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How to print pictures on wood. Wax Paper transfer.

How to print pictures on wood. Wax Paper transfer.
I’m funny. Sometimes ha-ha funny, sometimes left-out-of-the-fridge-too-long funny. But as we all know, there are times for funny and times for seriousness. This is one such time. So this post will involve no funny. Because the information I’m about to introduce you to deserves a reverence that can’t be accomplished when diluted with hilarious jokes or cutting sarcasm. I’m going to teach you how to transfer any photograph or picture onto wood. You don’t know it yet, but this is the greatest day of your life. A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to try making something but it involved transferring a photo onto wood so I did a little research. So I kept looking for a cheaper (don’t have to buy anything) and simpler solution. It was the perfect solution and it works GREAT. All you need is a printer, a roll of waxed paper and a dream. That’s right. Cut a few sheets of wax paper to the size of a standard piece of printer paper. Find a smooth, light coloured piece of wood. You’ll be stunned. Related:  DIY

How To Create a Wooden Picture His version of 'Hallelujah' made Simon say it was one of the most brilliant auditions ever.Jeff Gutt started playing guitar when he was only six years old, but didn't start singing until he w... There Was A Mistake On Set, How He Covered Had Everyone In Hysterics.When weatherman Cory McCloskey was faced with some weather map malfunctions, how he handled the situ... Daddy asked her to sing Old MacDonald, and she gave him a version he will never forget. Little Josie is just 23 months old, and already has quite the interest in music. With the help of he... He told his dog "Play Dead." His Brother Passed Away Laying Next To Him, His Response Put The Family In Tears.Losing a sibling is very hard for everyone.

Designing a Cigar Box Guitar Using Computer Software Designing your cigar box guitar on a computer not only provides you with an accurate plan, it also makes it easy to tweak and change depending on which supplies you have purchased. There are many different types of drawing software packages out there, from free packages such as Inkscape to commercial packages like Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I use Adobe Illustrator as I have access to it through work, but most drawing packages have the same functions so adapting this guide to your chosen software should be easy. If you don’t have access to a commercial drawing package then I would recommend Inkscape, it’s easy to use and will create a great looking design. Let’s get on with the tutorial: Open a new document and set up work area 50cm wide and 100cm high. After deciding which scale length you’re going to use draw a rectangle the same width as your neck and the scale length. Draw a rectangle the length of your scale and the width or your neck.

Easy-to-Maintain Lawns and Ground Covers Caring for a traditional lawn is one of the most time-consuming tasks during the growing season. Mowing, hand-trimming, weeding, fertilizing and watering take patience and time. But there are easier ways to obtain a great look for your front yard with less time spent performing those routine chores. Lawn Plan The kind of grass you plant will determine how much attention you need to give it. Also, your climate will dictate certain choices as well. There are lots of benefits to planting a mix of grasses. Alternative Ground Covers Alternative ground covers are perfect for spots that are nearly inaccessible for the lawnmower, like rocky sites or sloped areas, but consider them for the other areas of your yard as well. TIP: Our expert gardening advisor Rachel Klein adds, "A recent movement advocates growing weeds instead of turf as a lawn. Lilly-of-the-Valley - There are many beautiful low-maintenance ground covers. Traditional Lawn If you are loyal to your sod or traditional green grass.

8 great ways to incorporate a flat screen television into a room. Without a doubt, without any bit of hesitation or yammering I can tell you that the most difficult decision I’ve had to make during this entire kitchen renovation is … where to put the stupid television. I still hate where I put my television in the living room 2 years ago, so I can’t totally be trusted with this sort of thing. I can’t decide if I want a big television, or a smaller one, should it be hidden, shown off, on the counter, on a wall? I thought I had it all figured out. 3 times. 3 times I thought I knew exactly where the television should go and then some niggly little thought wormed its way into my brain and I reconsidered my decision. I used hunks of cardboard and put them throughout the kitchen to see how I thought I liked them. You’d think that once televisions became ultra slim, flat, and only 3″ deep they’d be easier to deal with. So I finally took to the Internet to see if I could come up with anything there. Like this … See the full DIY here. from Restoration Hardware

