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The Rug Republic

The Rug Republic (TRR) is a global brand of handmade rugs offering over 700 trend - sellers, always available in stock with ex- factory lead time of 3 weeks for worldwide clients. We take pride in our role of making home fashion easy for our clients and accessible to consumers. To identify trends and create products which will fill the stores of our clients and homes of consumers worldwide, that’s what the Republic Of Fashionable Homes is all about!

Rugs Decor Styles That Are Perfect for Modern Interiors - THE RUG REPUBLIC. ​Now a days, thanks to apps like Pinterest we all have access to international trends and styles being followed across the globe.

Rugs Decor Styles That Are Perfect for Modern Interiors - THE RUG REPUBLIC

But the plethora of options and contrasting styling ideas can get really confusing at times and so here are some selected décor styling tips that can really help elevate your interiors. Home Decor Styling Tips for The Festive Season by The Rug Republic. By The Rug Republic Handmade Rugs & Accessories Online India Festive season fills everyone’s heart with joy and most people go out for shopping for new clothes as well as home decor.

Home Decor Styling Tips for The Festive Season by The Rug Republic

Now that we are all in the mood to get some home accessories to decorate the house here are a few styling ideas that will make it easy to understand how and where to place those lovely things you have shopped for. Poufs Poufs are a very popular choice nowadays as they are so convenient to pick and place anywhere in the house. In case you are buying a few poufs with the intention of using them in different rooms and would like to switch their position quite often then you should opt for designs and styles that come in neutral colors.

Festive Season with New Offers and Online Discount on Home Decor Accessories. Once again it is that time of the year when the living rooms are going to be filled with laughter and chitchat as the festive season is here to fill our lives with fun and good times.

Festive Season with New Offers and Online Discount on Home Decor Accessories

It's amazing to see how colors and home decor can be used as a medium to show and translate the excitement and joy that fills our hearts during festivities. Dressing up the living room, laying out the special crockery set on the dining table are some of the delightful ways of making the day extra special for ourselves as well as the guests. This festive season explore with us how you can add spark to each corner of the house with these affordable yet ultra-trendy decor accessories. Avail Special Offers and Discounts on Home Accessories to Get Festive Ready! It’s raining offers and it’s a great time to get your hands on some lovely home accessories to deck up your house for the upcoming festivals.

Avail Special Offers and Discounts on Home Accessories to Get Festive Ready!

Let’s look at a list of things you can buy to enhance your living area and make it uber pretty for all your guests and that too in a pocket-friendly yet super trendy manner. Latest Home Decor Trends with Amazing Offers Online! The festival season is around the corner and it’s the time of the year to add some sparkle and shine to your home decor.

Latest Home Decor Trends with Amazing Offers Online!

Festivities are occasions when friends and family get together to have a good time with lots of laughter and fun. So, get your house ready with these latest decor trends to give a warm and pleasing welcome to your guests this festive season. Add Glam and Comfort with Cushions on Your Sofa. Rugs Online Shopping for Affordable and Trendy Home Decor. Having access to fun and easy to accommodate home decor accessories makes frequent little changes in the home decor a pleasant and fruitful experience.

Rugs Online Shopping for Affordable and Trendy Home Decor

Poufs, ottomans, benches, and rugs are some of the most versatile home decor accessories that can be used well to adorn your house in order to create interesting new looks every now and then. Here are a few ideas to help create some interesting and refreshing looks for your house. Buy Poufs and Ottomans to Create Chic Decor Although most of the times people opt for a subtle and timeless look for house interiors, adding some vibrant hues especially around the festive time on special occasions is something we all look forward to. Best Way to Use Designer Handmade Cotton Rugs in India.

​Making use of rugs for home decor adds to the refined and sophisticated look of the interiors.

Best Way to Use Designer Handmade Cotton Rugs in India

But understanding your rugs better and placing the right rug at the right place in the house can be a total game-changer both in terms of its easy maintenance and the overall look it helps to create for that space. Let's go through a few things that can help us get the rug placement decisions right. Handmade Floor Rugs to Benches - Everything for The Perfect Home Decor Setting! Every corner of the house must be kept in mind while doing the interiors of the house as all the elements big or small come together to create a picture-perfect look for the house.

Handmade Floor Rugs to Benches - Everything for The Perfect Home Decor Setting!

While most of us do take care of the bigger and basic nuances of the interiors the smaller details are easy to miss out on and are left unattended many a times. Here is a small insight on a few things you can check on and add to your home decor if they have been left out. The charisma and elegance of a carpeted floor are highly enriching for the house interiors. A carpet helps to mark an area and allows the furniture to have a proper landing space. Your sofa set or bed may be gorgeous but you might feel like there is still something missing.

