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Begginner & Advanced Wirchcraft Studies. One Wiccan's Path — Cleansing & Charging your Crystals & Stones. EVERYTHING WITCHCRAFT & Spiritualism. A Witch's Cauldron - Witchcraft 101 Course. Pronunciation of Rune Names and Sounds. EVERYTHING WITCHCRAFT & Spiritualism. Death: A Wiccan View. In Wicca, a funeral is often referred to as a crossing.

Death: A Wiccan View

We believe that existence is a never-ending cycle of lives. A crossing ritual celebrates an individual's achievements in this life, & wishes the person well on his/her journey to whatever next life in which they choose to incarnate. One Wiccan's Path — Cleansing & Charging your Crystals & Stones. The Celtic Twilight by W. B. Yeats. The Wiccan's Real Version of the Creation Story from the Book of Shadows. The basic creation story tells of the birth of the cosmos.

The Wiccan's Real Version of the Creation Story from the Book of Shadows

It explains how a no-thing became a some-thing. Every culture, religion, and civilization has, somehwhere within its history, the myth of creation. These symbolic narratives often reconize specific teachings that are sacred to that generation and contain metaphors to explain how the society sees itself within its worldview. Poetry - Author List. Web Site Content (including: text - graphics - html - look & feel) Copyright 1997-2014 The Witches' Voice Inc.

Poetry - Author List

All rights reserved Note: Authors & Artists retain the copyright for their work(s) on this website. Unauthorized reproduction without prior permission is a violation of copyright laws. Website structure, evolution and php coding by Fritz Jung on a Macintosh G5. Any and all personal political opinions expressed in the public listing sections (including, but not restricted to, personals, events, groups, shops, Wren’s Nest, etc.) are solely those of the author(s) and do not reflect the opinion of The Witches’ Voice, Inc. TWV is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization. Sponsorship: Visit the Witches' Voice Sponsor Page for info on how youcan help support this Community Resource. Profile: Poetry. The Summerland - What happens in the afterlife : Mental Health.

Here is a post that i found somewhere.

The Summerland - What happens in the afterlife : Mental Health

"The meaning of life Ok so I'am getting alot of emails that say "What is the meaning of life" "Iam confused about my life" "What is my purpose" "I just want to end it life is worth nothing" So here is a textbook rundown the way I was taught. While on the astral plane aka summerland aka heaven aka nirvana or what ever you want to call it our souls are still imperfect. We have not learned all the lessons that we need to learn and so Samsara is ours. I believe that what you believe determines that. At the end of your cycle if you have learned what you set out to learn then you move on and repeat. As for the whole "I just want to end it life is worth nothing" here is what you are doing when you commit suicide.

So dont kill yourself...its not sure it hurts...and why would you want to waste your own time when you have to come back and try to learn the same lesson a second time? So what do you think? Death In Wicca. Death . . . punishment, oblivion, or release?

Death In Wicca

Or perhaps something else altogether? To a culture which fears failure, resists natural balance of cycles, and lacks spiritual connection with the Divine, dying is a terror to be avoided at all costs. But what does death mean to witches? Making Runes - Andy's Bucket-o-Memes. Systems.

Making Runes - Andy's Bucket-o-Memes

Every magical tradition has them. The Qabalists have the Tree of Life, Voudou hungans have the hierarchy of loa, Western occultists have the Tarot. And the Northern Europeans have runes. Each system is an attempt to explain and parameterise the universe; it's both a key to the mysteries and, in some way, the mysteries themselves. I've long held that the systems are all as good as one another; some work better for one person than another, but none is intrinsically better or more accurate than any other. Welcome to the Magical Fairy art of Marjolein Gulinski. Catalog > Coloring Book Pages MarjoleinArt'sFairies Coloring Pages This Collection of MarjoleinART Coloring pages is a joy for everyone!

