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2075 report. Self-organization. Usb texture3. Extrusion. Southbank eat winebottles eatsouthbank brisbane custom winebox wine box lunchbox laser etch laseretch cut melbourne sydney australia goldcoast gold coast. September 2014 - Potato Press Potato Press. November 2012 - Potato Press Potato Press. We are very lucky here at Potato Press to be able to work with some extremely talented people.

November 2012 - Potato Press Potato Press

One of those said people is Laura Strange, a Designer and Artists coming out of Brisbane. She approached us to create some custom artworks and jewellery pieces for some upcoming shows she was exhibiting in. We put together an amazing layered laser cut black and white acrylic piece along with some wooden laser cut shapes, which she then incorporated with hand painted watercolours to create a unique artwork. March 2015 - Potato Press Potato Press. We created some great custom timber point of sale for Grown Eyewear .

March 2015 - Potato Press Potato Press

These were small but effective laser-cut & etched wooden signs to sit on counters or shelves for a “raw and natural” look signage. Solidworks Bolt and Nut Tutorial. How to insert Smart Fastener and customize top and bottom stack. Section 1.2 Radial and Transverse Components: Sliding Collar on Rotating Arm. GrabCAD - CAD library. GrabCAD - CAD library. Quick Release Buckle 19mm - SOLIDWORKS,STL,STEP / IGES. Making the Ultimate DIY Headphone Stand (aka Spectrum Dock!)

Plastic Identification Codes - You've probably noticed on most plastic products a recycling symbol with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 along with letters.

Plastic Identification Codes -

So what are these exactly? The SPI resin identification coding system is a set of symbols placed on plastics to identify the polymer type. The symbols used in the code consist of arrows that cycle clockwise to form a rounded triangle and enclosing a number, often with an acronym representing the plastic below the triangle. When the number is omitted, the symbol is known as the universal Recycling Symbol, indicating generic recyclable materials.

It was developed by the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) in 1988, and used internationally. Source: Wikipedia: Plastic recycling. Disability Access Sign Symbols for Download. Today’s free vector download is of 12 disability access symbols that have been designed for use by both public and private entities to advertise available facilities to patrons both disabled or able bodied.

Disability Access Sign Symbols for Download

You’ll find the meaning of these downloadable disability symbols, designed by the Graphics Artist Guild Foundation, along with a link to download the full set of vector files beneath the following image. Enjoy! Download: Disability Access Sign SymbolsFile Type: AI (Illustrator) Disability Access Sign Symbol Meanings: 1. . * For more detailed information on the appropriate uses for these sign symbols, please visit the Disability Access Symbols page of the Graphic Artists Guild.

Additional Information: Sign Language Users Read Body Language Better. Deaf people who use sign language are quicker at recognizing and interpreting body language than hearing non-signers, according to new research from investigators at UC Davis and UC Irvine.

Sign Language Users Read Body Language Better

The work suggests that deaf people may be especially adept at picking up on subtle visual traits in the actions of others, an ability that could be useful for some sensitive jobs, such as airport screening. “There are a lot of anecdotes about deaf people being better able to pick up on body language, but this is the first evidence of that,” said David Corina, professor in the UC Davis Department of Linguistics and Center for Mind and Brain.

Corina and graduate student Michael Grosvald, now a postdoctoral researcher at UC Irvine, measured the response times of both deaf and hearing people to a series of video clips showing people making American Sign Language signs or “non-language” gestures, such as stroking the chin. How To Communicate With Deaf People - MARTE HEGSTADSkribent, komponist, kronisk syk og kronisk positiv. DESIGNABILITIES. Touch Messenger Samsung’s “Touch Messenger”, a mobile handset featuring a Braille touch pad, features 12 Braille buttons which enable the user to read and write messages.


The Touch Messenger comes with a 3 x 4 button grid keypad and a lower Braille screen that can be used to read the text messages received. Found via PDA Live + samsunghub + softpedia. Ошейник для собаки GEODOG. Вне зоны видимости: как новые технологии меняют жизнь слепых. Шрифт Брайля - это... Что такое Шрифт Брайля? Лучшие фотографии животных за 2011 год. Basic obedience commands - Dogtime. We all know that some basic obedience training makes dogs more fun to be around.

Basic obedience commands - Dogtime

What many of us don’t know is that it has other, less obvious, benefits. Obedience training helps your dog see you as her leader, and it also gives her a mental workout–something that many canines need just as much as physical exercise to stave off boredom and make them feel useful. And some commands, like a good recall, may even save your dog’s life one day. Here are the basics every dog should know:SitDownStayComeWalking on leash These guidelines will make training easier for you and your dog:


2050 PR2. Eco-Friendly Materials. A Guide to the Best Eco Friendly Materials and Greenest Textiles. True, we are still living in a material world, but cotton grown with pesticides is no longer the fabric of our lives.

A Guide to the Best Eco Friendly Materials and Greenest Textiles

The green movement is making huge strides replacing toxins and waste in the marketplace with organic fibers like bamboo and hemp, as well as good old corn starch, throw-away cork and used paper. The brave, new soldiers of eco industry believe enough is enough when it comes to creating more waste and adding to our grossly overflowing landfills and plastic islands. 21 Creative Furniture Design Ideas For Pets. Yanko Design. Urban Pooch Dwelling by Lisa Thomas. Urban Pooch is a pet brand developed by designer Lisa Thomas to explore the unique nature of urban dwelling dog owners.