Now try adding a few beautiful handmade floor rugs to these areas and you will instantly feel that the place looks much warmer, welcoming, and well finished. You can go for attractive prints or solid bold colors in poufs to create appealing color combinations. Tips To Enhance Your Home During the Monsoon Season. A decor that makes you feel lively is perfect for a good and energetic start to the day and can help you have a more upbeat mood while going to work too.

Tips To Enhance Your Home During the Monsoon Season

The rainy season is the much-awaited time of the year for all to enjoy the downpour and to create joyous moments filled with fun and frolic. However, the slow traffic on the roads, waterlogging, and the constant suffocating humidity, are few turn downs that can hamper the joy of rains and ruin one's mood. The sky is constantly covered with dark clouds and with no bright sun to smile down on you, the outdoor can appear a little dull and boring.

Add a spark to your home with some bright and vivacious colored accessories to balance the outdoors with the indoor. Use these simple accessories for just the right amount of color pop. Home Decor Twist for The Monsoon Bliss – The Rug Republic. The mesmerizing scent of the damp soil after a heavy downpour and the melody of the raindrops are the two gifts of monsoon that are priceless.

Home Decor Twist for The Monsoon Bliss – The Rug Republic

The onset of monsoon brings with it a sigh of relief from the scorching heat of the summer sun and everyone looks forward to showers of rain to cool mother earth. While the kids have a gala time getting drenched in the rain and splashing the water on each other the mud filled shoes that follow them everywhere can be a mood spoiler, just like the overcast sky can have a gloomy effect.

Where To Buy Poufs and Stools and How to Use Them to Enhance the House Interiors. By The Rug Republic Handmade Rugs & Accessories Online India Poufs and stools are among the trending home accessories that are gaining popularity each day. Now for those of you who are wondering how and where you can accommodate and use this super chic house accessory, here is a quick insight covering all that you need to know about poufs and stools.

Areas of the house that can be looked at to make use of poufs and stools A pouf is a compact and fun accessory that can be added to places where you need the perfect combination of functionality and style. The dresser area of the house is definitely one such place where one looks for options to add a seat for comfort without blocking much space. The Rug Republic: Pay For Rugs, Carpets In Cryptocurrency. Simple Living Room Styling Tips and Tricks. 5 Simple Accessories That Add Comfort to Your House. Decorating a house and adding little elements to different areas slowly and steadily is such an interesting, satisfying and pleasurable way to stay connected to your house. A homeowner finds solace and positivity in the house they occupy by adding little accessories in different nooks and corners making the house feel like home.

So here is a list of 5 amazing accessories that are easy to procure and effortless to place in the house. 1. Carpets. Affordable and Modern Bedroom Styling Ideas. Rugs are the most charming and elegant way to add more depth to your interiors. In bedrooms, various sizes and styles of rugs can be experimented with. Bedroom rugs online include runner-sized rugs, smaller-sized rugs as well as large-sized rugs that cover major floor areas of the room. Explore Our Existing Collections While We Are Brewing Our New One. Visit - Ideas To Create a Work from Home or Study Area at Home. ​When the going gets tuff, the tuff get going! The pandemic has put us all through tests and transformed lifestyle in more ways than one including the education sector and the business world. Work from home and online learning, are two powerful tools that made it possible for people around the world to stay connected and continue with their work-life and learning in spite of being restricted at home for their own safety.

So here are some simple and easy tricks that help create interesting WFH and study areas within your house space without making a big dent in your pocket. Convert your spare room into your work or study area. Multiple Ways to Use Rugs for Home Decor. Carpets and rugs have been used in households to add comfort, decorate areas and give them a more personalized touch. The sophisticated balance of color and texture that carpets add makes the floors look rich and charming. Once you use rugs, you know what a world of a difference they make to create a well-planned and refined setting.

Moreover, the dynamism in interiors has shown us other ways and reasons for which this one decor accent can be used around the house. Carpets used for flooring are one option that gives you a whole lot of scope to work with colors. The new decorative carpets in the market have so much to offer- beautifully weaved patterns, styles, shapes, and colors. Got Your First or Second Dose of Vaccination and Get Code On 15% Off to Shop. Wooden or Carpets Flooring - What is Your Pick for The Feel of Luxury?

