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Facebook Twitter, le portail des pros du marketing. Marketing : 4P vs Web 2, Marketing is dead, vive le Marketing 2.


Best Brand Viral Videos of 2010. 8 November '10, 05:58pm Follow Who doesn’t love a good viral video on Youtube? It’s every brands dream to have a video that clocks up millions of views but rather than being something that is done off the cuff brands are increasingly having to spend big money on production, ad campaigns to support the videos and other props.

The rewards can be massive though as the good videos spread all over sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube in days with most clocking up millions of views and huge interaction. As you’ll see most of these videos are made by big brands and are clearly not the sort of videos that you just pull out a camera and film in a second! T-Mobile Arrivals Video This is the most recent in a string of stunning viral ads from T-Mobile in which people come together to dance in a variety of places. Roger Federer Gillette Is it real or is it fake? The Old Spice Guy Samsung Video Camera So how do you create a viral video that shows off the amazing quality of a new Samsung video camera?


Pourquoi les marketers offline ont une longueur d'avance en digital. Fidélisation. Business Marketing with Web 2.0. If you’re planning on using the web for business marketing, it’s a good idea to look at Web 2.0 tools for help.

Business Marketing with Web 2.0

Whilst your website, your blog, and articles directories will all work for you to help you grow your business, web 2.0 tools can give you even more power to: • Build rapport with your customers, • Collaborate, • Develop your brand, • And improve your online presence with search engines. People use many web 2.0 tools to connect with others in terms of business and pleasure. Those connections can benefit your business in many ways. Let’s look at a few examples: Facebook People of all ages are on Facebook. TwitterTwitter is a micro blog so while you can’t write a long article about something, you can deliver bite-sized updates and include links that go into more detail. Social Bookmarking Social bookmarking tools can help your business be at the centre of online conversations. If you’re interested in learning more about using the Web for business marketing, I can help. The State of Online Word of Mouth Marketing [STATS] In a session yesterday at Forrester's Marketing Forum, Forrester analysts Josh Bernoff and Augie Ray presented research findings on peer influence and word of mouth marketing.

The State of Online Word of Mouth Marketing [STATS]

Some of the statistics were surprising, and the presentation was rife with practical tips for marketers we thought worth sharing. Influencers are Diverse Ray said that when marketers think about targeting influencers, they tend to think of them "like a stew": tasty, but undefined. He advises thinking about them instead as a "delicious 3-course meal" in which it's important to savor the flavors of each. He outlined a Peer Influence Pyramid that breaks down influencers into three types: Social Broadcasters (at the top), Mass Influencers (middle), and Potential Influencers (bottom of the pyramid). Social Broadcasters are few in number but great in scale — they are the top bloggers, most well-connected individuals, and have a lot of followers looking to them for news and advice on the latest and greatest.