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404 NOT FOUND. Sony x α Library on Behance. Behance. Behance. International Style Colors Scheme Palette. Behance. UbuWeb. P O R N O - G R A P H I C S on Behance. Behance. Behance. Behance. Buck Wild on Behance. Behance. Behance. Behance. Behance. Behance. Seven Summits on Behance. Behance. Behance. The Silhouette Brochure on Behance. Sara sanger photographer wine bottle photography - sara sanger : photographer. Cossacks Brotherhood on Behance. File4u PDF Viewer 1.0. New Trends in Web Design. Sinfini Music 'Cutting Through Classical' brand campaign by Studio Output (TM). Unique Web Design, Morada #WebDesign #Design site vitrine mise en valeur du produit , chaque produit à sa couleur et son univers qui lui est propre.

Graphic Design Trends. Summer trends for a bold, color-popped, bright & sunny season. Color Crush: Amarelo & Neutros. Behance. Balkans Magazine Design on Behance. New Balance Mid-Century Modern Collection on Behance. Behance. Santtu Mustonen for Flow Festival on Behance. Solar Magazine S/S 2015 on Behance. És.Cape - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog on Behance. Young Swiss Magazine on Behance. Collection 34 on Behance. A b s t r a c t on Behance.

Collages 2015 on Behance. Mistral Nobel & Gran Nobel. OFFSET 2015 Titles. Nothing Cooler - This Is Devil's Breath, The World's Scariest Drug. Mixology »Bar Guide 2014« on Behance. Monuments Live on Behance. « Monuments Live » is a project of an exceptional event of electronic music which must stand in a place in his image : the Castle of Azay-le-Rideau.

Monuments Live on Behance

For its first edition, this musical event wanted adopt a strong identity, current and sustainable.It is quite naturally that the organizers asked to Murmure agency to create an elegant identity with the development of a brand and an immediately identifiable logotype. The Agency also conducted the communication campaign of this first edition. Murmure signs a minimal visual identity, elegant and musical which directs the communication on electronic culture and elegance of the event’s place. The graphic identity imposes a minimum of constraints and highlights the trademark blocks and typography, offering a great liberty of interpretation for the annual campaigns while ensuring coherence and efficiency. Unfortunately, this project has not been released for reasons beyond our control.

Nothing Cooler - How To Create An Awesome Hologram Using Your Smartphone. Inspiration Showcase of Double Exposure Photography. Double exposure photography is the name of the original process where two photographs are exposed onto the same piece of film, resulting in interesting and surreal pictures.

Inspiration Showcase of Double Exposure Photography

While this style is rooted in analog photography, it’s also popular with digital photographers and artists/designers who can replicate the effect in Photoshop, as I recently described in my video tutorial. Both the analog and digital techniques generate beautiful images, as you can see from today’s inspiration showcase of 45 examples of double exposure photography. Inspired to make your own beautiful double exposure image?

Follow my recent video tutorial (or my written tutorial) to learn how to craft such artwork in Photoshop. Join the mailing list to have every new post hand delivered to your email inbox. El trabajo en equipo está sobrevalorado. Incluso en este espacio hemos hablado de las virtudes del brainstorming, esa técnica tan utilizada en la creatividad publicitaria que consiste en reunirse para disparar las ocurrencias que se nos vienen a la cabeza y encontrar la mejor solución.

El trabajo en equipo está sobrevalorado

Tiene sus reglas y, en cierta manera, funciona. Pero no tanto como para convertirlo en la única herramienta creativa. Según Keith Sawyer, psicólogo de la Universidad de Washington, ni tan siquiera es una buena manera de generar ideas desde cero: “Décadas de investigación han demostrado que los grupos de brainstorming piensan menos ideas que el mismo número de personas que trabajan solas y más tarde ponen en común sus impresiones”. 2! Idol. One Bright Dot. Size Branding on Behance. Chilango - Guia de Guias 2014 on Behance. Behance. Game Design projects on Behance. Absolut Blank Kinect-powered digital ‘mirror’ Vote This Hack: Loading ...

