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Making Things See Available for Early Release. I’m proud to announce that my book, Making Things See: 3D Vision with Kinect, Processing, and Arduino, is now available from O’Reilly.

Making Things See Available for Early Release

You can buy the book through O’Reilly’s Early Release program here. The Early Release program lets us get the book out to you while O’Reilly’s still editing and designing it and I’m still finishing up the last chapters. If you buy it now, you’ll get the preface and the first two chapters immediately and then you’ll be notified as additional chapters are finished and you’ll be able to download them for free until you have the final book. OpenFrameworks. Getting Started with Kinect and Processing. So, you want to use the Kinect in Processing.

Getting Started with Kinect and Processing

Great. This page will serve to document the current state of my Processing Kinect library, with some tips and info. The current state of affairs Since the kinect launched in November 2010, there have been several models released. Main Page. C++ GL Example. Main.cpp Makefile This Makefile is probably not Portable to your System then are changes required CC = g++ LD = g++ LDFLAGS = CFLAGS=-g -Wall `pkg-config --cflags libfreenect` -lopengl32 -lglut32 LIBS = `pkg-config --libs libfreenect` -lGL -lGLU -lglut OBJECTS = main.o PROG = mycppview all:$(PROG) $(PROG): $(OBJECTS) $(LD) $(LDFLAGS) $(LIBS) $(OBJECTS) -o $(PROG) %.o: %.cpp $(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(LIBS) -c $< clean: rm -rf *.o $(PROG)

C++ GL Example

Kinect. Connect Kinect to PC Using PrimeSense Drivers - OpenKinect. Hi I was confused with different instructions for connecting Kinect to PC.

Connect Kinect to PC Using PrimeSense Drivers - OpenKinect

Actually I couldn't install OpenKinect drivers, but I come up with an instruction 4 Dummies! :D I would be glad if somebody makes something like this for OpenKinect. Sajjad. Hand Tracking. The good folks at ZigFu have created a great way for people to set up the things they need in order to start using their Kinect right away.

Hand Tracking

The package will install OpenNI, NITE and Sensor Kinect with just the click of a button. This will definitely come in handy if you're new to the game of have to configure multiple workstations in a short amount of time. They developed a Unity package as well for gaming and their own Portal you can use on your Desktop. Jvcleave/ofxKinect_Box2D - GitHub. Kinect-juggle - Virtual juggling with the kinect sensor and OpenNI. Multimedia- ASUS Xtion PRO LIVE. Multiple sensing functions to make development easy The Xtion PRO LIVE uses infrared sensors, adaptive depth detection technology, color image sensing and audio stream to capture a users' real-time image, movement, and voice, making user tracking more precise.

Multimedia- ASUS Xtion PRO LIVE

The Xtion PRO LIVE development solution comes with a set of developer tools to make it easier for developers to create their own gesture-based applications without the need to write complex programming algorithms. 1. Gesture detection: The Xtion PRO LIVE development solution tracks people's hand motions without any delay, which turns your hand into a controller. It has more than 8 predefined poses to allow you to push, click, circle, wave and much more– perfect for use controlling a user interface. Develop for the Kinect. Jvcleave's Profile - GitHub. Freenect - Latest news covering Kinect projects, applications, programming and hacking.