Urban Pooch Dwelling by Lisa Thomas

This brand specifically targets an urban, trendy market, while tackling the issue of dog owners living in compact spaces. The design has a personified “figure” form that has an elliptical base that fits seamlessly against a wall. 10 Designs for Kitty, Puppy, Fishy, and Birdy. Everybody loves puppies!

10 Designs for Kitty, Puppy, Fishy, and Birdy

And if they don’t, they’re terrible! What this post is all about is the people who are completely devoted to bringing their entire life into the future, the design-conscious future! One that includes not only us humanoids, but out pets too! Name The Most Influential Animal of 2013. The study of food addiction using animal models of binge eating. Abstract This review summarizes evidence of “food addiction” using animal models of binge eating. In our model of sucrose bingeing, behavioral components of addiction are demonstrated and related to neurochemical changes that also occur with addictive drugs.

Evidence supports the hypothesis that rats can become dependent and “addicted” to sucrose. Results obtained when animals binge on other palatable foods, including a fat-rich food, are described and suggest that increased body weight can occur. However, the characterization of an addiction-like behavioral profile in animals with binge access to fat requires further exploration in order to dissociate the effect of increased body weight from the diet or schedule of feeding. Keywords. Binge Eating: Neurochemical Insights from Animal Models. Which animals, if any, die of overeating?

Yanko Design. Ever wondered what your dog is thinking? Well, the No More Woof project might be the first step in answering that question. The concept uses the same EEG technology that’s previously only been used to analyze human neural patterns, to decipher the animal’s unique electro-brainwaves. Simple patterns are identified on a loudspeaker, including: “I’m tired,” “I’m hungry,” and even “Who are you?” When seeing a new face!


Kippy GPS Pet Tracker for Dogs and Cats (Web Exclusive) Kippy is an Italian project, a collaboration among experts from the animal, technology and communication worlds. Kippy is a live GPS tracker for dogs, cats and all pets. When your pet wears Kippy, you can follow its movements straight from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Kippy is a GPS location detector for dogs, cats and all pets. Kippy is a complete tool that includes the product to attach to your pet's collar, the smart phone application and the tracking service also works abroad. Online Animal Psychology Studies - When You Understand Animal Psychology You are better able to Predict and Manage Behaviour Learn more about Animal Behaviour, abnormal behaviour in all types of animals, in particular domesticated animals. Plastics Processes. Купирование ушей доберману, собаки, доберман пинчер, купирование ушей, послеоперационный период, возраст 5-8 недель, зажимы, форма ушей, в день купирования щенка на кормят, наложение швов, раннее купирование собака, щенок, рубец очищают от корок.

Постепенно купированные хвосты и уши стали экстерьерными признаками породы доберман. 300 практических советов владельцам собак. Типичные ошибки - Круковер Владимир. General Dog Care. Pet Health Questions Answered by Hill’s – Common Pet Health Issues. Ask your vet these questions to see how nutrition can keep your pet healthy. Topics Detailed Health Questions General Health. Skin and Ear Care for Dogs. Net Pet Shop Blog » Net Pet Shop Blog. The UK’s First Top 50 Pet Bloggers Unveiled By Monster Pet Supplies. Online pet specialist identifies the best pet writers in the country Brian’s Pigeon Blog is unveiled as the UK’s No 1 Pet Blogger, the UK’s fastest growing independent online pet retailer, has today revealed the country’s greatest pet and animal bloggers with the launch of its new league table: The Monster 50.

Following weeks of researching, reading and analysis of hundreds of writers, a detailed ranking of the best animal and pet blogs in the United Kingdom has been unveiled. Produced in partnership with Pet Product Marketing magazine, The Monster 50 list also reveals the UK’s number one animal blogger as Brian’s Pigeon Blog written by Brian the Pigeon who apparently lives in London. About The British Plastics Industry. List of Banned Dogs by Countries. Купирование ушей доберману, собаки, доберман пинчер, купирование ушей, послеоперационный период, возраст 5-8 недель, зажимы, форма ушей, в день купирования щенка на кормят, наложение швов, раннее купирование собака, щенок, рубец очищают от корок.

Купирование ушей и хвоста у собаки для красоты и по необходимости. Пластическая хирургия для животных – необходимость или жестокость? Why I'm ashamed to be a vet: a shocking expose of the profession that puts pe... M.petmd. UK Pet MicroChip Database for Pet Owners. The Top 10 Pet-Owner Mistakes. Regional Pet Ownership - PFMA. A pet website is a unique and innovative concept for pet lovers - Wag The Dog UK. Pets. Анализы в Нижнем Новгороде - Медицинский центр "Наследственность" Болезни кошек. Самые распространенные болезни кошек, котов, котят.

Самые маленькие домашние животные фото, Самые маленькие домашние животные млекопитающие, фотографии топ-10, хорьки фретки мини пиги минипиги шиншиллы кролики белки морские свинки крысы карликовый еж дегу песчанки хомяки хомячки мыши. Происхождение домашних животных - Филипченко Ю. А. Самые популярные домашние животные. Do animals experience mental illness or are those conditions unique to humans?

The Importance of Wild-Animal Suffering – Foundational Research Institute. The Enigma of Animal Suffering. Vegan Outreach. Modern Animal Farming. What Animals Can Suffer?