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hi i'm timothy sanford 5'3 brown hair blue eyes 195lbs hearing impaired have pet cat and likes music basketball and riding three wheel bicycle

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Article Ruslan Solodyuk was performing with Yashka the bear in Olonets as apart of an act when the bear turned on him and attacked. ( Galina Guryeva ) RUSSIA - Onlookers at a Russian circus were horrified Wednesday when a 660-pound brown bear viciously attacked its handler before turning its attention to the audience, prompting officials to launch a criminal investigation.

Circus bear mauls Russian trainer in front of horrified onlookers; investigation launched

Ruslan Solodyuk was performing with Yashka the bear in Olonets as part of an act where he orders the 16-year-old bear to stand on its two back legs and push around a wheelbarrow. In the video taken by one spectator, the act seems to be going well until the large brown bear turns on Solodiuk and slams him to the ground while biting his arm. Another trainer attempts to intervene by kicking the animal repeatedly. Local media reported that the bear then ventured into the audience area, just a few feet away, before it was subdued with an electric shocker. Neither the trainer nor the bear were seriously injured. R/MurderedByWords - Blows my mind how ignorant some people are. Flappy bird ipa iphone. QR Code Generator - QR Stuff Free QR Code Generator And Creator.

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‎Games for Nongamers : App Store Story

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‎Just Ask Siri : App Store Story

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3 Easy Ways to Install IPA on iPhone without Jailbreak

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