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The Rug Republic

The Rug Republic (TRR) is a global brand of handmade rugs offering over 700 trend - sellers, always available in stock with ex- factory lead time of 3 weeks for worldwide clients. We take pride in our role of making home fashion easy for our clients and accessible to consumers. To identify trends and create products which will fill the stores of our clients and homes of consumers worldwide, that’s what the Republic Of Fashionable Homes is all about!

Affordable and Modern Bedroom Styling Ideas. Bedrooms are very special areas of the house where we unwind and relax.

Affordable and Modern Bedroom Styling Ideas

Unlike the areas like the living, dining, and drawing room, the bedroom is a personal space that speaks volumes about the people who occupy it. Styling your bedroom is amongst the easiest yet the most challenging bit as it must surely have elements that define you but at the same time, the room must be kept airy and easy to move around. What Rug Type to Go for The Various Interior Styling Options? One of the most basic ways to kick start a decor project for your house or office space is to zero down on the way you want to combine all decor elements to reflect a common interior statement.

What Rug Type to Go for The Various Interior Styling Options?

This kind of symmetry in the overall feel and essence can be achieved by aligning all furniture and furnishings to one type of interior style. So here we are giving a brief insight into the different rugs that add-on to create some of the frequently seen interior design styles that are popular choices in the designing world today. Valentine’s Day Gifting & Decor Ideas From The Rug Republic. Valentine’s Day is approaching and choosing a perfect present for your beau could be quite challenging and gruelling.

Valentine’s Day Gifting & Decor Ideas From The Rug Republic

But do not let this love celebration be a fest of stress! There is plenty of time if you are thinking of buying a thoughtful gift, or planning to set a romantic mood for a stay-at-home date night – without being overly cheesy. Rug Material Choices and Their Maintenance. Rug Trends to Rock 2021 in Style. While 2020 has been quite a roller coaster bringing about internal and external changes in all of us, let us hope the new year will bring some refreshing changes all around.

Rug Trends to Rock 2021 in Style

Classic Decor Gift Ideas by The Rug Republic. Ring in the most glorious time of the year and fill your lovely abode with holiday cheer.

Classic Decor Gift Ideas by The Rug Republic

Look no further and transform your home into a winter wonderland with inspiring and chic Christmas décor ideas from The Rug Republic. A Made-in-India, sustainable brand and global name for handmade, eco-friendly rugs and decor accessories, The Rug Republic has some thoughtful Christmas gifts under INR 5000 that’ll surprise and delight any home décor lover (including yourself!)

Make the upcoming holiday parties and gifting season even better because everything on The Rug Republic is flat 15% off sitewide, plus free shipping worldwide! Posh Living with Exclusive Leather Rugs. The vast advancement in interiors has taken home decor to a completely different and innovative level.

Posh Living with Exclusive Leather Rugs

More and more people today opt for interior designers and interior stylists to leave no stone unturned when it comes to decorating their adorable homes. The market trends in interiors hint towards more refined tastes and users opening up to adopting lavish materials in different forms to make them a part of one’s home decor. One such material that has never gone out of trend is leather and so here we are to give you some insights about leather rugs. Designer Carpets with Leather So Fine. Home Decor Gets a Denim Makeover. Denim is so much in vogue that we see everyone opting for denim clothes, denim bags and even denim footwear so why not bring the denim zing in your home decor?

Home Decor Gets a Denim Makeover

All denim lovers can relate well to this idea and will feel elated to discover some fantastic denim decor options for their houses. Whether you want to create a cool and modern casual look, or an ultra-stylish, simple yet impactful statement, denim can be worked in ample combinations to bring to you just what you want. Enhance Your Floors with Gorgeous Full Room Carpets by The Rug Republic. By The Rug Republic Handmade Rugs & Accessories Online India Just like a change is welcomed and is much required for all in one’s routine life, so is the case with home decor.

Enhance Your Floors with Gorgeous Full Room Carpets by The Rug Republic

Home is a prized possession that holds a special place in everyone’s life. While often there are numerous memories attached to the house we purchase or build, it could still get a little out of trends with time. So, if you too are stuck between the confusion of how to give your house a new and upgraded look without undertaking a full-fledged renovation project consider making use of full-sized rugs for turning around the look of your home decor.

