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DIY Knot Pillow. Country Is...: December 2012. I sometimes forget I have a blog.

Country Is...: December 2012

I forgot to get pictures of the start of this project. This is 1 frozen loaf of bread and one cup of real butter worked into it. It makes great croissants....not skinny ones. Roll it out....fold it in thirds. Roll it out and fold into thirds...... do this a total of 4 times and let it rest for 1 hour between each time. The rolling builds muscles.....well it did for me, I have none. Make cute little triangles. Then roll them up starting at the base. Let them rise...I did 3 loaves, why, I'm a glutton for calories I guess. Spread them with an egg wash. Oh, my.... My favorite photo....I wish you could smell these, crispy outside and so light and flakey inside, and guess calories, they all baked out. Thanks for visiting my wanna be French part of the country, Smudging: How and Why. By EarthThunder Shamanic Healer and Founder of BeLoved Tasom and The Ancient Schools of Mysteries GrandMother Earth’s Family Clans teach that when two legged (humans) became taller than the sagebrush they would leave natural earth-cleansing.

Smudging: How and Why

Humans would need many ways to have an immune system inside and outside their bodies. Smudging is an essential tool of cleansing and balancing. Regular clearing or purification supports peoples' healing. This cleansing supports both physical and spiritual. All ceremonies and rituals, whether they be private or clan, must be entered into with a good walks so that we can clear, sing, and walk in a spiritual, sacred manner and be helped by our ancestors and spirits to enter a sacred space, whether that space be GrandMother Earth, her families and between one another.

Fun Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath Ideas. I love homemade wreaths for Christmas time!

Fun Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath Ideas

Especially these decorative mesh ones which make your front door unique instead of the traditional green ones! They also make great gifts if you can find the materials on sale (look for coupons!) Some of these have tutorials while others are just pictures from Etsy and Pinterest so click the links under the photos to see. Make A Perfect Little Bow - Using A Fork! Have you ever been frustrated when it came time to tie a pretty little bow to finish off that certain craft or project?

Make A Perfect Little Bow - Using A Fork!

Me too. I can spend way too much time fiddling and straightening, trying to make my bows look even and lay nicely - you know - trying to make those bows look just right! HAPPY Holidays: Photo Transfer Ornaments. Fun Jingle Bell Crafts To Help You Ring In The Holidays. Fun Jingle Bell Crafts To Help You Ring In The Holidays Nothing says "holiday cheer" like jingle bells!

Fun Jingle Bell Crafts To Help You Ring In The Holidays

That's why we've compiled the best crafts around for you and your loved ones to try this season. Your home and your hearts will ring with joy. Loopy Loop Garland. How to Make a Silhouette - SchneiderPeeps. This post contains affiliate links; you can read more on our disclosure page.

How to Make a Silhouette - SchneiderPeeps

A couple of years ago, Josiah made silhouettes for Christmas gifts for Carl and I, grandparents, aunts and uncles. It was such a fun gift! Over The Apple Tree: V-Stitch Winter Beanie. Holy Family Craft. Sometimes, a scrap of wood is so much more than just a scrap.

Holy Family Craft

Creative DIY King Size Bed. If buying a king size bed is something that is beyond your budget, why not try making one yourself?

Creative DIY King Size Bed

It might seem an intimidating task, but thanks to the creativity and skills of DIY enthusiasts, they have come up with brilliant DIY ideas that will help us to save money and time when building our own bed. DIY Crate Storage Bench - Refresh Living. I wholeheartedly believe we can never grow too old for “story time”.

DIY Crate Storage Bench - Refresh Living

Of course, you could never actually call it that in a 6th grade classroom, but the philosophy behind an intimate interaction with others and a text remains the same. Let’s instead call it a meeting area (completely appropriate and acceptable in the eyes of a middle school student.) The meeting area is my favorite area in my classroom. It’s a place where 20-25 6th grade bodies can relax on the floor and participate in meaningful conversations about literature. Because middle schoolers grow like weeds, this area can easily become constricted and intertwined with lanky legs and bodies.

Deco Mesh Flowers: How to make several varieties. Over 100 Slipper Patterns For Boys, Girls, Babies, Adults. SEW Hip! Slouchy Slippers…completed! SEW Hip!

SEW Hip! Slouchy Slippers…completed!

Slouchy Slippers (by Caroline Hoff, issue 20) have been made… The SEW Hip! Pattern is advertised as a beginner’s pattern, and I wholeheartedly agree. The Slouchy Slippers are incredibly. Quick, Easy, And Oh-So Useful, Learn How To Make This Sleep Mask! Travel Picnic Blanket. Customize Anything using Freezer Paper * The Typical Mom. I know…you’re probably wondering what the heck I am talking about when I say you can customize anything using freezer paper, but it is true. Using your printer, freezer paper, and a hard surface you can transfer anything you print out on to a piece of cloth or even wood!

Let me show you how easy it is. Take this pillow here. Living Well: 11 Secrets To Properly Freezing Produce. This summer inspiration is brought to you by Target. Find more fun and surprises all season long on Target’s #SummerUp Pinterest board. Images and text by Lindsey Johnson for Design Mom. When I was a little girl, I loved going to my Grandma Maxie’s house. There was always something yummy to eat, especially during the summer when her garden was brimming with strawberries, rhubarb, peaches, and all sorts of veggies. I used to pass by the giant (ancient) freezer on my way through the garage to the backyard and I would stop, open it, and gaze at the stacks and stacks of square freezer containers with green or yellow lids.

