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The Center of the Universe Total vehicle sales year over year showed some post winter bounce. The narrative was that March started off slow but picked up due to large incentives for the last week. We’ll see if it all holds up for April. Full size image The Center of the Universe
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The Original db Burger I can’t pinpoint the specific instance when I decided I would spend the rest of my life in New York. There were many: spring break my freshmen year and I was absolutely electrified by the buzz of the city. Or my semester abroad junior year, reading Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential. Perhaps it was the Wednesdays when I religiously picked up the New York Times for its dining section. The Importance of Salt The Importance of Salt
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Gauti Eggertson and Neil Mehotra have an interesting new paper: A Model of Secular Stagnation, by Gauti Eggertsson and Neil Mehrotra: 1 Introduction During the closing phase of the Great Depression in 1938, the President of the American Economic Association, Alvin Hansen, delivered a disturbing message in his Presidential Address to the Association (see Hansen ( 1939 )). He suggested that the Great Depression might just be the start of a new era of ongoing unemployment and economic stagnation without any natural force towards full employment. This idea was termed the ”secular stagnation” hypothesis. One of the main driving forces of secular stagnation, according to Hansen, was a decline in the population birth rate and an oversupply of savings that was suppressing aggregate demand. Soon after Hansen’s address, the Second World War led to a massive increase in government spending effectively end- ing any concern of insufficient demand. Economist's View Economist's View




Pipes and Theories The issue of same-sex marriage will arrive at the United States Supreme Court this spring in a pair high profile cases. The first, Hollingsworth v. Perry, considers the constitutionality of California's Proposition 8, a 2008 ballot initiative which amended California's constitution to prohibit same-sex marriage, effectively over-ruling a state Supreme Court decision which held that California's constitution required allowing same-sex couple to marry along with opposite-sex couples. On Tuesday, a group of Californians who support Proposition 8 filed their brief on the merits, asking the Supreme Court to reverse the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals's decision invalidating the voter-approved measure. The case will be argued on March 23. The second, United States v. Pipes and Theories
Back in 2008 I wrote a three part series of articles entitled, “How Postmodernism Leads To Fascism.” Guess what? It still does. Its been nearly three years since I wrote a long article titled, “Why I Call Obama A Fascist.” And the man has EXPLODED in fascism since I wrote that with his targeting of nearly 300 conservative groups using his thug IRS as a major recent example. He is a firehose of pure fascist evil and you literally cannot keep up with it unless you stay up 24/7 trying to document it all. Start Thinking Right Start Thinking Right
Sir, as an Executive Director in the World Bank, 2002-2004, during the Basel II discussions, with respect to big banks I said: “Knowing that “the larger they are, the harder they fall” if I were regulator, I would be thinking about a progressive tax on size”. That said many questions come to mind. First, if there is a tax on liabilities, who will pay for it the most, borrowers by means of higher interests, or depositors by means of lower interests? And, since what equity holders are really out after is high returns on their equity, and these are much obtained through leverage, it would not seem like these taxes would be able to sufficiently substitute for regulations that limits bank leverage. Tea with FT Tea with FT
Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog Digital Inspiration - Technology Blog 07 Apr 2014 Easily Unsubscribe from all LinkedIn Emails LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, sends too many email notifications and they also make it difficult for you to unsubscribe from these emails. There’s an easy workaround though. The 10 HTML Codes You Need to Know for Writing on the Web

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Stock Market Today - Financial News, Quotes and Analysis Kiss 'The End' Goodbye, Suckers You've shown them you love sequels. So creators of 'Mad Men,' 'Hunger Games,' 'Divergent' and other titles are going to squeeze their customers harder from now on. The Real Cost of Walmart to Taxpayers America's biggest employer receives the biggest tax breaks. Stock Market Today - Financial News, Quotes and Analysis
- The week in four charts, via Fast FT. And what’s coming next week. Read more Larry Summers was interviewed by Chrystia Freeland at the INET conference in Toronto last week, in a conversation that very usefully expanded upon his thoughts about secular stagnation. FT Alphaville FT Alphaville
Ron Paul 2012 | Sound Money, Peace and Liberty | Blog Ron Paul 2012 | Sound Money, Peace and Liberty | Blog by David Corn | Mother Jones | Thu Apr. 10, 2014 Snip - Rand Paul has not yet fully jumped into this fiery fray [of declassifying CIA torture documents] (though he did praise Feinstein when he recently gave a speech in Berkeley, California). But when he was at the start of his Senate campaign in May 2009, he appeared on the Antiwar Radio show hosted by Scott Horton, who in 2004 was a foreign policy adviser to the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate.