why Brands Need To Act Like Publishers. 5 reasons your startup is failing at PR. Build engaged audiences through publishing by curation. Researching before writing. 8 Shocking Content Marketing Research Findings. Google Alerts is Dying. Here Are Some Alternatives. Content Marketers' Mistaken Assumptions. Avoid the Museum of Dead Content: What to Do When Web Content Expires. Content Strategy Gets Tactical: Establishing The Content Workflow. Why Google Authorship Is So Important. Five Tips to Creating Videos That Build Brand and Drive Sales. 5 Ways Trigger Emails Increase Engagement. Advertising - Search Retargeting: A Quick How-To Guide. The top 10 principles of highly persuasive messaging.

20+ Free Press Release Distribution Sites. What are the Top 10 Words NOT to Use on Your LinkedIn Profile?