Welcome to the Magical Fairy art of Marjolein Gulinski

The Witches Collective - Mysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Program: Free Witchcraft School and Education. Forum ~ Services ~ Book of Shadows ~ Shop ~ Links ~ Mysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Register for MDAP Login to MDAP Enter the School A spiritual path is a very personal journey and one that may take many twists.

The Witches Collective - Mysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Program: Free Witchcraft School and Education

Spells & Rituals Book. - Your Guide To The Gods. Paganism. The Pagan Library. Oberon (Otter) Zell.

The Pagan Library

The Magical Circle School. Icelandic magical staves. Icelandic magical staves (sigils) are symbols called Galdrastafur in Icelandic, and are credited with magical effect preserved in various grimoires dating from the 17th century and later.[1] According to the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft, the effects credited to most of the staves were very relevant to the average Icelanders of the time, who were mostly subsistence farmers and had to deal with harsh climatic conditions.[1] Table of magical staves[edit] Font[edit] See also[edit] References[edit] ^ Jump up to: a b "Staves or magical signs"Jump up ^ Lbs 4375 8vo, Iceland, 1900-1949 in the National Library in ReykjavíkJump up ^ From a 17th-century grimoire, in the Antikvarisk-Topografiska Arkivet in Stockholm.Jump up ^ [1] Huld Manuscript ÍB 383 4] in the National Library in ReykjavíkJump up ^ From a 19th-century manuscript, lbs 4375 8vo, in the National Library in Reykjavík.Jump up ^ up ^ From Skuggi.

Icelandic magical staves

Free Book of Shadows .com - The Book of Shadows CD-ROM.

Wiccan Stores

Bujudia - A page for the religion Wicca and Witches and other religions. How to Learn Witchcraft. Advertisements Call a Wiccan Psychic for Guidance! Home > How to Learn Witchcraft Witchcraft or wicca is a pagan religion--a religion of nature. The Colors of the Chakras. Beyond Beginner Wicca. Ntrol Your Life With Witchcraft & Paganism. The Inner Sanctum of Wicca and Witchcraft. Herbs & Herbal Uses. Herbs in medicine, cooking, and magic.

Find charts, planting tips, and other uses for these valuable plants below. Imagine....awakening in the morning and stepping outside to a lush and fragrant paradise....which exists to satisfy your own culinary, medicinal, and even spiritual needs..... Welcome to Herb Gardening! What is an herb? The loose definition of herb is any plant that is used for its culinary, medicinal, or fragrant properties. Plantago lanceolata – Ribwort Plantain. A short rosette-forming herb with leathery ribbed leaves sprouting from the base of the plant. In grazed or mown turf, and over winter, the leaves are rounded and flattened to the ground, but in meadows and taller grassland the leaves grow upwards and are elongated in shape (lanceolate).

Stubby brown flower heads with whitish anthers are borne on plain unbranched and leafless stalks. Theban alphabet. The origins of the Theban alphabet are lost in the mists of time. It is often called "The Runes of Honorius" after its reputed inventor, Honorius of Thebes. It is also known as the 'Witch's Alphabet'. Notable features. Magickal Athenaeum - WikiPagan. Moon Phase. Spells - candle, potion, chanting, etc. Magicka School. The Sabbats of Wicca. Learn Wicca / Wicca 101 / Faerie Tradition Because witches honor nature, they have eight festivals, or Sabbats, that mark the year as it turns through its seasons. The following is basic information about these Sabbats, and includes both standard Wiccan information as well as my personal Sabbat lore and experiences, in other words, what I perceive the Sabbats to be.

The Inner Sanctum. Chakra Test. The Witches Collective. Pagan UnderWorld. The Inner Sanctum of Wicca and Witchcraft. Top 50 Wicca and Witchcraft Sites - Review of the best Wicca sites. Online Wicca College & Wiccan Degree Programs. My Page. Lets101 - Online Dating Lets101 Quizzes - Fun Quiz 66% Good For You! 66% Good For You! Here's who you need to read up on! What else needs to be said? Pagan and Wiccan Prayers for the Dying.