Full Room Carpets for A Hassle-Free Transformation. The Rug Republic’s comprehensive catalogue for home decor is chic. Rugs certainly aren’t the first thing you think of buying online.

The Rug Republic’s comprehensive catalogue for home decor is chic

But The Rug Republic is here to change that. “We believe using augmented reality and great customer service buying rugs online will be a breeze very soon. Bedroom Rugs to Make Your Bedroom Even More Fun and Plush – The Rug Republic. What’s under that bed?

Bedroom Rugs to Make Your Bedroom Even More Fun and Plush – The Rug Republic

A monster, a ghost, a naughty brat, or some hidden treasure. That’s a fun game that most of us have played in our childhood and made amazing stories around it. But who could have thought that this very idea could actually be used to remodel a bedroom look in the most amazing way? So, my answer to ‘what’s under the bed’ questions are – A gorgeous rug. Spectacular Outdoor Rugs and Carpets – to bask and groove in style. While choosing our house or designing its layout we give importance to having that airy feel with open outdoor areas, yet our little balconies, the potentially perfect patios, or the porch end up getting the least of our attention.

One such effective, economical, durable and chic way is the use of outdoor rugs. So here are some great ways that can help you glam up these spaces and bring the style quotient for the outdoors on point. Rug Decor to Make Your Christmas Brighter and Better. 2020 has majorly been about indoors for all of us. It has given us an opportunity to spend more family time and enjoy the comfort of our house. Christmas season is the season of lights, sparkle, and everything bright and we are surely going to miss going out in the markets and seeing all the lovely Christmas decorations this year. This does not mean that we can’t keep that Christmas spirit alive and need to kill the excitement in our hearts for this lovely festive time. Have You Laid Your Red Carpet for Santa Yet? Christmas is around the corner and the air has a fragrance of festivities already. The spirit of Christmas fills our heart with joy and gives us all the reasons to indulge and gets the choicest of gifts for our loved ones.

The lovely get-togethers with family and friends make this season an extremely sort after the time of the year. So, while you get your wardrobes and table settings right for that Christmas party, let us help you with some rug-a-luscious options for your floors to make them equally delightful for your guests. Rugs, Poufs, Cubes And Stools From This Brand Are Stealing Our Hearts.

Re-doing your house or setting up your new home? Check out the rugs from The Rug Republic. A Delhi based online brand, The Rug Republic specialises in handmade Indian rugs that will floor you over. Find beautiful rugs made out of wool, leather, denim, viscose and even hemp. Each piece is handcrafted by artisans and has beautiful workmanship with beautiful weaves and textures. Find pieces with designs inspired by Moroccan and Scandinavian minimalism as well as classic rugs with Indian motifs in pastel shades. Introduction to The Handmade Rug Clan – Hand Knotted, Handloom, and Hand Tufted Rugs. So Cool! This Brand Is Using Recycled Plastic To Make Trendy Carpets & Rugs. Source: A compendium of beautiful objects to revamp your home. Prometheus Sculptural Tumblers and Ice Buckets by Furstenberg Inspired by the Greek mythological figure, these tumblers and buckets have golden-rimmed insides and monochromatic exteriors. Available at Sources Unlimited, Delhi; price on request.

The ‘lazy’ edit for winter evenings. Winter’s here, as are the rains (though a few less tropical storms, like Cyclone Nivar that hit Tamil Nadu, will be welcome). Nomad Rugs - The Charm of Old with The Vibe of New. With these gifting options, pollution, pandemic can't dampen the Diwali spirit. Many brands have come up with unique ways of making your Diwali different this year with offerings that are delectable and customized. In the season of festive flair, the French augmented identity solutions major – IDEMIA, has come up with its portfolio of high-end - Metal payment cards. This product reflects a high-end lifestyle and real status symbol, which many of the luxury enthusiasts would like to flaunt. Also, these Metal Cards will be issued by the banks in India. Why Delay? When there are Full room carpet designs to slay!! Home, sweet, home! Vivid and Vivacious Floors with Colorful Rugs. Colors are a beautiful gift that makes everything around more meaningful.

5 Awesome Tips to Choose 'The Perfect Rug' For Your Space. The power of uplifting a space lies in a great rug. Not only can it marry the elements of your space together, but can also help hide imperfect floors and make it look inviting. Luxury Designer Rugs - An Applause To The Great Craftsmanship.