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Tina Roth

I am a personal finance writer and educator. In addition to being the editor at my own Finance Blog, I am a contributing writer to many other online finance blogs. When I am not working on my budget spreadsheet or looking for topics to write about, you can find me playing with my kids or doing my house decoration. To reach me you can visit my Google Plus profile here.:

Tips On Saving Tax All-Round the Year. As we approach the first quarter of the year, we, the professionals and the entrepreneurs, are more concerned about the income taxes than any other thing in the world once we are through the festive season.

Tips On Saving Tax All-Round the Year

During this time of the year, we generally fall back to the accounting services or the income tax consultants for their valuable tax advice. But one very common problem in falling back to them around this time of the year is that the end of the financial year looms large on our heads. Thus, many a times we find out that we are not in a position to save as much taxes as would have been possible had we gone for it earlier in the financial year. Through this discourse we will try to find out effective ways out of saving taxes throughout the year so that we don’t face the similar sort of crisis for the years to come. Boost your retirement plan contribution: – This is considered as one of the most effective way to reduce your taxable income. How FICO Scoring System is Essentially Linked to Your Lifestyle. None of us is alien to the fact the credit history affects our lives in more ways than we can imagine.

How FICO Scoring System is Essentially Linked to Your Lifestyle

In my previous article, I discussed how one can use his credit card to improve his credit score. The problem is, people look at their credit scores in isolation. They shouldn’t. The scores that we have on our credit reports can be improved if we make it a goal to raise it, and bring our lifestyle in sync with this goal. In this article, I’ll lay down some suggestions that can make it happen. Living condition and credit utilization Credit utilization is one of the few important metrics that FICO considers when assigning you a score. The perfect credit utilization rate is between 10 and 20%. That’s because a high credit limit is tempting. Student loan We have the best schools in the world, but the course fees of undergraduate and graduate programs are often quite high, and getting a scholarship is incredibly difficult.

Understand the difference Equal importance Account maintenance duration. 4 Ways to Not $tink at Investing. 2016 is shaping up to be year of switching financial gears here at

4 Ways to Not $tink at Investing

Our mortgage is paid off and soon so will the rest our debts will follow. So we are turning to building wealth. While we have done some investing on our own in the past, we have also made some mistakes. With those mistakes in mind, and learning from our past, I’d like to share a few ways with you to not stink at investing. Start Small Is it just me or when you start doing something new there is this overwhelming urge to go all in right away? Start small, if you are nervous, which btw happens to be a normal thing, then get bigger a little at time. I have seen people lose their shirts because they think :“Go big or go home!”

Tip: Know your risk, and start small. Go Slow When you start investing, there can be this temptation to get in really quickly. First of all slow down! Always remember an investment is like a bus, if you miss it there will be another one. Sure you might miss out. Think Long-Term. 6 Ways You Can Use Your Credit Card to Improve Your Credit Score. Your credit card is one of the factors that decide your credit score.

6 Ways You Can Use Your Credit Card to Improve Your Credit Score

Have any idea how important the card is? Probably not. But I hope you’ll get the idea once you are done reading this article. To start with, paying off the outstanding balance on your card in time is not enough. Stock Market Terms Everyone Should Know. One of the main reasons why many people are afraid of investing is that the entire field seems a bit obscure and even scary to someone who has had no education in trading and business in general.

Stock Market Terms Everyone Should Know

It seems that you are bombarded by terms you do not understand which everyone else seems to know and it can be a bit daunting. The goal of this little guide is to introduce the most essential stock market terms that will set you on your path of understanding and hopefully, one day, trading on the stock market. Broker A broker is a person who handles your investments for you. They purchase and sell your stocks for you and in exchange they charge a fee, usually in form of a commission. Day Trading Day trading is the type of stock market investing where a person buys and sells certain stocks within the same day. Exchange Exchange, or stock market exchange, is a place where brokers and investors trade their stocks.

Hedge Initial Public Offering Portfolio Quote Spread. Binary Options – A Good Investment Idea? Most people are always on a lookout for a new way to invest their money and make a profit.

Binary Options – A Good Investment Idea?

One of the more popular new ways of trading is in the binary option market. It is not a ‘new’ market per se, but since the emergence of the internet as a trading venue, it has definitely been on the rise, with more and more traders engaging in binary option trades than ever before. Tips for Traveling Overseas. A trip to an offshore spot that you have never visited is always invigorating.

Tips for Traveling Overseas

It’s an eye opener that there are a lot to see, learn and enjoy. I was only 20-year old when I boarded my first international flight to London. Later I was on my business trips several times but the ‘first thing’ always comes with some special feeling. Before my first foreign trip, I ended up messing with everything during packing and it reminded me of two famous characters in ‘Three Men in a Boat’ by Jerome K Jerome. And I left my passport at home, set for airport and returned from half of the way. I don’t like you to do those mistakes.

Hotel business cards: Asking for the business card at the front desk is the first thing that I do upon my arrival at an overseas hotel. Carry cash: Though you can get quick cash through ATM, some US banks charge hefty fees for using ‘out of network’ ATM service. Six-month passport regulation: The date of expiry on your passport is quite misleading.