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20+ Free Press Release Distribution Sites

20+ Free Press Release Distribution Sites
Following up on the advertising toolbox, you also need to let the media (oh if only there was a site about web 2.0 and social networking where you could get covered...) know about your new venture. We've gathered 20+ sites that will help you with getting your press release out in the world for free. And don't forget to check out our post where you can suggest future toolbox topics! - Free release distribution with ad-support - Free distribution, paid services gives you better placement and permanent archiving. - Distributs to sites like Google News and, Gold level will also get you to sites like LexisNexis. - Focuses on ecommerece and requires you include an image, 3 keywords and links. - Free distribution company with offices in 12 states. - Easy press release distribution for free, more features for paid accounts. - Ad supported press distribution site.

Services for Non-Profit Public Relations Newswise introduces discounted rates for public relations firms working with charitable non-profit organizations, higher education institutions, government entities, and research associations. This is an opportunity for public relations professionals to offer an effective and efficient news release distribution and web posting service to qualifying clients. Newswise membership includes the following features, and more! News Release Distribution: • Single daily email compilation • 20,000 subscribers • Twenty years of trusted relationships with journalists • Elegant delivery, hyperlinked headlines open to full release • Efficient and effective, sign up for a sample News Site Libraries: • Thoughtful organization • Permanent placements in channels • Sophisticated search features Get Results See examples of Newswise Reporting Tools: • Real Time Hit Counts • Web Clip Reports • Media Outlet Reports Who is Eligible?

» Big List of Free Press Release Distribution Sites / Social Realist Last edited on June 4, 2008. As promised, here is a big list of free press release distribution sites (something I’m very commonly asked for by clients in the webmaster / online business world). Disclaimer: I in no way advocate the mass-submitting of press releases using automatic submission tools, or even manually submitting to large numbers of free press release distribution sites on this list or not. Frankly, my thoughts are this: If you spend the time to do that, you’re an idiot. If you spend the money to have someone else do that, you’re an idiot. If you’d like to distribute your press releases for free in a way that’s actually effective: A) make sure you have something newsworthy to say, B) make sure your press release is written professionally (or at least isn’t total crap or a blatant advertisement), and C), follow the free press release distribution tips I’ve already laid out previously. Also, I haven’t submitted press releases to each of these sites. 10inShare

10 Things You Didn't Know Dropbox Could Do We live in an age when we want (and sometimes need) to access information at all times. This includes our own data and files — text documents, photographs, videos, music and more. That's why services like Dropbox and the cloud are so popular with the connected generation. Free of charge (with a paid upgrade option), Dropbox lets you upload your files to folders accessible anywhere there's an Internet connection. It eliminates the hassle of emailing yourself attachments and running into size limits. People can use Dropbox through the desktop app, mobile apps or via the web. SEE ALSO: Dropbox Enables Two-Step Verification Dropbox is a simple service, but you may not realize there are several ways to amp up the user experience. Check out the gallery above for some useful ways you can get more out of Dropbox. Image courtesy of iStockphoto, funky-data.

Express Press Release Distribution (Free) Helping Hands PR pitch - free PR for non profits | Blog PR Wire Blog Pr wire (and Mom blog Wire) is launching a new free service for American and Canadian non profit organizations promoting fundraising and awareness campaigns. Blog PR Wire’s Helping Hands Public relations program will feature two non profit organizations (one American and one Canadian) each month both on our websites (BlogPrWire and MomBlogWire) and in our blog news wire reaching over 1500 bloggers. What is a Helping Hands PR Pitch? A Helping Hand PR pitch shares information and resources to bloggers who are willing to help non profit organizations by sharing their cause and fundraising campaigns on their blogs. What is included in a Helping Hands PR Pitch? Each pitch contains a short bio of the organization’s mandate, their logo, links to social media profiles and videos, a description of how readers can help support the cause, contact details of the organizations public relations officer, and any opportunities for arranging interviews with the organizations founders.

Press release distribution in India, Submit Press Release to Media A good marketing strategy is like a fine cocktail. It is the perfect mix of several discrete components, but all in the right balance to give that desired effect. Press Releases are one such powerful component, which when used in the right balance can do wonders for your business. At India PR Distribution we take it as our duty to help you strike that right chord with your audience. Through careful study and research we have come to the conclusion that press releases today are being given nothing less than a step-motherly treatment. The mantra here is simplicity. We are uniquely different from other websites offering similar press release (PR) distribution services as we operate on the principle that we will not spam any journalist or media house to get your press release noticed. Keeping with our theme of simplicity India PR Distribution makes publishing/distribution of press releases nothing but child's play. Publishing and distributing your press release.

Positive Press Releases" The goal of writing and issuing a press release is to garner positive press about your company or client. All press releases are inherently biased [source: WebWire]. So all press releases, even if written in the middle of a PR crisis, are "positive" press releases, since they aim to put a positive spin on even the worst news. Good press releases walk a fine line between excessive self-promotion and dry facts. Press release writers need to channel their inner journalist. No exclamation points in headlines, no overblown adjectives, easy on the marketing slogans [source: WebWire]. For example, positive press releases can announce the opening of a new movie, introduction of a new product such as the iPhone, availability of a new hospital service or program. The U.S. One way to ensure that your press release reads like a news story is to take a balanced approach to your topic [source: WebWire]. Successful PR depends on relationships.

Free Press Release Distribution - Press Releases and News - PR.c is a leader in paid and free press release distribution. To reach journalists, increase online visibility, and attract new customers, submit via our global online news and press release distribution service to top search engines, thousands of websites, social media, blogger networks, as well as via print, broadcast, radio, mobile channels, and more. Patti Irwin with HomeSmart Premier just sold a home in 11 days. It was previously listed for one year with no offers and minimal showings. Austin is one of the best cities to live in, as it is the capital of Texas. For those who are in the United States on a H-1B visa but seeking to change employers, Beeraj Patel at Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC is expanding his services to include H-1B Visa transfers. - November 29, 2015 - Pride Immigration Law Firm PLLC Kaizer’s handcrafted men’s leather accessories now available globally through their ecommerce platform. Since her surgery in April at South Nassau, life is back to normal. Ann C.