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People Planet Profit - People Planet Profit. Looking beyond the triple-bottom line to people, planet, profit and prosperity. This article first appeared on Cafédirect's website here.

Looking beyond the triple-bottom line to people, planet, profit and prosperity

As the UK hosts this year's G8 summit of the – supposedly – developed nations, it is worthwhile to pause and reflect on what has been achieved (or not) on the international development and aid agenda, which is one of the major discussion points of these meetings. The Washington D.C. based Center for Strategic and International Studies recently released a report outlining that "Private-sector led, broad-based economic growth is the transformational force in development". And The Economist had a special report on 'Emerging Africa' highlighting the sustained economic growth in most of the continent over past decade with huge positive development outcomes.

Well, I don't necessarily believe that only via the private sector will we see an end to poverty. Triple bottom line. Clean Up the Ocean and the Supply Chain — Row + Rue. Though large scale efforts to clean up the ocean have failed in the past, new innovations look more promising than ever.

Clean Up the Ocean and the Supply Chain — Row + Rue

The Ocean Cleanup, pioneered by Dutch entrepreneur Boyan Slat, aims to extract, prevent, and intercept waste in the ocean by trapping the garbage and allowing ships to pick it up by conveyor belt. Sense of Aesthetic: Conscious Fashion Swaps: Switch Coach for Matt & Nat. Here another Conscious Fashion Swap for you -- only this week, I'm focusing on accessories.

Sense of Aesthetic: Conscious Fashion Swaps: Switch Coach for Matt & Nat

Specifically, handbags. Matt & nat. Design%20Guides%20for%20Plastics%20 %20Clive%20Maier. Watch movies online. Watkins College of Art Design & Film Nashville TN. Complementing the College’s present Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, the Sustainable Design concentration provides an opportunity for students to acquire additional skill development and project exploration in work that meets human needs without compromising the environment, such as creating designs that use non-toxic or recycled materials in building materials and fabrics.

Watkins College of Art Design & Film Nashville TN

Students who elect to participate in the Sustainable Design Concentration will complete the existing interior design courses relating to sustainable design, as well as choose from a series of upper division classes that focus sustainability. These classes included: New Sustainable Design Film Release: ’50 Ways of Working Sustainably’ In sustainability there is no such thing as a mass answer, but instead a mass of appropriately scaled, creative, dynamic, emerging and engaging answers.

New Sustainable Design Film Release: ’50 Ways of Working Sustainably’

A new video from the Puma Sustainable Design Collective held earlier this year collates a series of evening talks (including one by me!) Which shows this diversity. Called ’50 Ways of Working Sustainably’ the video aims to generate a deeper understanding of the relationships between the products and systems we design – their social, ecological and economic impacts. About Our Window Film Products. Window Films for Commercial Buildings and Homes Vista window film is the premium brand of professionally installed architectural window films for homes and commercial buildings.

About Our Window Film Products

Top Ten Environmental Documentary Films to Watch on Netflix. As winter draws closer, a good Netflix marathon is sometimes the perfect medicine to soothe any instances of SAD.

Top Ten Environmental Documentary Films to Watch on Netflix

Once you've caught up on Orange is The New Black, we suggest binging on inspiring true stories. Here are ten must-see, compelling and critically acclaimed documentaries you can watch (or re-watch) on Netflix right now. Chasing Ice Nearly ten years ago, environmental photographer James Balog embarked on an arctic pilgrimage to gather real-time evidence of global warming in Iceland for National Geographic. His incredible firsthand account of The Extreme Ice Survey took years to complete, only to become the epically heart wrenching visual masterpiece in the award-winning documentary Chasing Ice. Top Ten Environmental Documentary Films to Watch on Netflix. Component Engineering Consultants. Compliance The indispensable resource on EMC product design; now thoroughly expanded and updated to cover all the major and latest directives This updated and expanded version of the very successful first edition offers new chapters on controlling the emission from electronic systems, especially digital systems, and on low-cost techniques for providing electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for consumer products sold in a competitive market.

Component Engineering Consultants

There is also a new chapter on the susceptibility of electronic systems to electrostatic discharge. There is more material on FCC regulations, digital circuit noise and layout, and digital circuit radiation. Virtually all the material in the first edition has been retained. Deals with the topic of interference (electromagnetic compatibility) in electronic systems. Components Active components are the most fundamental building blocks of electronic systems. The Paper Planet: Packaging Sustainability. A new book hit the shelves this week called "Packaging Sustainability: Tools Systems and Strategies for Innovative Package Design.

The Paper Planet: Packaging Sustainability

" The book is from Wiley Press and is edited by Wendy Jedlicka of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Sustainable Design Certificate Program. The classic role of packaging is to "Protect, Inform, and Sell. " Today, packaging must do all that — but with minimal eco-impact. Packaging Sustainability: Tools, Systems, and Strategies for Innovative Package Design is a comprehensive guide to thinking outside the box to create practical, cost-effective, and eco-responsible packaging. Principles of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. View the ACS GCI Design Principles brochure.

Principles of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering

Introduction to “Design Principles for Sustainable and Green Chemistry and Engineering” Book Reviews: Sustainable Design: The Science of Sustainability and Green Engineering. By Daniel Vallero and Chris Brasier. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2008, 352 pages, $80. Reviewed by Alanna Malone The combined experiences of the authors in architecture, engineering, planning, and public policy have made them experts at justifying sustainable design with sound science, which happens to be the underlying theme of this book. Photo courtesy John Wiley & Sons, Inc. INTERVIEW: We Talk to Designer Fumi Masuda About Sustainable Design. Japanese designer Fumi Masuda, who is responsible for the Pile Chair (an Inhabitat favorite) is the director of the EcoDesign Institute, a professor at the Design Department at Tokyo Zokei University, President of Open House Inc., a member of the Japan Design Consultant Association and founder of the O2 Global Network in Japan.

So you can imagine how glad we were when he made some time to talk to us about green design. We recently had the chance to speak to Fumi about his history with design and he offered some interesting perspectives on the sustainable design market. Where I Work: Brooks Atwood of POD Design. Brooks and Sissy Hot off the heels of a most-successful run as a competitor on HGTV Star, the multi-talented, charismatic, and most definitely unforgettable designer, Brooks Atwood normally spends his days either in a classroom at the New Jersey Institute of Technology sparking explosions in young minds or he’s at his Brooklyn-based studio creating wicked designs across many mediums. From architecture, interior design, and product design (remember the Tetra Light and Sylki Chair?)

, rock star designer Atwood, has his genius hands in many creative pots and there’s no telling what his bright future will bring. No plans to redesign your site? Now is the time to hire a web design agency. Many website owners hire their web design agency at the wrong time. Instead of hiring a web designer when you need work done, hire them when you don’t! Traditionally website owners hire a web design agency when they are unhappy with their website and have the budget to do something about it. However, I have come to believe that the best time to hire a web design agency is when budgets are tight and you are reasonably happy with your website.

Am I mad? Well, possibly. Mikhail Kalashnikov, Creator of AK-47, Dies at 94. Russia's 12 top inventions that changed the world. Caterpillar tracks, track assembly In 1837, Russian army captain Dmitry Zagryazhsky came up with drawings of a caterpillar drive and applied to the Ministry of Finance for a patent for his invention of a “carriage with a flat chain mechanical caterpillar”.

He was granted a patent but his invention did not interest manufacturers at that time and the patent was annulled in 1839. Much later, in 1877, Russian peasant and self-taught inventor Fyodor Blinov completed Zagryazhsky’s unfinshed task and created a wagon that moved on caterpillars. This invention gave the green light to production of tractors and, subsequently, of tanks.

Reading On Brand. Топ-10 украинских стартапов, проявивших себя в 2014 году. Made in Russia: российские бренды, добившиеся успеха за границей. Made in Russia: российские бренды, добившиеся успеха за границей. Туризм и рекреация: фундаментальные и прикладные исследования : Труды II ... - Коллектив авторов. ВЕДОМОСТИ - Рейтинг: 15 самых обсуждаемых российских продуктов. Российский «Яндекс» – один из всего лишь четырех поисковиков в мире, оказавшихся способными противостоять гегемонии американского Google. What is a vegan diet? What are the benefits of being vegan? Being a vegan is definitely more of a lifestyle choice and a philosophy than a diet. Farm Sanctuary. Vegan Fashion Shopping List. Best vegan fashion brands for shoes bags and accessories. Vegan Brand Names - Kitchen Dictionary. Vegan foods are also vegetarian, but in addition are prepared without any foods derived from animal products, such as milk, cheese, eggs, or honey. Which Drugstore Brands are Cruelty Free? - Logical Harmony.

Try Vegan This January With Veganuary. Cruelty Free & Vegan Brand List - Logical Harmony. Whether you want to buy all vegan products, or just start incorporating more cruelty free makeup products into your life, it’s always great to go animal friendly. Veganwave - Vegane Rezepte entdecken und genießen. The curly pinks and cloudy blues of gender based marketing.

Consumers need to be aware of gender based marketing and how this influences the market segments and the consumer psychology of today’s products. This is especially true for toys. Choipref. Проблематика и специфика столкновения принципиально разных концепций в мировом дизайне на примере сравнительного анализа советского художественного конструирования и западного коммерческого дизайна 1950-80-х гг. 2 2013 07 Kolosova file 204 1399 2772. Особенности русской школы дизайна и дизайн-образования (статья) Быстрова Татьяна об имидже, философии дизайна, архитектуре. DisserCat - ошибка работы. Роль дизайна в реализации концепции устойчивого развития. Быстрова Татьяна об имидже, философии дизайна, архитектуре. Gender Identity Development in Children - Cultural differences between Europeans and Americans (USA) - Europe Guide. Harvard. Harvard quick guide tcm44 47797.

Welcome — SITA UK. New report – Rearranging the Furniture. Проблемы загрязнения окружающей среды. United Nations Global Issues. 7 Things We Can Do To Keep Our Sofas Out Of Landfill. Facts and figures. NEWS - X M. Contemporary Furniture Handmade at Benchmark - Benchmark Furniture - The Best of Bankside at London Design Festival 2015. Core77 / Industrial Design Magazine + Resource. Industrial Design Articles – Community – Jobs – Store – Training – Competitions. Business + Innovation. V&A Home Page. Your first source for architecture, design & art news. Art & Design Blog.

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