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Ambiguous Phrases Words Or even Images

Scattergories Words Starting with Certain Letters Q&A - WikiAnswers. Ambiguities. BORED? Play our free word games – INTERACTIVE HANGMAN Anything that is said to be ambiguous is open to more than one interpretation. Sign 1. Ambigious Sentances Phrases or Words. Ambiguous words. Can you tell what this is a picture of? In general terms, a word is ambiguous if its intended meaning is in some way unclear to the reader. There are three main reasons why this can happen: The meaning of the word is imprecise or open to more than one interpretation. Ambiguous Words. Ambiguous Words Here's a bunch of words that, by themselves, have a handful of meanings.

Ambiguous Words

Because of this flexibility, they can be instrumental in titles for your songs/poems/stories/etc. Click on each word to delve deeper into these words' meanings. The most flexible words are at the top of the list. Articles - Ebooks. SUPORT e-Learning. New Learning.

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Documentation - INET - BBC - Etc. Reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Online Writing Tools. Political Content. Genres. Poetry. Literature & Poetry Sites. Quotes.