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A Marketing Dashboard for Everyone. Proudly designed and built in Canada, eh.

A Marketing Dashboard for Everyone

Copyright © 2016 Klipfolio Inc. All Rights Reserved Add a pre-built data visualization to your dashboard using the Gallery Pre-built dashboard visualizations Choose a pre-built metric from over 60 services to get started quickly. Add an interactive dashboard template Create a dashboard using one of our templates. Build a custom dashboard using your own data Design data visualizations and dashboards from scratch using your own data. "I love that the team doesn't have to spend time downloading CSV files to create dashboards and reports. Mike King, Managing Director at iPullRank Watch this short overview video to learn how Klipfolio works Build your dashboard in minutes.

12 keyword research tools and creative ways to use them. For over seven years, I’ve used keyword research to consistently bring myself and clients valuable, targeted long lasting traffic.

12 keyword research tools and creative ways to use them

It can be one of the biggest land grab opportunities in SEO – if you know the tools to use and how to use the tools. For this piece I’m going to not only share 12 of the best keyword tools out there – but ways to use them I’ve never shared anywhere else before. I’ve used one of the methods below to help a client grow their blog traffic 20 times in just six months – all by knowing where to look for opportunities (assuming of course you can execute 10x content worthy of ranking). It’s not magic. It takes work, experience, persistence and great content. Tools for topic and long tail keywords 1. Cost: Free. SEO for Startups — How We Got Over Our Fear of SEO. The Adaptive SEO Approach (And How To Get More Conversions) Ever notice how so-called “SEOs” are usually at the butt end of jokes?

The Adaptive SEO Approach (And How To Get More Conversions)

I reckon a good part of that may be that Search Engine Optimization providers have little or no marketing background so we tend to get stuck in the technical dribble (K.I.S.S. and make up, anyone?) Of it all. On the flip side, quick-fix SEO techniques like cloaking, keyword stuffing, and autoblogging made it easy to cut corners and not do the stuff that takes continued effort. The bigger issue with SEO douchebaggery, as some would have it called, may very well be short-sightedness. Some of us take for granted “what works today” but fail to prepare for the future. With all that in mind, disregarding the value of SEO can truly hurt your business or sell you short – SEO is amazing for conversions!

Image source - Editors note: Make sure you read all the way down to see Yomar’s great Sketchographic (or, as he likes to call it, Infodoodle) So where do our fellow SEOs go wrong? Why? How does this happen? Downloads/How-to-Create-Compelling-Content.pdf. SEO for Beginners – Everything You Need to Know. Step 2: Before you get granular, start building a keyword list at a high level. No need to be picky in the beginning, just list as many closely related words as you can. Example 1: If I run an online subscription for men’s shaving cream, I would start brainstorming keywords about men’s grooming tips and fashion tips, because my target customers are men who want to groom themselves and look good. Example 2: If I have a SaaS tool for email marketing, I would start brainstorming keywords about email funnels, email drip copywriting, and email conversion optimization since my target customers are marketers who are interested in using my tool to generate more revenue through email marketing.

Step 3: Use the high level list you developed and generate more specific ideas. 1. 2. Training tips for a half marathonmarathon training tips for beginnershalf marathon training tipshalf marathon training tips for beginnersboston marathon training tipstraining tips for running a marathon Example: 2. 1. 2. 3. SEO: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners. You hear the term all the time, but how do you actually rank higher in the search engines?

SEO: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

I know when I first heard the term, it sounded like some voodoo magic that only a few people understood how to use. The reality is, SEO isn’t rocket science. Some gurus would have you believe it takes years of dedicated study to understand it, but I don’t think that’s true. Sure, mastering the subtle nuances takes time, but the truth is that you can learn the fundamentals in just a few minutes. So, I got to thinking, "Why don’t I lay out the basics, all in one post? " It’s a long one, to be sure, but after years of studying SEO and working behind the scenes to help companies get first page rankings, I’m convinced this is all you need to know. The Traffic Trap (and How SEO Really Works) Lots of marketers make the mistake of seeing SEO only as a source of free traffic. The real purpose of SEO is to help people who are looking for you find you. For example: Mary sells custom knitted sweaters.

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