Slide Guitar: Choosing a Slide: Mass, Hardness, Materials, Fit Slides are widely available in different designs, materials, and sizes. These comments will hopefully save you from buying slides that will not serve you well and save you from picking a musical tool that might discourage you from pursuing slide in your musical life. Your choice of slide may very well change with your choice of guitar, string height and gauge, and amplification set up, as well as whether you’re recording or performing live, playing solo or in a band context. That said, here’s a quick breakdown of the options and their ramifications. Mass The mass of the slide is fairly critical to sound production on acoustic guitars. Electric guitarists can get away with thin slides made of a wider variety of materials because their amplifiers are doing much of the heavy lifting. Acoustic guitarists will best choose slides with significantly more mass. Hardness Tone and control of ambient string noise will vary according to the hardness of the slide material. Buying Advice: Which Material?

How We Plant a Tomato Love Apple Farm's tomato plant sale will be held at 5311 Scotts Valley Drive in Scotts Valley (near Santa Cruz, CA) and will begin on Saturday, March 28, 2015 and continue EACH day until the end of May. How do we plant a tomato, you might ask? With a ridiculous amount of stuff in the hole, is the answer. I think they're just either too overwhelmed by the real stuff we put in there, or they actually believe we're throwing in a sink. This is how we plant a tomato. We started this beauty in our heated greenhouse in late January. The tomatoes are placed three feet apart. We get them from the restaurant we grow for, Manresa. If you're reticent to put the fish head in the hole, or simply can't get your mitts on any, we recommend using fish meal as a substitute. The next thing that goes into the hole are a couple of aspirin tablets and some crushed chicken egg shells. The aspirin is to help jump start the plant's immune system. Bone meal is the next to go into the hole. Good luck, folks!

Han häller sand mellan två krukor och förvandlar det till något alla borde ha i sommar. | Newsner När jag först såg det här förstod jag inte vad det handlade om. Men ju närmare jag tittade desto mer nyfiken blev jag. Med det här knepet kan du bygga ett litet kylskåp utan varken elektricitet eller kemikalier. Och det bästa av allt är att det inte alls tar lång tid. Här är det du behöver: Två blomkrukor i lera i olika storlekar. Sand Tejp Kallt vatten Ett lock som passar den lilla krukan En kökshandduk Så här gör du: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Bilder: Youtube. Publicerad av Newsner Knep, gilla gärna

How to Build a Simple Cigar Box Guitar: 12 Steps To start off with you will need of course a cigar box. Do not get a cigar box from a convenience store as they are thin and made of cardboard. Get one from a true tobacco/cigar store. Do not spend more than $3 for a paper covered box. We will be making what is called a neck trough design where the neck enters one side of the box and exits the other. You will need a length of wood as the neck. You will also need some basic tools such as a saw (basic hand saw and coping saw if you can get one), screwdriver, glue (use Titebond Original (red label), hammer, drill and bits, wood file or rasp, sandpaper, rubber bands (as clamps) utility knife, ruler or yard stick, 1" deck screws are handy but you can use something similar. Materials Needed: Wooden Cigar Box somewhere in the 9"x7"x2" range(Usually called card board but needs to have sides about 1/4" thick. Tools Needed:

Great Recycled Craft- Yarn Wrapped Bottles with Decoupage! Do you like to craft with recycled items? I have huge collections of glass bottles in my storage because I never know what might come to mind. And there is nothing better than free craft supplies! A bright sunny project for a warm summer day. For this project I used: 3 Glass Snapple Bottles (cleaned) Yarn in three colors Decorative Napkins Mod Podge (Matte) White glue Silk Flowers Start at the bottom of the bottle, adding white glue and then wrapping it with yarn. Keep wrapping and gluing the yarn until you get all the way to the top. I used an off white yarn, bright green, and blue. Select a pattern from some designer napkins. Paint the section of the bottle that will have the design on it with a good coating of Mod Podge, and then press the design onto it. Here is the white bottle sitting to dry. I found that the lighter colored yarn had a neater effect, but they all came out pretty. The final touch was to add pretty ribbons to the tops of the jars and add some silk flowers.

