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Chain Maille

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How To Anodize Aluminum. Anodizing Kits - Anodizing Products - Electroplating & Anodizing - Caswell Inc. Provides a durable anodized surface - which can easily be dyed.

Anodizing Kits - Anodizing Products - Electroplating & Anodizing - Caswell Inc

Simple to operate - Predictable consistent results Low Current Density means – Inexpensive power source Low Current Density means – No heat buildup in the tank VERY dilute chemical requirement – Environmentally friendly No fumes – SAFER in confined areas Fully Expandable - Kits can be made bigger by obtaining larger plastic containers Conforms to Mil Spec A 8625 F Read How To Use This Product (PDF - 1.9MB) (These instructions are included in the manual) View The Instructional DVD Ask questions about this product on our anodizing forum Anodized aluminum has a very durable surface that is unaffected by weather and many chemicals.

The issue of safety whilst anodizing is addressed by the use of plastic fume balls and a chemical mist suppressant, both of which float on the surface of the anodizing tank. Don't rely on mist suppressants entirely, they ALL break down eventually. Anodizing Sealant. Aluminum De-Oxidizer & De-Smut. How To Anodize Aluminum. Suppliers. I live in an area that has limited access to just about everything.


Because of this I have done quite a bit of research into various mail order companies that provide supplies of interest to chainmail makers. I have divided these suppliers into two lists: The first is Recommended Suppliers. These are companies that I have dealt with directly and been pleased with their products and service. I have not been paid or compensated for these reviews in any way. The second list is other companies that I have come across or been told about over the years. If you are a supplier or know of any suppliers that would be of interest please email me with the details. My snail mail address is: Dylon Whyte Box 41 Gore Bay, ON P0P 1H0 Canada Hopefully I will be updating these lists on a regular basis, please come back often! Chainmail Jump Rings jumprings Scalemail Jewelry Supplies and Wire - Jumprings for Jewelry and Chainmail Jewelry Supplies.

Product Information - The Chainmaille Wench. Product Info Want to know more about what chainmaille is, materials used, options available, etc?

Product Information - The Chainmaille Wench

You’re in the right place! Chainmaille (also called maille, chainmail, chain maille, chain mail, etc.) is an art form that is based on armor-making techniques used for centuries. Everything I sell is handcrafted. Ye Olde Chain Maille Rings. There are many websites that will show you how to manufacture chain maille items, focusing on the different styles of 'weave' (how to combine metal rings together to make a protective and attractive garment) that you can use.

Ye Olde Chain Maille Rings

Unfortunately, most of these guides assume that the reader already has a supply of suitable rings, and seldom guide the reader in creation of their own rings. While you can purchase pre-made rings from a number of places online, I wanted to make my own rings. In this Instructable, I describe how to take steel wire for making electrical fences and turn it into split rings suitable for creating a chain maille garment. While other instructables document weaving rings into garments, or how to construct a mandrel (winding rod and stand), the originality in this instructable is in the winding tool that allows for very reliable, high speed winding, that creates perfect coils of wire every time.

(see step 3) This project is also documented at my personal website.