Absolut Blank Kinect-powered digital ‘mirror’

Posted on 12/26/2012 Holidays are always the perfect excuse to get plastered. And while we don’t have any Christmas-themed KinectHacks for you today, we do have one that features Absolut vodka, a great companion for a chilly December night and one drink that’s sure to liven up any party. While the Kinect hack itself doesn’t feature anyone getting wasted, it’s still an interesting concept and very imaginative use of the Kinect to promote the product. “We were invited by Absolut, alongside few other Bulgarian artists, to participate into their Absolut Blank campaign. After checking out the video, don’t you feel like partying with a bottle of vodka in hand? Check out more of the developer’s projects using the link below.

Visit Project Website Absolut, Absolut Blank, Kinect Advertising. Stardust process on Behance. GLIMMER // Interactive Environment on Behance. Traces on Behance. Tab S. SamsungEvent on Behance. About The brief We were asked to present the new Samsung Galaxy Tab-S to the media – highlighting its SuperAmoled screen and its great colour definiti… Read More The brief We were asked to present the new Samsung Galaxy Tab-S to the media – highlighting its SuperAmoled screen and its great colour definition – at an event that would make an impact on the attending public and communicate the product’s features.

Tab S. SamsungEvent on Behance

The idea Aiming at carrying out an impressive experience that would generate PR, we developed the following idea: By using the Kinect movement tracking sensor, we captured a dancer’s movement and transformed it in a colour symphony thanks to a generative programming. We got to create a synesthetic choreography where dancer’s movements became images full of colour and emotion On top of that, a million confetti papers were thrown away at the end of the event in order to make users to be part of the immersive experience of feeling the million pixels that the tablet features.

WIRED Event on Behance. LVTHN Poster Series on Behance. Saatchi & Saatchi NDS Featuring Clark & Jamie Lidell on Behance. Unnamed soundsculpture on Behance. Generative artwork + Xbox Kinect Hack on Behance. Kinetica Art Fair 2010. Kinect Illusion - 2011/11/18,19. Kinect projection dance. Cosmetic on Behance. Claustrophobia – Spatial distortion on Behance. Claustrophobia - Spatial distortion Space-project I.

Claustrophobia – Spatial distortion on Behance

In this school project, we had to work with a phobia, a type we are connected with. I have fears, but fortunately not affecting my day to day life, so I chose a phobia, in which I was interested its background, the way it evolved and I experience to a small degree. This is claustrophobia. I called on a technique which substitutes feeling claustrophobic due to enclosed, spaces of stenosis. In the publication I am working on the theme that the relationship with what we are all born with regarding space and develop spatial perception and their potential distortions. Special thanks to Norbert Farkas experimenting with me with pinhole photography and to Balázs Varga for the photos about the printed materials! Emiliana Organic Vineyards, Coyam. on Behance. Steven Christopher - Love Hard on Behance. Behance. Steven Christopher - Love Hard on Behance. Lutréc // 'Parallel Mind' EP Artwork on Behance.

WR 001 - Release Artwork on Behance. Moodfamily II on Behance. Moodfamily is a fresh music collective headed by AMyn and Beazar.

Moodfamily II on Behance

A collective, because we want to gather a wide variety of artists who share a common vision. A vision synonymous with emotion and depth. Stories should be told, tracks are tailored to perfection from sexy floor fillers to dark downtempo vibes. Finding ground in Ghent (BE), a small yet creative and lively town, we are running the Moodfamily record label and booking agency. We represent a versatile range of artists that complete the perfect Moodfamily night. Cover designs for different releases on the Moodfamily label.More information : Please contact me directly if you are interested in a . He of the Slow Creep Launch Night Poster on Behance.

Moon Falcon EP on Behance. Black–Water on Behance. Delicious Food Poster on Behance. WINEPUSHER BOOK on Behance. FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY on Behance. WINE AND FOOD BALANCE on Behance. About Wine and Food balance.


The main goal of this project was to create create the guide with easy to use infographics, useful posters for those who… Read More Wine and Food balance. The main goal of this project was to create create the guide with easy to use infographics, useful posters for those who would like to understand more about wine and properly combine it with food. Designer Lena Smirnova, the organizer and inspirer, together with photographer Kolya Tolstyh and the chef Eduard Nasyrov, implemented these delicious and original posters for Kiev Food & Wine Festival.

El arte de ser Director de Arte en Publicidad. Existen muchos puestos dentro de una Agencia de Publicidad, pero uno de los que se escucha más, es el de Director de Arte.

El arte de ser Director de Arte en Publicidad

Pelforth Radler on Behance. Almanegra on Behance. Almanegra on Behance.