Paper-Back Planters: Recycling Books to Pot Indoor Plants Have books finally met their match with the Apple iPad, or is it just another fad like the Amazon Kindle? Readers may find some poetry in these volumes regardless of whether they are willing to give up their favorite paperback companions: potted plants put into scooped-out sections of beautiful old hardback books. Gardenkultur (via Inhabitat) makes a simple recycling project out of even the most complex novels, but carving into the heart of a book, sealing off the resulting space and putting seeds of little trees or other plant life into the curved void. Of course, this would work just as well as a do-it-yourself gardening project for those green-thumbed enough to provide proper moisture barriers for their own plants. But if a picture is said to be worth one thousand, at how many words do we value a wee plant? Hopefully these books were beyond repair and those ripe only for reuse.

balalaikas et instruments à 3 cordes Balalaika (piccolo) B E A La Mi Si Balalaika (prima) E E A Mi Mi La Balalaika (secunda) E E D Mi Mi La Balalaika (alto) E E A Mi Mi La Balalaika (basse) E A D Mi La Ré Balalaika (contrebasse) E A D Mi La Ré Balalaika (subcontrebasse) E A D Mi La Ré Balalaika (accordage folklorique occasionnel) C E G Do Mi Sol Strumstick à 3 cordes C G C Do Sol Do G C G Sol Do Sol D A D Ré la Ré Cigar Box à 3 cordes A E A La Mi La G D G Sol Ré Sol A E G La Mi Sol D G D Ré Sol Ré

Homemade Yogurt in the Crock Pot | Live Simply Now, I realize making your own homemade yogurt could very well put you in the ranks as being superwoman, but let me assure you… I am not superwoman. In fact, once you see how easy this homemade yogurt is to make, you will wonder why you haven’t made it yourself. I am all about easy and tasty! When the two combine, BAM, I love the results! Before I share the steps to make homemade yogurt, I think I should settle something first. Sometimes life pulls in too many directions and I just don’t have the time to spend an extra 15 minutes in the kitchen. Okay, okay, I will share. I love Seven Stars. But, you must promise to leave some if you go out and buy this yogurt. While most weeks I buy (in bulk through my food co-op) a case of Seven Stars Plain Whole Milk Yogurt, there are times it simply isn’t available or cost-wise I need to cut down on my food spending. I switched over to Stoneyfield Whole Milk Yogurt, but the cost for our family was just too much for the amount we consumed each week.

Make Do: 3 Modular Pieces for Making Endless DIY Projects One of the problems with a kit-of-parts approach is that you need, well, the kit … of parts. But what if you started from another angle and treated everyday scraps as raw materials? Then you might arrive at this ingenious idea: create the connectors and let the world around provide the rest of your material palette. MakeDo is a neat product that enables the do-it-yourself process with a set of items to help parse apart and reassemble everything from cardboard to plastic and fabric. Though it clearly has child-friendly appeal, calling it a kid’s toy would not do justice to this clever system – these would be equally fun to set loose in an otherwise boring lobby, waiting room or creative corporate office. The three basic modular elements are a connector, a hinge and construction tool. Bubble wrap, cardboard tubes, coffee cups, egg cartons, shipping boxes and other everyday objects suddenly take on a new set of possibilities – from playful to profound.

Make Your Own Cigar Box Guitar | Make Your Own Cigar Box Guitar How To Make A 3 String Cigar Box Guitar In this blog post, I’ll take you through how to make a basic, fretless, 3 String Cigar Box Guitar. In this instance, I’m using a Cigar Box Guitar Kit that I picked up from eBay. The kit contains all the parts that I need to build the guitar, with the exception of the box (luckily I have a spare box!). Cigar Box Guitar Parts The kit came with: a length of Redwood for the neck, 3 closed machine head tuners, 3 nylon strings (which I may swap for steel strings later), 1 piezo pick up, already soldered to a 6.35mm jack (so the guitar can be plugged into an amp) 3 string guide screws, 1 length of aluminium pipe for the bridge 1 length of aluminium pipe for the nut 1 picture frame hanger to use as a string retainer Scarf Joint I have used a scarf joint for the headstock on this neck, it’s not compulsory but I like to do it that way. I’m quite happy with the kit but not sure about the nylon strings as I’ve never used them before! Power8 Workshop Spokeshave