Recycled Plastic Bottles, Plastic Bottles and Water Bottle Flowers. Rock Crafts - Painted Stone Village. I have been eyeing up these painted stone village houses for a long long loooooong time. I think my kids are FINALLY old enough to have a go at painting some of these themselves. We are obsessed and in love with all things “Fairy”.. and I know that these adorable stone craft will no doubt fall into the fairy category for my kids. But they would also be great for playing with some of our small toys or simply for having on display. Love everything about these Stone Houses. Simply wonderful. See them ALL (so many) over here on Thinly Spread. Tags:beach, Crafts, dolls houses, fairies, Fairy, houses, Kids, Nature, paint, painting, rock, Rocks, stones, toys. He Dumps Cement Into A Plastic Bowl. A Few Hours Later He Flips It Over And Turns It Into THIS! With summer right around the corner, you’re probably eager to get outdoors and start sharing memories with your friends and family.

So if you’re looking for a way to create a fire-pit that you can sit around for hours, this DIY project will help you make the perfect gel fire pit for your yard. SEE ALSO: The Weather Alerts for Montral Are Now Available This fire pit video tutorial by Jeff Patterson shows you exactly how to create your own at home step by step. 10 Color Inspiration Secrets Only Designers Know About. “Color: what a deep and mysterious language!” [1] Specific hues can provoke different emotions, associations, and responses that affect how your brand is perceived. Put simply, color choices can make or break a design. In fact, research has shown that color can increase brand recognition (by up to 80%), memory, engagement with a design piece, text comprehension, among many others. Fortunately, we are far from the times when our color choices were limited to a small batch of natural pigments.

Our options are no longer whatever colors minerals, animals, and plants had to offer. Whether You Make Them As Gifts Or To Keep For Yourself, You'll Love These Snappy Card Wallets! These Hot Pads Are Almost Too Pretty To Use (And They're So Simple Too)! I Never Thought A Hand Towel Could Look So Pretty Until I Saw This Project! Welcome to Facebook - Log In, Sign Up or Learn More. Amazon. Repurpose Ceiling Fan Dragonfly-Glows in the Dark. Plastic soda/water/juice Bottles Recycle Art Make pretty Flowers n Useful Things Reuse containers. Plastic Soda Bottles in Bloom.

How Flowers Are Made. Make Art. Not Trash. Used plastic soda water juice bottles can be recycled/ upcycled to make wonderful things like this beautiful flowers. It's really amazing how used and/or old things that seem to have no special value can be made into entirely different, useful, pretty, even beautiful new items that are enjoyable, decorative and quite useful. DIY Rain Chain Using Spoons. Play Dough Recipe: {Great Gift Idea} No Cook PlayDough. Color-Tinted Skeleton Leaves - The Kreative Life.

Add Text to Shapes in Microsoft Word Tutorial. 25 Brilliant DIY Ideas How To Recycle Your Old CDs. DIY Grainsack Stripe Stamp. Quick Wreath With Denim Flowers. Homemade paper dolls - happy hooligans - crafting with fabric scraps. Tutorial : reusable snack bag tutorial - Back to Her Roots. Tutorial : reusable snack bag tutorial - Back to Her Roots. Yard Yahtzee and Summer Fun Part 9 - Nap-time Creations. Colored Denim Scrap Wreath. I’ve been sharing quite a few craft projects lately made with colored denim. Outdoor Ornaments to Make with Kids - Kids Activities Blog. How to get a terrarium started in 5 easy steps.

Once established, a terrarium creates an ecosystem that takes care of itself. The Best Homemade Playdough Recipe. Shabby Chic Mom Cave Bungalow. DIY storybook paper roses. Recycled Mint Tin Music Box. Coffee Filter Roses. 10 Ways to Turn Junk Into Garden Art. How to Make Paper Flowers. How to print pictures on wood. Wax Paper transfer. Lace Princess Crowns - DIY. Princess Crowns Tutorial. Totschooling - Toddler and Preschool Educational Printable Activities. DIY PVC Pipe Book Storage. Machine Applique 101 - Beginner's Quilting Series – Pile O' Fabric. Paper Snowflake Maker. How to Make Flower Fairies. Free Valentine Printables and Candy Jar. Amish Knot Rug Tutorial 1 of 2. Woven Rag Rug. How to Make a Peg Board Box - Thistlewood Farm. Rag Rug Tutorial. From Rags To... Wreath? Denim Do-it-All Bins. Log Cabin Rag Quilt.


New Year, New You: Being Happy & Healthy in 2015! Sewing Tutorial: How to Make a Weighted Blanket (Sensory Friendly) - Mama Smiles. DIY Faux Roman Shade From a $4 Mini Blind. The Lazy Lady’s Guide to DIY: Hanging Herb Garden. Lace window treatment with cornflour. Easy To Make Christmas Ornaments: Stained Glue Snowflake. Make a braided t-shirt rug. How to make a child's apron from your old jeans -Happy Hooligans. Recycled Village of Gingerbread Houses. How to Make a Rag Rug tutorial. Beautiful and Simple – DIY Arm Knitting a Blanket – Tutorial and Video. 45 Handmade Christmas Presents for Mom - Gifts Anyone Can Make! RECIPE OVERVIEW. Crayon Art. Wander with Wonder. Persimmons Studio. Winter coloring pages. CD Ornaments.

The Most Wonderful Stocking Hanger. Baked very pretty. Melting Faux Snow Texture. Repurposed Crib Dog Crate. Make It: Rag Quilt for Baby. How to make mason jar elf cottages.


Spring Wreath.