By The Rug Republic Handmade Rugs & Accessories Online India The flooring of your house or office is as important as any other element in the room decor. Wooden or Carpets Flooring - What is Your Pick for The Feel of Luxury? The flooring of your house or office is as important as any other element in the room decor. Modern And Sustainable Home Decor for Elegant Interior Styling. Simple Living Room Styling Tips and Tricks. The living room is where families get together to share stories and laughter so the decor done for this area should such that it looks like a nice, cozy, and interesting sit-out for all.

Everything from a side lamp to the flower vase put in your house becomes a special part of it. Our eyes and soul get accustomed to all the little elements that we have in our house and even if one piece is missing the place looks incomplete. 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Bedroom Decor. The beautiful pictures of ravishing bedrooms are proof of how tastefully done interiors can elevate the look of a room. However there are some common mistakes to look out for while doing up your bedroom space. Donate For Children And Support Rug Republic And CRY. Why Donate? India already had over 33 million child labourers, between the ages of 6 and 18 years – given the loss of livelihoods due to the outbreak of COVID 19, this number will rapidly rise as more underprivileged children are forced to work and support their families.

The Rug Republic has joined hands with CRY to raise funds for such children and help them continue their education. As part of this collaboration, all proceeds from the sale of the book ‘7 lessons from Everest’ will be donated to CRY and is aimed towards helping about 50,000 children across CRY projects in India continue their education.

Click here to know more about one of the projects supported by CRY in Uttar Pradesh. Timeless Add-Ons to Enhance Home Decor. The Carpet Diary – Addressing Most of Your Carpet Related Queries – The Rug Republic. One of the most common platforms that everyone refers to when thinking of any design changes in the house today is Pinterest. Just type a few words about your requirement and get blown away by the plethora of results. Quick and Easy Ideas to Create a New Look For Your House. Stay home, Stay Safe! That’s the oft-repeated new mantra that everyone is trying to follow to cope up with the challenges that this pandemic has brought with it.

There is a major lifestyle and social behavior shift that the whole world is going through and each nation is trying to come up with new ideas to help maintain the mental, physical, economical as well as emotional balance amidst such stressful and depressing times. The one aspect that remains the same for most of us is that everyone is spending more time at home whether it’s for work or for play.

In such a case it’s a brilliant idea to go ahead and re-plan the space available in your house. TRR Wants to Donate 1000 Rugs to Hospitals and Care Homes during the Covid19 Crisis. Lockdown Home Decor Ideas or How to Create a Productive Home Office Environment. The Smaller Things that Add Up to Make a Bigger Impactin Your Bedroom Space! RODANO – The Rug Republic. Ace the Spring Decor Looks with Colorful Rugs and Carpets!

Simple Tips for Home Care of Rugs and Carpets. Rug Play to Enhance Your Interior Styling Game! Handcrafted Designer Rugs and Carpets Online: Indian Artisans at Their Best to Bring You Rugs Better Than the Rest! Did you make it a point for your home to be tidier and clutter-free? Visit @ Get Your Floors Summer Ready with Cotton Rugs. Affordable and Modern Bedroom Styling Ideas. What Rug Type to Go for The Various Interior Styling Options? Valentine’s Day Gifting & Decor Ideas From The Rug Republic. Rug Material Choices and Their Maintenance. Rug Trends to Rock 2021 in Style. Classic Decor Gift Ideas by The Rug Republic.

Posh Living with Exclusive Leather Rugs. Home Decor Gets a Denim Makeover. Enhance Your Floors with Gorgeous Full Room Carpets by The Rug Republic. The Rug Republic’s comprehensive catalogue for home decor is chic. Bedroom Rugs to Make Your Bedroom Even More Fun and Plush – The Rug Republic. Spectacular Outdoor Rugs and Carpets – to bask and groove in style. Rug Decor to Make Your Christmas Brighter and Better. Have You Laid Your Red Carpet for Santa Yet? Rugs, Poufs, Cubes And Stools From This Brand Are Stealing Our Hearts. Introduction to The Handmade Rug Clan – Hand Knotted, Handloom, and Hand Tufted Rugs. So Cool! This Brand Is Using Recycled Plastic To Make Trendy Carpets & Rugs. Source: A compendium of beautiful objects to revamp your home. The ‘lazy’ edit for winter evenings. Nomad Rugs - The Charm of Old with The Vibe of New. With these gifting options, pollution, pandemic can't dampen the Diwali spirit.

Why Delay? When there are Full room carpet designs to slay!! Vivid and Vivacious Floors with Colorful Rugs. 5 Awesome Tips to Choose 'The Perfect Rug' For Your Space. Luxury Designer Rugs - An Applause To The Great Craftsmanship.